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Early District Clerks of Trinity County

Compiled by Jorene Legg, 1986, transcribed by Susanne Waller, April 2009.

The first District Clerk of Trinity County was F.H. Forsyth, elected August 5, 1850.  Others with date of election were: Asa M. Wilson 1854; Alexander McAlpin 1856; J.L. Cotrell 1858; George W. Cook 1862; E.B. Harper 1865 by Provisional Governor Hamilton; Jessee Chapman 1869 Aptd.  by General Reynolds, resigned; W. W. Pharr 1869; J.T. Evans 1872; D.W. Steele 1876; J.M. Meacham 1878; J.K.P. Stokes 1880; T.H. Stout 1888; J.K.P. Stokes 1890; Wirt N. Wood 1896; G.H. Motely 1910; R.H. Dominy 1912; J.L. Dawson 1914; Gordon Odom 1926; J.L. Dawson 1928; Graddy Ingram 1934; Mamie Lee Mangum1948; Bettie Mae Ainsworth 1959; Bettie Mae Ainsworth Warren 1954; Jorene Legg 1982.