Woodmen Cemetery

Seymour, Baylor County, Texas

This cemetery is located on Farm Road 1286 less than a mile South of State Highway 114 and just outside of the Southeast edge of Seymour, Baylor Co., TX. There are four other adjoining more recently added cemeteries, but this cemetery is the southern most of the group.

Farm Road 1286 borders the Eastern edge of the cemetery.  There are both North and South entrances with easy access.  Most of the stones are in an easy walk's distance from the dividing roads.

Since there were no available records of the occupants of the site, an arbitray grave numbering system was created for this project. Grave numbers are in ascending order with rows running from North to South.  Row numbers are in ascending order for East to West. Grave number 1 is at the North end of section 1 row 1. Grave number 494 is at the South end of section 3, row 21.

Cemetery Layout Map

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