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Look Up Volunteers

Please limit requests to one or two names and  provide specific names and dates.  Please be understanding in what they can and cannot provide and please express your appreciation to them for their efforts.  A special thank you to all of our Trinity County Look-Up Volunteers!  Please notify Susanne Waller if you wish to be a volunteer lookup person for Trinity County and please notify me at tchcmuseum@windstream.net if emails are no longer valid or you wish to be removed from the page.




Susanne Waller, Trinity County Museum Curator

Will answer questions regarding genealogy and historical research in Trinity County. 



Derwood Johnson

Will provide research on Texas Norwegian Families



Catherine Walker

Will do look ups in" Trinity County Beginnings" as well as "Trinity Co. Cemeteries"



 Volunteering to do Look Ups

You do not have to live in Trinity County to volunteer. If you have any reference books, documents, etc. and are willing to check your personal resource in answer to a query, please volunteer. 

If you live in or near Trinity County and are willing to visit the library, court house, etc. in response to a query, please volunteer.  

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