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Veterans of Mexican War of 1836, Confederate States of America (CSA), and War of 1812, who are buried in Trinity County Cemeteries


The following is a list of those who are known buried in Trinity County Cemeteries transcribed from the Trinity County Cemetery book, published in 2006 by the Trinity County Historical Commission.  Birth and death dates are shown in parenthesis. 

On February 1, 1861 Texas cast her lot with the Confederate States of America.  From Trinity County, three large companies went off to fight the Yankees.[1]  They were known as:

Co. M First Texas Volunteer Infantry, Hoods Brigade

Tullos Company, Co. A, 3rd Battalion, 13th Texas Regiment

Kirksey Company

For more information about Trinity County Civil War Companies, visit

Bennett Cemetery

Barefield, Lewis, (no dates) Co. C. 45 MISS Inf. CSA

Bennett, Richmond Oliver (March 11, 1836-January 15, 1895) Corp. Co. M. 1 Tex. Inf. CSA

Davis, Joseph A. (no dates) Co. A 6 BN TX Cav. CSA

Hamilton, David H. (August 7, 1843-May 30, 1929) SGT Co. M. REGT TEX VOL. Inf. CSA 

Kendrick, William Rilie (Jan. 1844-Jan. 1922) PVT, Co. E, 29 ALA Inf. CSA

Lee, John (June 5, 1836-Feb. 13, 1899) CSA

Stewart, John R. (no dates) Co. K 6 Tex Cal. CSA

Tull, Justus H. (d. Oct. 12, 1936) SGT Co. G9 LA Inf. CSA

Warner, C.D. (Dec. 11, 1845-Feb. 20, 1936)  CPL 18 BN LA Cav. CSA

West, John Burr (no dates) Co. B 8 TENN Cav. CSA

Williams, Martin D.  (1835-1902) PVT Co. E. 3 TX Cav. CSA

Boontown Cemetery

Butler, B.F. (Benjamin Franklin) (Nov. 22, 1839-Mar 23, 1900) PCT Co. F 2 Texas Inf. CSA Military Marker

Burketown Cemetery

Burke, Benjamin (Jan 8, 1848-Feb 24, 1918) Citizen of the Republic of Texas.  Co. M. 1st Texas Vol. Inf. CSA

Burke, Francis Marion, Sr. (May 29, 1832-Sep 15, 1893) Co. M 1st Texas Inf. CSA

Burke, James Oliver (Dec 11, 1845-Apr 16, 1916) Citizen of Texas, Pvt. Co. B. Maris Batt’n, Texas Calvary, CSA Marker

Jernigan, W.A. (Mar 10, 1841-Nov 7, 1915) our Father has gone to a mansion of rest—Only sleeping; Pvt. Co. M 1st Texas Regt. CSA

Odom, James Manly (May 30, 1832-Sept. 22, 1862) PVT. Co. B 11th BATTN LA INF CSA

Smith, Simon Jackson (Nov 24, 1842-Jan 14, 1877) PVT Co E 27th Regiment LA INF CSA

Calvary Cemetery

Ainsworth, John G. (May 7, 1848-Apr 10, 1927) II Brig. Tex. Cav.

Coleman, John H. (June 33, 1842-June 26, 1934) Smith’s Co. LA Home Guard, CSA

Key, Dennis Lee (1830-1910) Co. H. 31 Regt. LA Inf. CSA

Parker, Jacob Peter (Apr 20, 1842-Feb 24, 1909) Co. M. I Texas Inf. CSA

Carlisle Cemetery

Chessher, James (no dates) Co. H. 5th Tex. Inf. CSA

Cooper, William (no dates) 5 Texas Inf. CSA

Tanner, Pleasant T. (Jan 21, 1832-Sep 6, 1897) Co. C 11th Tex Vol. CSA

Chita Cemetery

Dunaway, Elvin (no dates) Co. C 14th Cav. CSA

Lee, B.J. (no dates) Co. B 25th Tex. Cav. CSA

Parker, James Albert (Aug 5, 1821-Jul 19, 1907) MM Pvt Co. D 9 Texas Infantry, CSA

Roach, John A. (no dates) Co. E 21 Spaights Texas Inf. CSA

Roach, John R.  (no dates) Co. E. Spaights Texas Inf. CSA

Tipton, E.M. (Feb 25, 1845-Jul 12, 1912) Co. H. 20 Regt. Tex. Inf. CSA; name: Elis Marrion.  Military Marker

Dean Cemetery

Dial, E. A. (Aug 13, 1843-Jul 4, 1890) Private Co. M. 1st TX Voluntary Infantry, CSA

East Prairie Cemetery

Eastepp, Daniel (no dates) Mexican War 1836, 46, Bell Rgt 9 TX. Cav.; Daniel A.

Hollis, S. J. (Jul 31, 1845-Apr 27, 1926) Civil War Veteran (Information received from family member)

Poston, Marion Columbus (1849-1938) CSA Veteran

Ellis Prairie Cemetery

Johnson, Aaron C. (no dates) Co. D 1st La. Cay. CSA

Flat Prairie Cemetery

Foster, J. D. (no dates) Co. I 20 TX inf. CSA

Glendale Memorial Cemetery

Arnold, Jonathan H. (June 27, 1839-Jun 8, 1920) Civil War Veteran, PVT Co. D. 21 TX Cav. CSA

Ringo, Samuel Jackson; Co. D, 10th TX Calvary, CSA

Glenwood Cemetery

Bennett, Henry (no dates) 2nd Wis Inf. CSA

Bonner, Allen (no dates) Co I 9 Ind. Cav.  (Possible CSAVeteran?)

Boone, Alex (no dates) Co I 9 IND Cav.  (Possible CSA Veteran?) 

Dickey, W. A. (no dates) PVT COL REGT TX A.V. 1907 CSA 17

Fraser, N. G. B. (Feb 27, 1847-Dec 5, 1932) Confederate Soldier A True Texan

Hinson, Stephen (no dates) Consolidated Crescent Regt La Inf. CSA

Ingram, Tilman (Sep 9, 1822-Nov 22, 1863) SGT 12 TX Cavalry CSA

Pruitt, W. L.  (no dates) Co. A Gould S BN CSA

Stevenson, J. P., Captain (Oct 26, 1834-Mar 20, 1910) CAPT. Co. I 4th Texas Cav.

Hickman Cemetery

Dunlap, David Crockett (1837-1902) PVT Co M. 1 Tex Vol. Inf. CSA

Hill Cemetery

Lane, Oliver Cromwell, (Mar 1827-Dec 1900) PVT Provost Guard of CSA

Holly Cemetery

Brent, J. A. (Jim) (no dates) 20th TX Inf. CSA, Mason

Kent, Allen J. (Feb 21, 1844-Sep 17, 1915) C.O.D. 17 La. Inf. CSA

Sanders, Isham F. (blank-Apr 10, 1917) Co. D 6th Miss. Inf. CSA

Smith, Tom S. (no dates) CSA

Moore Cemetery

Lee, Needham J. (Nov 4, 1845-Mar 4, 1933)  39 Miss. Inf. CSA

Moore and Rodgers Cemetery

Moore, W. H. (Sept 26, 1836-June 5, 1878) Confederate Cross

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Beasley, Lemuel ( Sep 11, 1836-Sep 5, 1914) Co B 31 LA Inf. CSA

Burchfield, Daniel P. (1845-1921) MISS PVT Co. 15 REGT Cav. CSA

Butler, Thomas (Jan 15, 1845-Oct 10, 1916) CO E 7 TEXAS CAV CSA

Carlton, Urbin, (blank-Feb 14, 1874) PVT 26 TX Cav. CSA

Chapman, John S. (1824-1870) PVT Co. AH Brig. TX State TRPS CSA

Faglie, Thomas E. (1831-1919) PVT Co. E 7 REGT TX Cav. CSA

Forsythe, William Earl (1844-Feb 19, 1879) CO M I TX REGT CSA

Gandy, Evander, Dr. (Dec 18, 1845-Mar 10, 1921) PVT K. CRESCENT REGT Inf. CSA

Gibson, Harrison R. (H.R.) (Jul 25, 1844-Feb 27, 1925) PVT Co. B 16 MISS Inf. CSA

Herring, A. J. (May 1, 1841-Sep 7, 1917) C5A PVT C.O.D. 18 Tex Inf.

Lovett, Isaiah D. (July 29, 1828-Mar 18, 1897) PVT CO M 1 TEXAS REGT CSA

McClendon, Thomas B. (Apr 29, 1849-Dec 7, 1901) SERG CO E TX CAV CSA

Meadows, B. R. (Apr 28, 1847-Jan 23, 1929) PVT Co. Elmore’s REGT. 20 TX Inf. CSA

Nash, M. (no dates) Co. I Crescent REGT LA Inf. CSA

Perkins, Cader (Feb 7, 1827-Jan 15, 1903) Co. E7 REGT TX Cav. CSA

Richardson, David Felder (Sep 22, 1830-Nov 20, 1893) PVT CO I 16 MO CAV CSA

Scogin, James Isaac (no dates) CPL Co. H 4 REGT TX Cav. CSA

Spring, Jerimiah H. (Mar 13, 1836-Apr 22, 1899) Co 19 LA Inf. CSA

Turner, Asa (Nov 5, 1827-Jan 10, 1906) PVT 2 MISS Inf. MEXICAN WAR

Warren, Isaac W. (1841-1883) TERRY’S REGT TX CAV. CSA

Warren, John Thomas (Jun 7, 1844-Sep 13, 1922) PVT Co. C. TERRY’S REGT TX CAL-CONFEDERATE ARMY CSA

White, William Thomas (Aug 22, 1896- Feb 1, 1960) PVT CO  M I TX REG & INF CSA

Womack, Abram B. (Apr 29, 1818-May 14, 1902) PVT 5 Co. TX MILITIA CSA

Womack, Abram Richmond (Nov 13, 1849-Feb 17, 1937)  11 BATT TX STATE TROOPS CSA

Womack, Henry H.  Nov 22, 1841-Aug 28, 1925)  TEX PVT Co. E 7 REGT TEX Cav.  CSA


New Church Cemetery

Barton, Hedrix S. (Apr 25, 1828-Mar 14, 1864) PVT Co. F. 7 TX Cav. CSA

Barton, Samuel G. (May 18, 1830-Aug 19, 1867) PVT Co. G. TX 22 Inf. CSA

Cathey, Wilson H. (blank-Aug 4, 1911) PVT 62nd N C Inf. CSA

Gibson, Francis (1818-1905) PVT Co 0 1 TX Inf. CSA

Poe, William Larkin (Jan 2, 1842-Sep 13, 1910) PVT Co F 22 TX Inf CSA

Roach, Shadrack D. “Shady” (Aug 27, 1833-Sep 17, 1862) Killed at Antietam, CSA 2d Sgt Co. M. 1st Tx Inf.

Roach, William Asbury (Oct 17, 1837-Nove 26, 1929) 2nd Sgt. Co. M. 1 TX Inf. CSA-Mason

Snow, Green P. (blank-Sept 17, 1867) Lieut. Co. G. 22 TX Inf. CSA

Tullos, Willoughby, Jr. (no dates) Co A 6 Bn Tex Cav Co. A CSA and Military Marker

New Zion Cemetery

Elliott, W. C. (May 29, 1817-Aug 26, 1891) Co. A 11 BRIG TEX VOLS Confederate States Army

Pennington Cemetery

Ashworth, Eli (Jan 17, 1848-Nov 27, 1936)  CSA PVT Co. (no other data listed)

Atmar, Richard Monk (May 1, 1839-June 5, 1899) SGT Co. 14, TX Cav. CSA

Beckham, Frank A. Rev. (no dates) 1st Lt. in CSA

Carlton, John S. (no dates)  Co. C 13 TEX Cav. CSA

Dominy, B. M. (May 4, 1846-Dec 2, 1915) Co B. 37 ALA Inf. CSA

Dominy, Seaborn (Dec 24, 1830-Mar 31, 1911) PVT Co. M 1st TX Inf. CSA

Holley, Porter Jackson (July 11, 1835-Jan 15, 1910)  CAPT. Co. A 6 BN TX Cav. CSA

Holley, Washington, (Jan 2, 1823-Feb 16, 1908) PVT Co. C 13 TX Cav. CSA

Horn, Josiah Isaac (1835-1908) Co. G 61st Inf. CSA

Hutto, James A. (no dates) Co. B GAIA Inf. USA

Lewis, John R. (Aug 12, 1831-Feb 4, 1901) PVT 37 ALA Inf. CSA

Perry-Beasley Cemetery

Roach, Thomas Jefferson (Nov 26, 1844-Oct 4, 1886) PVT Co. F 4 TX Cav. 1 Rgt Sibley’s BrSection CSA

Saron Cemetery

Brannen, Andrew (no dates) Co. G, 13 TX Vols CSA

Mason, Edmond, Rev. (Jul 28, 1820-Jun 26, 1897) Military Marker; Co I 28 Tex Cav CSA w/ Masonic emblem

Walker, Andrew Jackson (Apr 25, 1845-Jan 19, 1923) Private Co. G 13 TX Volunteers CSA Mil Marker

Sumpter Cemetery

Cox, J. R. (Aug 31, 1847-Apr 10, 1933) Co. G 46 GA Inf. CSA Mil Marker

Roach, Jonathan (Dec 2, 1790-Aug 27, 1854) GA Militia War of 1812, Mil Marker

Thornton Church Cemetery

Goettee, Francis M. (no dates) 2nd Lt Co E 26 Ga Inf CSA

Meadors, Robert N. (no dates) Co B 16th GA Cav CSA

Trinity Cedar Grove Cemetery

Casey, William Edgar (1859-1932) Co FILA Inf. Spanish American War

Clegg, W. O. Capt. (May 22, 1828-Jun 11, 1898) He Was Capt of Co F 14 REG GA VOL CSA

White, Calvin Hartwell (1841-1918/1919)  CSA “Callie”

Wilson, William Hampton, Dr.  (Jun 7, 1837-Dec 8, 1896) Capt CSA

Trinity Community Cemetery (Black)

Murray, Augustus W. (1839-1924) Co B KY Inf. CSA

Zion Hill Cemetery

Evans, Charles (no dates) Co E 7 TX Cav CSA


[1] Trinity County Beginnings, Trinity County Book Committee, 1986