Stonewall County CSA Pensions

Stonewall County Confederate Pension Applications


"Their ragged clothes make no difference.
The enemy never sees the backs of my Texans."

General Robert E. Lee, describing Hood's Texas Brigade

Between 1899 and 1975, 54,634 pension applications from impoverished/disabled Confederate veterans and/or their widows, were processed and funded by the state of Texas. To be eligible, the applicant had to prove military service in any branch of the Confederate armed forces, and state-residency since 1880 (they may well have lived in another state at the time of service).

This is a list of all recorded applications by Stonewall county residents. It is *not* an inclusive list of all veterans who ever resided in the county. All of them resided elsewhere at the time of enlistment. In the case of widow's pensions, the name of the husband is given, as well as his pension number, if his application was not filed in Stonewall county.

Considerable historical and genealogical information can be gleaned from these applications, even those that were rejected. For more information on Texas Confederate pensions, including how to obtain copies of the application file, click here.

Abbott, Thomas J. - 25900,

Avery, Martha J. - 20866, Husband: Sanders Avery

Benton, Mark - 31484

Bullock, John M. V. - 34639

Butner, Lorenzia Dow (Mrs) - 41074, Husband: Lorenzia Dow Butner

Collom, Amanda - 21091, Husband: Josiah Wilson Collom

Elmore, James Christopher - 39341
(Note: A pension for his wife was filed in Wichita County, TX)

Ferguson, Alfred Marion - 12629

Green, J. A. - Application Rejected

Guest, Martin V. - Application Rejected

Guest, Martin Van Buren (Mrs) - 45939, Husband: Martin Van Buren Guest

Hay, Katie - Application Rejected, Husband: Thomas Crawford Hay

Hodges, Sarah J. - 08794, Husband: D. N. Hodges

Holcomb, Mary F. - 20187, Husband: Bird Washington Holcomb

Ivy, Lemuel Sidney - 31108

Johnson, Silas B. - Application Rejected

Kidd, J. A. - Application Rejected

Landers, John Henry - 23886

Lee, William Oliver - 18402

Liles, Richard - Application Rejected, (Application is missing, but other records indicate application was made.)

Lowrence, Mary Winn - 28787, Husband: James Harvey Lowrence

Matthews, John G. - Application Rejected

Mauck, Eliza A. - 29266, Husband: David Mauck

Maxwell, C. = 07666

McDonell, D. - Application Rejected

McElhaney, Mose L. - Application Rejected

McGinty, Nancy M. - 22474, Husband: William Marion McGinty

McMickin, J. K. - 38768

Myers, M. J. (Mrs) - 42216, Husband: Zacheriah Lovett Myers - 03188

O'Neal, G. R. - Application Rejected

Parrish, James Henry - 18400

Porter, George H. - 42422

Posey, Thomas Herbert (Mrs) - 45608

Posey, Thomas Herbert - 24418

Riddel, Sallie A. - 32486, Husband: Cyrus Riddel

Roberson, Hezekiah Charles (Mrs) - 46284, Husband: Hezekiah Charles Roberson

Sandlin, William M. (Mrs) - Application Rejected, Husband: William M. Sandlin

Sedberry, Meritt A. - 11639

Shannon, M. J. (Mrs) - Application Rejected, Husband: Lihue Marion Shannon

Smith, Lucy - 38110, Husband: Thomas George Washington Smith

Smith, Thomas George Washington - 22324

Stayton, David W. - 18401

Straley, A. J. - 09100

Templeton, Sarah Francis - 20791, Husband: John Sydney Templeton - 09273

Thames, Thomas T. - 21206

Trammel, W. J. - 31196

Whatley, Martha E. - 31221, Husband: Isaac Whatley

White, M. M. (Mrs) - 43313, Husband: James William White

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