Cross of Honor Recipients R. B. Levy Chapter Longview, Texas
Southern Cross of Honor Recipients
R. B. Levy Chapter
Longview, Texas

Contributed by Miss Dolly Northcutt
April/May 1963

List of Confederate Soldiers awarded the Southern Cross of Honor by the R. B. Levy Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Longview, Texas (1906-1908) with data as to their service. They were recommended by members of United Confederate Veterans Camp #587 in Longview, Texas, J. K. Bivins, Sr., Commander, W. F. Young, adjutant. The records were saved by Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Bivins, Sr.

Adrain, D. W. – 3rd Lt. Co. G 4th Mississipi Regiment (Enlisted 7/6/1861;Discharged 1865) Resident of Chicasaw County, Miss.

Bradburn, C. C. – Pvt, Co. H Hill’s Regiment (Enlisted 4/3/1861;Major at end of war) Resident of Madison County, Ark.

Brown, J. L. – Pvt., Co. A. Blank’s Regiment of Mississippi (Enlisted 5/15/1863;Discharged 5/18/1865) Resident of Noxubee County, Miss.

Barber, P. B. – Pvt., Co. E 10th Regiment Cavalry (Enlisted 9/10/1861; Discharged 4/20/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Tex.

Bussy, J. L. – Pvt., Co. A 14th Lan’s Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 7/1862; Discharged 5/15/1865) Resident of Harrison County, Tex.

Barker, J. S. – Pvt. Co. H 39th Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Enlisted 3/4/1862; Discharged 5/8/1865) Resident of Chattooga County, Ga. (Wounded)

Baxter, D. H. – Pvt. Co. F 17th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 1863; Discharged 5/20/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Texas

Blake, J. C. – Pvt., Co. H 3rd Arizona Volunteers, Madison’s Regiment (Enlisted 5/1/1863;Discharged 5/21/1865 with rank of Brevet Capt.) Resident of Denton County, Texas

Brown, A. J. – Pvt., Co. B Lockhart’s Battalion of Alabama (Enlisted 6/4/1863;Paroled fall of 1865) Resident of Talladega County, Ala.

Cockran, P. V. – Pvt., Co. D 3rd Mississippi Regiment (Enlisted 4/20/1861; Prisoner at surrender)

Coble, John Franklin – Pvt. Co. C, 17th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 3/5/1862; On furlough at surrender) Resident of Smith County, Texas

Crook, Joseph L. – Pvt., Co. A 1st Mississippi (Enlisted 9/9/1861;Prisoner at surrender) Resident of Shelby County, Tenn.

Chilcoate, J. E. – Pvt., Co. F 16th Alabama Regiment Infantry (Enlisted 4/15/1861;Discharged 4/28/1865) Resident of Lawrence Co, Ala.

Culver, I. T. – 1st Lt. Co. G 15th Alabama Regiment Infantry (Enlisted 7/1/1861;Discharged 5/2/1865) Rank of Major Co. E, 57th Alabama at discharge. ) Resident of Henry County, Ala. Died in Longview, Texas.

Crane, J. M. – Pvt., Co. A 4th Regiment Missouri Infantry (Enlisted 2/1862;Discharged 1865) Resident of Dallas County, Mo.

Cochran, W. J. – Pvt. Co. D 3rd Mississippi Infantry (Enlisted 1/1/1864;Wounded/at home when war ended) Resident of Lauderdale County, Miss.

Catterton – Benj. N. – Pvt. Co. B 39th Battalion Virginia (Enlisted 4/1/1863/Parold 4/9/1865) Resident of Abermarle County, Va. Died in Longview, Texas

Durham, D. D. – Pvt. 59th Virginia Independent Co. (Enlisted 6/1861;Discharged at surrender) Rank of 2nd Lt. 46th Mississippi Regiment Co. K at discharge) Died in Longview, Texas

Echols, George – Pvt. Co. B 7th Texas Infantry Col. Gregg’s Regiment (Enlisted 8/27/1861;Discharged 4/26/1865) Died in Fort Worth, Texas

Finch, J. L. – Pvt., Co. E 2nd South Carolina Cavalry (Enlisted 1862;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Spartenburg, SC

Hoskins, J. M. – Pvt. Co. C 28th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 4/3/1862;Discharged 4/5/1865) Rank of Sgt. 3rd Ordinance Brigade at Discharge. ) Resident of Panola County, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas

Hill, O. P. – Pvt. Co. C 9th Kentucky Regiment (Enlisted 9/20/1862;Discharged 5/1865)

Grimes, G. G. – Pvt. Co. D 28th Texas Regiment (Enlisted 2/1/1863;Discharged 5/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Texas

Johnson, J. W. – Pvt. Co. K 3rd Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 6/13/1861) Resident of Smith County, Texas

Johnson, R. B. – Sgt. Co. C 22nd Texas Infantry (Enlisted 3/2/1862;Paroled 5/5/1865) Resident of Upshur County, Texas

Kelly, T. A. – Pvt. Co. F Alabama Volunteers (Enlisted 3/29/1861;Discharged 4/9/1865) Resident of Greenville, Ala. Died in Longview, Texas

Kuykendall, J. P. – Pvt. Co. D 19th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 2/1863;Discharged 5/22/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Texas

Key, Wm. H. – Pvt. Co. B 19th Louisiana Infantry (Enlisted 9/13/1861;Discharged 5/10/1865) Bossier Parish, La. Died in Longview, Texas

Lane, J. A. – Pvt. Co. A Milton’s Artillery of Florida (Enlisted 5/2/1862;Discharged after surrender) Resident of Bainbridge, Ga. Died in Longview, Texas

Lewis, Bennett F. – Pvt. Col. Wm. Sims & Capt. Coachman (Enlisted 7/1/1864) Resident of Decatur, Ga. Died in Dallas, Texas.

Levy, Richard B. Sr. – Pvt. 1st Co. Independent Signal Corp. (Enlisted 4/1862;Paroled 4/9/1865) Resident of Portsmouth, Va. Died in Longview, Texas.

Luckett, J. C. – Pvt. Co. C 22nd Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 8/1861;Discharged 5/1865) Rank of Major in Quartermaster Dept. Resident of San Antonio, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.

Laird, D. H. – Pvt. Co. B 3rd Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 6/14/1861;Furloughed 3/12/1865 near Vicksburg, Miss. By Gen. Sol Ross) Resident of Rusk County, Texas.

Mayfield, W. S. – Pvt. Co. H 4th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 1863;Discharged 1865) Resident of Nacogdoches, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.

Moore, G. W. – Pvt. Co. G 10th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 9/1861;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Tex.

Marshall, Dr. W. G. – Pvt. Co. F Van Buren Guard, 3rd Arkansas (Enlisted 5/15/1861;never discharged, was in Hospital Dept. as Asst. Surgeon in Jefferson, Texas at close of war) Resident of Van Buren, Arkansas. Died in Longview, Texas.

McDuffie, M. D. – Pvt. Co. H Wildos Rifles 10th Georgia Regiment (Enlisted 6/10/1861;Discharged 4/20/1865 at Appamattox Courthouse inVirginia with rank of Musician) Resident of Abbeville, Georgia.

McLain, John – Pvt. Co. A 18th Georgia Regiment (Enlisted 9/18/1861;Discharged 5/7/1865) Resident of Acworth, Georgia. Died in Longview, Texas.

Perry, Green P. – Pvt. Co. D 9th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 5/1861;Discharged 1865) Resident of Fort Worth, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.

Poe, John T. – 4th Corp. Co. F 4th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 5/1861;Discharged 5/1/1865 in Houston, Texas with rank of 1st Sgt.) “Wounded near Santa Fe, NM, taken prisoner, exchanged and walked to San Antonio.” Resident of Huntsville, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.

Powell, S. H. – Pvt. Co. A W.P. Lane’s Rangers (Texas Partisans) (Enlisted 6/1861;Discharged 4/26/1865)

Reynolds, John Franklin – Pvt. Co. B 14th Regiment Texas Cavalry Ector’s Brigade (Enlisted 12/19/1861;Discharged as under age; joined Sutton’s Co. Texas Cavalry McGruder’s body guard/disbanded at surrender in Houston, Texas) Resident of Smith County, Texas. Died in Kilgore, Texas.

Roe, John G. – Pvt. Co. F 11th Regiment Texas Infantry (Enlisted 12/1861;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Shelby County, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.

Rosson, T. J. – Pvt. Co. G 10th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 9/25/1861;Discharged 4/25/1865) Resident of Smith County, Texas. Died in Gregg County, Texas.

Ryan, A. M. – Pvt. Co. A Whitfields Legion 27th Texas Cavalry. (Enlisted 2/1/1862;Discharged 4/30/1865 with rank of Corp.) Resident of Titus County, Texas.

Stevens, John R. – Pvt. Co. A 27th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 2/7/1862;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Dangerfield, Texas.

Spinks, J. M. – Pvt. Co. G 10th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 9/1/1861;Discharged 5/1/1865) Escort of Gen. French. Resident of Rusk County, Texas. Died in Gregg County, Texas.

Stansbury, L. D. (MD) – Asst. Field Surgeon 4th Kentucky Cavalry (Enlisted 9/10/1861;Prisoner at close of war) Resident of Trimble County, Kentucky. Proof of service filed in Gregg County Court House. Died in Longview, Texas.

Thomas, H. J. – Pvt. Co. L 3rd Georgia Regiment (Enlisted 5/20/1862;Discharged 4/9/1865) Resident of Clark County, Georgia.

Tyson, W. L. – Lt. Co. B 14th Mississippi Regiment Harvey’s Scouts (Enlisted 3/1861;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Mississippi

Tutt, R. H. – Pvt. Co. I 19th Regiment Texas Infantry (Enlisted 9/1/1861;Discharged 5/22/1865 Hempstead, Texas as 1st Sgt.) Resident of Rusk County, Texas.

Teel, L. – Pvt. Beckom’s Regiment Robertson’s Battery/Cotney’s Battalion. (Enlisted 4/1861;Discharged 4/1/1865) Resident of Alabama.

Thomas, Ezekial – Pvt. Co. G 34th Georgia Regiment (Enlisted 5/6/1862;Discharged 5/2/1865 Rank of Capt.) Resident of Franklin County, Georgia.

Tate, Thomas – Gunsmith for the Confederate Government (Enlisted 1861;Discharge 1865) Resident of Harrison County, Texas.

Wardlow, J. M. – Pvt. Co. N 27th Texas Whitfield’s Legion (Enlisted 3/2/28162;Discharged 5/1865 Jefferson, Texas)

Wilkins, Mortimer – Pvt. Co. F 17th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 4/1862;Discharged 5/25/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Texas. Died in Gregg County, Texas.

Whitehurst, Francis M. – Pvt. Co. K 10th Alabama Cavalry (Enlisted 6/1862;Discharged 5/1865) Resident of Henry County, Alabama.

Womack, A. A. – Pvt. Co. A  Lane’s 3rd Texas Regiment (Enlisted 5/1861;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Marshall, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.

Wooley, L. – Pvt. Co. B 20th Alabama (Enlisted 9/20/1863;Discharged 4/1865) Resident of Bibb County, Alabama. Died in Longview, Texas.

Watson, J. M. – Pvt. Co. G 10th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 8/10/1861;Discharged 5/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Texas.

Weir, R. W. – Pvt. Co. C 14th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 12/23/1861;Clerk in Quarter Master Dept. of 5th Cavalry at surrender) Resident of Harmony Hill, Rusk County, Texas. Died in Rusk County, Texas.

Victory, J. T. – Pvt. Co. D 1st Texas W. P. Lane’s Regiment; Partisan Rangers (Enlisted 6/2/1862;Discharged 5/15/1865) Resident of Rusk County, Texas.

Young, W. Frank – Pvt. Co. E 10th Texas Cavalry (Enlisted 1/7/1862;Discharged 4/1865 as Capt.) Resident of Henderson, Texas. Died in Longview, Texas.


List of other Confederate Veterans who belonged to UCV Camp #587 Longview, Texas (1906-1908)

James Knox Bivins Sr. - Co. G 7th Texas Infantry Granbury's Brigade; Discharged 4/26/1865 Rank of Major (died in Longview, Texas)
J. M. Bond - Co. E 1st & 4th Missouri Infantry
Paul E. Coleman - (died in Longview, Texas)
Elbert Culpepper - (died in Gregg County, Texas)
Robert F. Echols - Co. I 35th Texas Cavalry (died in Longview, Texas)
G. T. Merrell - (died in Longview, Texas)
Wm. Geo. Northcutt - Co. K 60th Georgia Regiment (died in Longview, Texas)
S. P. Page
Phil A. Pegues - Co. K 3rd Texas Volunteers (died in Longview, Texas)
Suby Powell
W. H. Scruggs
J. M. Scott - (died in Longview, Texas)
Booken Tarkington - Co. H 3rd Texas Cavalry
Hiram Whatley