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Transcribed by Trinity County Genealogical Society, Patricia Coleman, 2009   
County Superintendent's Summarized Report on Independent District
The State Superintendent of Public Instruction
To the State Superintendent of Pubilc Instruction,, Austin, Texas
Dear Madam:  
I hand you herewith separate consolidated rolls for white and colored scholastics for the Trinity Independent school district in TRINITY County for the year                                                             
year 1920 - 1921.  I give below the names of all enumerators employed by this district, also the number of children enumerated by each.
After carefully checking the enumeration cards and the consolidated rolls of this district, omitting from such rolls all names which should not 
appear on the rolls, I find the following to be a correct summarized report by ages and sexes of the number of children that should appear on said rolls:
  Male Female Total Male  Female Total
Total number of children 7 years of age 44 43 87 10 9 19
Total number of children 8 years of age 45 23 68 12 13 25
Total number of children 9 years of age 9 31 40 12 9 21
Total number of children 10 years of age 23 25 48 10 11 21
Total number of children 11 years of age 24 23 47 19 21 40
Total number of children 12 years of age 26 25 51 18 17 35
Total number of children 13 years of age 35 32 67 13 12 25
Total number of children 14 years of age 27 20 47 17 16 33
Total number of children 15 years of age 24 24 48 11 12 23
Total number of children 16 years of age 20 23 43 19 20 39
Total number of children 17 years of age 24 20 44 14 15 29
  301 289 590 155 155 310
Grand total of children 7 and under 17 years of age, inclusive, both white and colored     896
Names of Enumerators No. Children  Enumerated    
J. W. Bright All      
Total 8      
Grand Total      896  
On this 31th day of May, 1920, before me personally appeared J. C. Ingram, County Superintendent of Trinity County, who after being duly sworn 
deposes and says:  I have carefully examined the consolidated rolls for Trinity Independent district and have checked from the rolls and the 
summaries thereof all names which for any reason should not appear on said rolls.  I have prepared and am transmitting to you the consolidated
rolls of said district including in these rolls only names of children that should appear on said rolls, and I believe that the information given on these rolls, 
together with the information given in this summarized report is true and correct.  I have filed with the county clerk
of this county a copy of the consolidated rolls of this district, together with the summaries thereof.
Signed:  J. C. Ingram
County Supt of Trinity Co
Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 31st day of May, 1920.
Signed:  J. A. Stevenson, County Clerk