Donated by Mickey Hicks

Donated by Mickey Hicks, 23 Sept 2003

Groveton School ca 1894 - my great-grandmother, Lillie Mary Randle (born
1886) and her sister, Mae Randle (born about 1884/85) on the top right back
row.  Lillie is on the left of the tall man in the hat and Mae is on the
right.  I assume the school was in Groveton near where they lived.

Groveton School picture ca 1894 - someone wrote "Diboll Texas' on the back of the
picture.  Grover Randle (born after 1886 & died prior to 1900 at approx age
of 7 - 10) is the third person from the right on the front row.  Someone has
made an "X" mark on him.  The photo was taken by a photographer out of
Lufkin.  I have some early pictures of Lillie taken by the Lufkin