Southern Cross of Honor Recipients - Arkansas
Southern Cross of Honor Recipients
Little Rock, Arkansas

The following information was transcribed from applications of Confederate veterans for the Southern Cross of Honor issued by the U.D.C. These applications are held by the Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock. On each application, the applicant’s name was listed, as were men who could vouch for him, along with UCV camp names, numbers and officers.

Camp 12 (????)
Roberson, H. F.
Simmons, J. A.

Crockett-Childress Camp 90 Walnut Ridge, Arkansas (1897)
Redding, S. W., Adj

John E. Hill Camp 1031 Clarksville, Arkansas (1901)
Clark, D. N., Adj
Cravens, J. E.
Hill, John C., Cdr
Hughs, John P.
Jett, W. S., Cdr
McConnell, John B.
McConnell, E. T.
Mitchell, D. W.
Reynolds, D. T. Acting Adj
Hugh McCollom Camp 778 Camden, Arkansas (1901)
Avera, W. F., Adj
Morgan, A. S.
Thorton, J. R., Cdr

Camp 1308 (1902)
Hammond, J. H., Cdr
Isom, W. H.
Whittaker, J. J., Adj
J. A. Jackson Camp Monticello, Arkansas (1903)
Colquitt, J. W.
Jeter, W. S.

Camp 1309 (1904)
Gladney, W. H., Adj
House, W. L.
McCombs, W. F., Cdr
Roby, William A.
Scott, E. A.
John Morgan Camp (1905)
Patterson, J. W.

Robert E. Lee Camp 158 (1907)
Hertley, B. C.
Mconnell, W. M., Adj
Reece, Thomas
Taylor, B. C.
Taylor, E. W., Cdr
Walker, John B.

Van Manning Camp 991 Malvern, Arkansas (1907)
Butler, H. A., Cdr
Johnson, W. P., Adj
Miller, J. A.
Noble, D. M.
Hugh McCollom Camp 778 Camden, Arkansas (1907)
Avera, W. F., Adj
Ramsey, W. K.
Reeves, J. A., Cdr
Russell, F. M.
Fagan Camp 1430 (1907)
Fitzugh, E. B., Adj
Katy, Moses, Cdr
Luckett, W. C.
Bob Jordan Camp 686 Stephens, Arkansas (1907)
Boggs, C. P., Adj
Johnson, W. R.
Rhodes, john W.
Tribble, A. R., Cdr
Wesson, E. H.
Camp 50 (1910)
Duncan, W. J.
Gladden, B. W., Cdr
Humphrey’s, C. E.
Ramsey, E. A.
Ramsey, Thomas J.
Wilbank, G. W.

Fred Ashford Camp 632 (1911)
Davis, Chester
Sadler, M. G.
Spangler, J. W.
Camp 863 Batesville, Arkansas (1911)
Johnson, Sidney
Camp 1615 (1912)
McDougle, ?
Sills, William, Cdr
Vinson, J. S.

Albert Pike Camp 340 Hot Springs, Arkansas  (1912)
Fry, C. W.
Smith, L. C.
Tucker, C. L.
MacIntosh Camp 531 Dardanelle, Arkansas (1927-28)
Blevins, J. W., Cdr
Heard, J. P.
Jackson, J. J., Adj
Lacy, W. J.
Lemoyne, W. B.
Walker, Louis K.

Camp 348 (1929)
Rouse, R. H.
Cabell Camp 202 Alma, Arkansas (1929)
Bushman, W. A., Cdr
Day, W. H.
Jones, T. W., Adj
Lewis, L. S., Adj

Major Trotter Camp 444 Lewisville, Arkansas (1934)
Smyth, J. H.

Jo Wheeler Camp 1852 Shirley, Arkansas (1934)
Pollock, J. J.

This information was obtained from the following website with permission.