The following hand written information was found in a box of old records belonging to Trinity County Historical Commission

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The following hand written information was found in a box of old records belonging to Trinity County Historical Commission.

It has been transcribed for sharing on the Trinity County website. Loudene Kirk Tollar Oct. 18, 2004. TCHC volunteer.

Albert Brown Moulds Family- Submitted by Burnadeen McBride (not dated)

Albert Brown Moulds – born 24 Nov 1855 Mississippi, died 27 Nov 1927 Groveton, Trinity Co., Texas.   Married to Samyria Kerr, 23 Aug 1883 by P.H. Teeter, Minister of Gospel.  Samyria was born 15 June 1854 at Nogalus, Trinity Co., Texas, died 17 June 1922 Groveton, Texas.  They both are buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Groveton.  Their children:

1.                  Charlie Moulds – born about 1884 at Nogalus, Trinity Co., Texas, died in Houston, Texas.  He married Miss Nora Pruitt, 30 Sept 1906 by J.F. Ray, Minister of Gospel.  They had one boy and five girls.  The boy married and he had two girls and one boy and he died leaving no Moulds to carry the name on.

2.                  Leonard – born 1885-1899.

3.                  Annie Dell – born 13 July 1889, died 12 June 1974 in Houston, Texas.

One time Samyria was hoeing the yard, as back then everybody kept the yard clean.  She was a one-legged woman and she made her own crutch.  It was one long stick like a hoe handle with a short stick at the top padded so she could lean on it and would hurt under the arm.  So this day she broke the crutch.  She called Charlie to go bring the ax and go get the hammer and a nail, so (he) brought them to her.  He had to drag the ax for he was too small to carry it.  She chopped the handle off the hoe and made another crutch.  Got her another hoe and went (on) with her yard work.

They moved to Groveton about 1890.  Albert Brown Moulds worked for Trinity County Lumber Co. until his retirement about 1922.  He filled orders of lumber to people.  When they got the order filled he could tell the buyer how much lumber he had and the price of it and never used pencil or paper.  It was in his head and he could tell the office man how many feel of each kind and price so he could keep the record.  Abb, as he was called, didn’t have to worry about pencils and paper.

He was the son of Walter Moulds, Jr. and Elizabeth Thomas Moulds, they come to Texas in 1860 landed at Drews landing on the Trinity river and lived about two miles from there until his death in 1873.  They lost Hiram, William Clement and Leonard in the Civil War.

Elizabeth and the single children Charlie French, Albert Brown, Amanda and Ellen come to Trinity County.  Mary Elizabeth had married John Lee and they had already come to Trinity County.  Lydia and they had already come to Trinity County.  Lydia married Napoleon Pierce (Pol) and moved to Henderson Co., Texas.  Eliza died with pneumonia died the same week her father died.  Martha Jane died 24 Feb. 1856 before they left Jasper Co., Mississippi.