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Submitted by: Jo Autrey

We aren't sure when this family  lived in Sutton County, only that some of this family lived and died there. From letters, it sounds like they may have lived in the area for some time. If someone recognizes any of the names and places, please contact Jo Autrey

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Joseph Lossie Beasley and his family, Carrie Beauchamp, his daughters, Thelma and Velma Beasley. He is the oldest and first child of Malone and Charles Elizabeth Beasley.

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The above photo is of:
Toby Long and Sara Alice Beasley, the second child and daughter of Malone and Charles Elizabeth Beasley. She married Toby Long (we have their original marriage certificate) in 1898 in Bowie Co., TX.  She died 1961 in Bowie Co., TX.  I don't have any information on Toby Long.

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This is Betty Nancy Elizabeth Beasley, daughter of Malone Beasley and his first wife, Caroline Cox.  I don't have any information on Caroline Cox other than she was born about 1851-52 in Ark. and died in 1875/75 in Hope, Magnolia County, Ark.  They had another child, but the name is not known.

Nancy Elizabeth, "Betty", married William Robert Clendennen (born Jan 30, 1871, Texas and died. Ag 6, 1953) on Oct. 15, 1891 in Tow Valley, Burnett County, Texas.  They had 7 children.  They were in the area by 1900 as their fourth child, Lossie Edward, was born in Sutton Co. in 1900.  They seemed to have moved about the area a lot as the children were born in various counties of Texas.

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Lossie and Carrie Beasley. 
I don't when this photo was taken or where, but in the family collection.

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Willie E. (initial only) and Frankie Viola Beasley with Joe Autrey. 

Frankie was born in 1922 in Bowie Co., TX , married Willie E. Autrey in 1938 in Bowie Co., TX, they had 8 children.  Willie died in 1984 in Smith Co., TX and buried in Van Zandt Co.y, TX.  Frankie died in 1993 in Kaufman Co., TX and buried in Van Zandt Co., TX.

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The photos are of Charles Malone Beasley, son of Malone and Charles Elizabeth Beasley. 

The one of him on the horse is supposedly taken while they were living in the west part of Texas, Llano, Burnett, or Sutton counties before they moved back to Bowie County, Texas. This the father of Frankie Viola Beasley, Joe's Mom.

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Henry Malone "Malone" Beasley and Charles Elizabeth Torrans.

The lady is Charles Elizabeth Torrans who married Malone Beasley.  They are the parents of my husband's grandfather, Charles Malone Beasley, the father of his Mom, Frankie Viola Beasley, who married Willie E. Autrey.

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Luther and Mamie Lee (Beasley) Harkins 

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