Historical Markers and Sawmill Information

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Historical Markers and Sawmill Information

Texas Historic Sites Atlas

If you go directly to the Texas Historic Sites Atlas, a service of the Texas Historical Commission, choose Search by County, and then choose Trinity. The Atlas and the corresponding Location Maps are being redone. A more direct route to the Historical Sites' information is listed below. Use your browser back arrow to return to this page.

Historical Markers and Historically Designated Cemeteries in Trinity County

Barnes, Jacob Pope & Elizabeth Ann - Trinity
Historical Marker #5455006720

Bennett Cemetery #7455000205
Historical Marker #5455013196

Blackshear Cemetery
Cemetery #7455008805

Boontown Cemetery #7455003105
Historical Marker #5507016036

Burke, Benjamin
Historical Marker #5455007955

Calvary Cemetery #7455000905
Historical Marker #5455007956

Cedar Grove Cemetery - Trinity
Historical Marker #5455007957

Carlisle Cemetery #7455004005
Historical Marker #5507015889

Chita Cemetery #7455004203
Historical Marker #5455012445

Craddock Cemetery
Cemetery #7455004505

Dorcas Wills Memorial Church - Trinity
Historical Marker #5455007958

Ellis Prairie Cemetery
Cemetery #7455003205

First Methodist Church of Groveton
Historical Marker # 5507014712

First United Methodist Church of Trinity - Trinity
Historical Marker #5455007961

Flat Prairie Congregational Methodist Church
Historical Marker #5507017144

George Washington Carver School-Groveton
Historical Marker #5507018372

Glendale Cemetery - Trinity #7455002305
Historical Marker #5455012253

Glenwood Cemetery #7455000305
Historical Marker #5507013551

Groveton - Groveton
Historical Marker #5455007960

Hedrick House
Historical Marker #5455007959

Holly Cemetery #7455002105
Historical Marker #5225012578

I. N. Parker House
Historical Marker #5455007963

John Dean Cemetery
Cemetery #7455003005

John Henley Hill House
Historical Marker #5507018373

McDonald, Ranald - Trinity¹ 
Historical Marker #5455007962

Moore Cemetery #7455002505
Historical Marker #5455007964

Mount Zion Cemetery
Cemetery #7455000405
Historical Marker #5507013534

New Zion Cemetery
Cemetery #7455002805

Nigton Community
Historical Marker #5507018472

North Cedar Community - Groveton vicinity
Historical Marker #5455012339

Old Red Schoolhouse
Historical Marker #5507015316
National Register Listing #2005000865

Pennington Baptist Church - Pennington
Historical Marker #5455007965

Prairie View United Methodist Church
Historical Marker #5455012889

Reese, George Washington - Pennington
Historical Marker #5455007966

Rice Cemetery
Cemetery #7455000705

Riverside Swinging Bridge - Riverside
National Register Listing

Scrub Creek School
Historical Marker #5455007969

Sebastopol (1936 Granite Marker)
Historical Marker #5455007967

Steele's Academy - Pennington
Historical Marker #5455007968

Site of Sumpter (1936 Granite Marker)
1936 Historical Marker #5507016101
Historical Marker #5455007970

Sumpter Cemetery
Cemetery #7455000505

Taylor Cemetery
Cemetery #7455006403
Historical Marker #5455007972

Texas Long Leaf Lumber Company
Historical Marker #5507018200

Threadgill Plot
Cemetery #7455008505

Thornton Community Church
Historical Marker #5455007973

Trinity Chapel A.M.E. Church - Trinity
Historical Marker #5455007974

Trinity County Courthouse - Groveton
Historic Courthouse
Historical Marker #5455013075

Trinity County Courthouse Square
National Register Listing #2004000946

Trinity County Courthouse and Jail
State Antiquities Landmark #8200003032

Trinity County Seats - Groveton
Historical Marker #5455007971

Sawmills in Trinity County

Angle Lumber Company

Arnold Lumber Company - Pennington¹

Atchley Lumber & Supply, Inc. - Trinity¹

Barnum Sawmill - Groveton¹

D. C. Barton Lumber Company - Groveton¹

Edens Lumber Company - Nathan¹

Frank Floyd Gore - Woodlake, east of Groveton¹

Frank Hall - Trinity¹

Fred Gyr - Josserand¹

George Gibson - Unknown¹

Grayburg Lumber Company - Trinity¹

Groveton Manufacturing Company - Groveton¹

J. F. Vickers - Trinity¹

J. H. Marsh - Near Trinity¹

J. N. Crawford Lumber Company - Trinity¹

John B. Peyton - Trinity¹

Josserand Lumber Company - McDuffy Station¹

Katy Lumber Company - Evans (Katy), between Josserand and Willard¹

Kelley & Grinstead - North of Riverside¹

Louisiana-Pacific Corp - Trinity¹

McQuerry - Unknown¹

Milton R. Friday - Friday¹

P. Josserand and Brother Lumber Co. - Josserand¹

Sabine Lumber Remanufacturing Company - Trinity¹

Sanders Mill - Sanders¹

Southland Paper Mills. Rock Creek Lumber. Sabine Lumber. Thompson Brothers. - Trinity (Sequoyah)¹

Thompson & Tucker - Groveton¹

Thompson-Tucker Lumber Company - Willard, now Woodlake¹

Trinity County Lumber Company - Groveton (Atmar)¹

Vinson Lumber Company - Trinity¹

W. A. Bell - Trice¹

W. A. Bell - Trinity¹

W. F. Davis - Apple Springs¹

W. T. Carter - North of Riverside¹

West Lumber Company - Westville¹

West Lumber Company - Saron¹

Woodson & Bros. - South of Sumpter¹






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