My great

My great-great grandfather (Joseph Randle) and his family lived in or near
Groveton.  The three ladies in the photo are sisters of my great grandmother
(Mary Lillie Randle) and the boy with the dog (on the left) is her brother
(Grover Randle).  I believe the man and two boys on the right are also
related to me, but I have not been able to identify them.  My great
grandmother married Jonah Carroll in Trinity County about 1900 and they
living in Trinity, TX until about 1922 when they moved to Brazoria County. 
The Carrolls had five children born in Trinity Co. and one born in Brazoria
Co.  Jonah Carroll worked for the railroad as a fireman while living in
Trinity.  Due to medical problems with his feet, he quit working for the
railroad and moved to Sweeny, TX to farm.  My great-great grandmother, Mary
Randle (nee Pickle) is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery.
Photo Donated by Mickey Hicks, September 22, 2003