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Trinity County Cemeteries
1982-Present - Trinity County Historical Commission
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Cemeteries by Name and/or Name Changes



ANDERSON-ELLIS CEMETERY  Updated February 25, 2010

Cemetery photos 1


Beasley Cemetery see PERRY-BEASLEY CEMETERY, Apple Springs


Bell, "Rich" Plot


Bennett Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery  This cemetery is extremely large.  Some computers may experience slow download times. 

Updated: April 2017

Cemetery photos 1


Bennett Grave


Benton Cemetery

Cemetery photos 1


Blackshear Cemetery-Historic Texas Cemetery


Boggy Slough Burial Plot Updated  May 3, 2005

Cemetery photos 1


Bohemian Cemetery A found cemetery! Updated  May 3, 2005

Cemetery photos 1 2


Boontown Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery  Updated April 20, 2016

Boontown Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photos 1  2 3


Burke Town Cemetery see BURKETOWN CEMETERY


Burketown Cemetery

  Burketown Tombstone Pictures


Cemetery photos 1


Calvary CemeteryHISTORIC TEXAS CEMETERY Updated: October 4, 2017

Cemetery photos 1


Carlisle Cemetery Historic Texas CemeteryUpdated: July 30, 2007




Chita Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery  Updated: July 27, 2010

Cemetery photo 1


County Line Cemetery

County Line Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Craddock Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Davy Crockett National Forest Site A found cemetery!! Updated  May 3, 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Dean Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery Two signs at cemetery read: John Dean Cemetery Updated April 2004

Cemetery photo 1


De La Fosse Cemetery

De La Fosse Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Dorn, Nora Family Cemetery  (Black)


 Durdin's Graveyard see TAYLOR CEMETERY




East Prairie (Possum Walk) Cemetery  Updated June 3, 2010

East Prairie Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Ellis Prairie Cemetery  Updated October 02, 2007

Ellis Prairie Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Erickson Cemetery  Updated May 10, 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Flat Prairie Cemetery/Foster Cemetery 

Flat Prairie Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1






Foster Cemetery see FLAT PRARIE CEMETERY




French Memorial Cemetery  Updated March 2005

Cemetery photo 1


 Glendale Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery This is a large cemetery and a large file. Updated September 2014

Glendale Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Glenwood Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery  This is a large cemetery and a large file. Updated March 2005.  

Cemetery photo 1


Hickman Cemetery


Hickman Place, On Old


Hill Cemetery  Updated June, 2004

Cemetery photo 1


Holly Cemetery  Updated December 2007

Historical Marker

Cemetery photo 1


Indian Burial Grounds see PINE HILL CEMETERY


Inman-Mason Cemetery (Lost cemetery)


Johnson/Tullos Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Josserand Memorial Park Cemetery (Black)

Josserand Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Lacy Cemetery  (Black)

Lacy Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Lane Prairie Cemetery see HILL CEMETERY


Lester, Child, Plot  Updated: May 10, 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Lost Places (Graves and Cemeteries)


Mc Bride Scrub Creek Cemetery Lost cemetery


McClain Cemetery (McClain)

McClain Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


McClain, Zid Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


 Millican Chapel Cemetery see MILLIGAN CHAPEL CEMETERY


Milligan Chapel Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1 2


Moore & Rogers Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Moore Family Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery

Moore Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Mount Zion Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery  Updated April 22, 2010

Cemetery photo 1


Native American or Pine Hill Cemetery Lost cemetery.


New Church Cemetery 

New Church Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


New Prospect Baptist Church cemetery see THORNTON CHURCH CEMETERY


New Zion Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery Updated April, 2005

New Zion Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo  1

Nigton Cemetery  (Black) Updated April 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Old Railroad Street Graves Lost cemetery


Otis, Israel, Family Burial Plot  (Black)


Parker Ridge Cemetery (Black)

Parker Ridge Tombstone Pictures 

Cemetery photo 1


Patterson Plot

Cemetery photo 1


Pennington Cemetery  Updated March 10, 2010

Cemetery photo 1


Pennington Cemetery (Black)  Added May 4, 2004

  See above for more information


Perry Cemetery, Glendale area


Perry Cemetery, Apple Springs see PERRY-BEASLEY CEMETERY, Apple Springs, TX


Perry-Beasley Cemetery , Apple Springs area

Cemetery photo 1


Pleasant Hill Cemetery see BENNETT CEMETERY


Possum Walk Cemetery see EAST PRAIRIE CEMETERY


Randolph/Potts Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Red Branch Cemetery see WHITE ROCK CEMETERY


Rice Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery

Rice Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2

Saron Cemetery UPDATED June 3, 2010

Saron Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Scrub Creek Cemetery see MCBRIDE CEMETERY


Skains Chapel Cemetery 

Cemetery photo 1


Skains, William Henry, Family Cemetery Updated July 18, 2004

Cemetery photo 1


Smith, John Cemetery  (Black)


Smith, Roy Grave   Updated May 10, 2005


Sumpter Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery Note: Sumpter is fully integrated. Updated October 2004

Sumpter Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Sumpter Cemetery  (Black Section) Added October 2004

See tombstone pictures above 


Taylor Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery Updated July 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Teeter Family Burial Plot

Cemetery photo 1


Thomas Grave


Thomas, Rev. Harry Family Burial Plot  (Black)


Threadgill Family Plot Historic Texas Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Thornton Church Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Thornton Family Plot

Cemetery photo 1


Trevat Cemetery  Updated April 7, 2011.

Cemetery photo 1


Trinity Cedar Grove Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery Updated March 2, 2010

Cemetery photo 1 


Trinity Community Cemetery  (Black) Added September 8, 2004, Updated June 29, 2010 

Cemetery photo 1 2




White Rock Cemetery  (Black)

Cemetery photo 1


Wiggins Hill Cemetery -- Lost cemetery


Wilkey Tombstone has been returned to French Memorial Cemetery


Williams, Chriss, Burial Site  (Black)


Williamson Cemetery see NEW CHURCH CEMETERY


Zion Hill Cemetery  Updated June 16, 2016

Cemetery photo 1

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