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                                  Trinity County Photos

If you can help us identify any of these photos or if you wish to have any photos removed from this site, please let me know!  If you wish to contribute a photo to the site, please contact Susanne Waller                                  


 Alabama School December 12, 1902, donated by June Chapek
 Apple Springs School abt. 1917, donated by Elaine Lockhart
 Carlisle School Children 1934-35, donated by Paul McFarland
 Carlisle School Children, date unknown.  Donated by Paul McFarland
 Carlisle School Children, about 1928 or earlier.  Donated by Paul McFarland
 Groveton High School Athletes, donated by Karen Griffin Barnett
 Groveton School Students 1894, donated by Mickey Hicks, 23 Sept 2003, showing photos of Lillie Mary Randle, Mae Randle and Grover Randle with other unnamed students.
 Hackberry School abt. 1917and 1918, donated by Elaine Lockhart
 Saron Singing School
 Trinity School, 2nd Grade Class 1925-26, donated by Bert Mullins, added June 12, 2007
 Trinity School Photos, (3 class photos), donated by Bert Mullins


 ATMAR, Lynne Peter, donated by Sallie Cannon
 BELLE, W. A. Home, donated by Richard Neal
 Carrol, Jonah, donated by Mickey Hicks 23 Sept 2003 shown with Locomotive No. 151
 Cochran, Sidney Earl and Pearl, 1905, donated by Bert Mullins
 Cochran Family Home, Trinity, 1915, donated by Bert Mullins
 DAWSON, Willie and Miss Emma BRIGHT, donated by Mickey Hicks, 23 Sept 2003
 DUNAWAY, Manerva Morgan, donated by Mary Abshier
 DUNAWAY, Elvin, 65th Birthday,donated by Mary Abshier
 DUNAWAY, Elvin, donated by Mary Abshier
 Enlisted WWI, taken in front of Trinity County Courthouse abt. 1918, donated by Elaine  Lockhart
 EVANS, Joseph and Margaret Elby Key, and James Wesley and Mary Melvina McWhorter Evans, donated by Pat Gilbert
 GASSIOTT-KENDRICK, Rena, Bill GASSIOTT, donated by Chuck Gassiott
 Hommar/Hammer Family, 1911 Trinity County, donated by Carolyn Laird, 1 Nov 2007
 JOHNSON, Catherine (Kate)
 JOHNSON, Joshiah
 JOHNSON, MAGEE, Lucretia (Crecy) donated by Chuck Gassiott
 JOHSNON-MAGEE, Lucretia (Crecy)
 JOHNSON-MAGEE, Lucretia (Crecy)
 KENDRICK-GASSIOTT,  Family, Rena and GASSIOTT, Bill, donated by Chuck Gassiott
 KIRK-ADAMS, Annie Adams Kirk and Will Kirk, donated by daughter, Loudene Tollar
 LEE Family, Will Lee, 
 LOUNDSEND, Grandma donated by the Trinity County Museum
 MAGEE-JOHNSON, Emma, donated by Chuck Gassiott
 MAGEE-JOHNSON, Emma, donated by Chuck Gassiott
 MAGEE, Edwin
 MANRY, J.L., Family Photos  donated by Bert Mullins,  June 12, 2007
 MANRY, Seymour, WWI photo,donated by Bert Mullins
 MARTIN/MCGAR Family Tombstones - Early Trinity County Settlers, donated by Nancy Martin Buzbee added September 27, 2004
 MCCULLARY, James Burns
 MCMICHAEL, Bo, donated by Robert Moreland
 MCMICHAEL, Callie, donated by Robert Moreland
 MCMICHAEL, C. M., donated by Robert Moreland
 MCMICHAEL, Sophia, donated by Robert Moreland
RUSHING, Charlie and wife, Mattie Harvey, donated by Pat Barnes
 SAFFORD, Billie and E. B.
 SMITH, Tennessee Belle Jones Smith
 WILLBORN-MAGEE, Minerva (Nervia) 


 Baptist Church, 1915 (located in Trinity) donated by Bert Mullins
 Chita Cemetery, donated by Chuck Gassiot
 Railroads, Trinity County, donated by Chuck Gassiott
 Trinity County Courthouse
 Trinity County Courthouse; Grading First Street with Mule-drawn Grader, donated by Paul McFarland
 Trinity County Jail
 Trinity Bank and Post Office, donated by Bert Mullins
 Trinity County Fair 1922
 Trinity Depot, donated by Mickey Hicks 23 Sept 2003, showing photos of old Trinity and Randle sisters.
 Western Public Service Electric and Ice Plant, Groveton Texas (date unknown) donated by Paul McFarland

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