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J. N. Crawford Lumber Co.

I don't know who compiles all of the information on the Lumber Mills in Trinity but it might be of interest to note that the J. N. Crawford Lumber Co. was operating in Trinity well before the 1934 date listed.  My father, Joe W. Baker and several of his brothers worked, for years, at Crawford's Mill.  In fact, my father and at least one of his brothers worked for Mr. Crawford at a mill on the other side of the Trinity River before he moved the operation to Trinity.  That move would have taken place probably in 1930 or early 1931.  There was a community of houses,  on the mill property which were rented to employees and there was a boarding house.  My parents moved into one of them when they were married in 1931.  I was born in that house as was a younger sister and a brother (who has returned to live in Trinity).  At Crawford's there was also a "company store" where all sorts of things were sold, food, clothing, kerosene, gasoline, etc.  In addition to the sawmill there was also a log pond, a planer mill and a dry kiln as well as storage for lumber until it was hauled away on lumber trucks.  The mill was in operation until the mid to late 1940's and the store and Mr. Crawford's office remained open for several years into the 1950's. 

Frances Baker Haworth