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Early Abstracts of Van Zandt County

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The following is an index of the early abstracts of Van Zandt County, mostly transcribed as originally published. We have access only to the Index. For instructions for obtaining the original papers, go to our Abstracts Information Page. No information at the Van Zandt County Clerk's Office will be available until the first deed transaction occurs in the county following the granting of the Patent which is a final deed from the State of Texas. For more information regarding these abstracts, go to the Texas General Land Office, Archives and Records Division. If you have any further questions regarding Van Zandt County land grants, we will be pleased to answer them if we possibly can. Just email Sibyl Creasey.

Texas State Abstracts of Van Zandt County to August 31, 1941

Abstract No. 1-49: Allison to Brown

Abstract No. 50-99: Buckley to Buford

Abstract No. 100-149: Bruce to Carlisle

Abstract No. 150-199: Clardy to Droddy

Abstract No. 200-249: Droddy to Ellis

Abstract No. 250-299: Enloe to Gross

Abstract No. 300-349: Gross to Hamilton

Abstract No. 350-397: Huffer to Humphries

Abstract No. 398-446: Humphries to Jones

Abstract No. 447-495: Jones to Love

Abstract No. 496-543: Lollar to McInturff

Abstract No. 544-590: McWilliams to McIntyre

Abstract No. 591-639: McIntyre to Odell

Abstract No. 640-689: Oquire to Payne

Abstract No. 690-739: Peace to Robinson

Abstract No. 740-788: Robinson to Sullivan

Abstract No. 789-838: Stephenson to Smith

Abstract No. 839-887: Sparks to Voseacue

Abstract No. 888-936: Vaughn to Wolfe

Abstract No. 937-985: Wright to Buckley

Abstract No. 986-1035: Brodle to McCollum

Abstract No. 1036-1084: Selke to Tyler

Abstract No. 1085-1112: Howell to Graves

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