Varina Howell Davis 2143
United Daughters of the Confederacy®
Houston, Texas

Organized September 18, 1946
Chartered February 22, 1947

Meetings are held on the Third Saturday of each Month at 2:00 p.m.

Ring Branch Library

8835 Long Point Houston, Texas 77055

U.D.C. Membership

Membership is open to women no less than sixteen years of age who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men and women who served honorably in the Army, Navy or Civil Service of the Confederate States of America, or gave Material Aid to the Cause. Also eligible are those women who are lineal descendants of members or former members of the UDC. Adopted children are not eligible for membership by virtue of the adoptive parent’s bloodline, but solely by virtue of the natural or biological parents.


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