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Tarrant County TXGenWeb's TABLE OF CONTENTS contains numerous links to vital records, newspaper abstracts, obituaries, biographies, census data, cemeteries and etc. that have been posted on this website, plus links to other websites containing Tarrant County and/or Texas genealogical or historical information.


Welcome!  This website focuses on genealogy and history pertaining to Tarrant County, Texas and is part of the TXGenWeb Project.  Your County Coordinator is Rob Yoder. We certainly hope that you enjoy your visit. Check back often to see what has been added or updated.

In Memory of Barbara Jeanne Roach Knox

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Barbara Knox died peacefully on January 2, 2016 at the age of 92. She had been the County Coordinator of Ellis County TXGenWeb since the conception of TXGenWeb in September 1996. She was also Co-Coordinator of Navarro County TXGenWeb, also since the beginning, and Co-Coordinator of Tarrant County TXGenWeb since October 1998.

This website is continually growing as we upload new pages, but we still need your help!  Contact us if you would like to contribute Tarrant County material or if you would consider becoming a volunteer to perform look-ups from publications in your possession.


Tarrant County, located in North Central Texas, was carved out of Navarro County in 1849. In August 1841 General Edward H. Tarrant ordered a military outpost built near Village Creek. The post, named Fort Bird after Captain Jonathan Bird, was abandoned in less than a year. In 1845 the area was beginning to be settled by the Peter's Colony. In 1849 Major Ripley Arnold selected the site at the confluence of the Clear Fork and West Fork of the Trinity River for a new military outpost which he named Fort Worth in honor of General William Jenkins Worth, who had won fame in the Mexican War. Birdville was the first county seat, but an election (reportedly rigged) moved it to Fort Worth in 1856. Read more about Tarrant County's history in the Handbook of Texas On-Line.


Counties Surrounding Tarrant

Tarrant County is situated in the middle of North Central Texas surrounded by Denton, Dallas, Ellis, Johnson, Hood, Parker and Wise Counties. To visit one of Tarrant's neighbors, click on the desired county on the map above.

To visit any other county in the TXGenWeb Project, go to the County Selection List or choose the Clickable County Map.


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