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Starr County Queries

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AYARZAGOITIA 07 Aug 1998 Patrick Ayarzagoita I am looking for information about my ancestors: Carlotta Ayarzagoitia e.d. 131, page # 391 of the 1880 census.  Prudencio Ayarzagoitia e.d. 131, page #391 of the 1880 census. And Vidal Ayarzagoitia e.d. 133, page #443 of the 1880 census. Please let me know if you can help me locate more information.
CAMPOS   Lynda Campos I am researching my husbands family from Starr Co. Texas. The first one on record in our direct line to come from Mexico was Andres CAMPOS and his wife Refugio LUNA [ARREDONDO]. Their children were, Porfirio B.1873, Florencia B.1874,Julio B.1876 and Luciano B.1878. I would like to hear from anyone who shares the same lineage. I have gathered quite a bit on these families.


23 Aug 2008

Kathleen Canales

I am looking for information on: Anastacio Canales  I have Anastacio Canales, b. 1849 near mier mex..- immig/naturalized in 1889 or 1877 to TX. He married Librada Guiterrez in Duval county dec.15, 1877. I have their children born: Samuel 1889,Placido 1894, Alfredo 1891, Leopoldo 1895, Jesus or Jesusa 1898, Csau 1899, Antonio 1902, Casemido 1904, jose 1907, Eliza 1897, Glessria 1885. all born in TX.
I have Librada’s death cert, info: place of death is Tienditas Rch, Texas prect. #6 Realtos in Duval county. Place of burial is Tienditas Rch Hebbronville Tx. In 1941. He is not buried in her cemetery or at least there is no stone or space. Other local cemeteries have been searched by foot.
Anastacio was a farmer. Hired son Placido to work. Anastacio possible death is 1924. He is not in the Seaburry papers. Not in parish database.
Placido ( child above) m. Eudilia Elizondo ( this is my husbands line.)  I have found Tx census on all of the above and some death cert.'s but nothing on Anastacio Canales past the 1920 Texas census!
I have this line in Karnes, Webb and Duval counties, Realitos, Hebbronville, Tienditas Ranch, and Laredo, Texas and also in Mier, Mex.. Also associated with Mother Cabrini Church of Laredo.
 Genealogy Angels in any area that might help. Suggestions are welcome! I do not mind sending money for records/copies. I can do inner library loan through the Georgetown Public library in Georgetown Texas. Need Anastacio’s parents and/or siblings.
It is like the line disappears. There are many, many lines of Canales but this one has stumped us all. About 6 people across the US are researching this line so any help you can give us we would appreciate and passed on!
CHAPA 30 Nov 2009 Hiram Garcia Esteban/Estevan Chapa married Eduarda Martinez 12 Sep 1899 in Starr County.  They next appear in the 1900 Duval County (Hebbronville) census, the 1910 Goliad County census, and the 1920 San Patricio County census.  Their children were Regino (1897), Jesus (1901), Augustina (1908), Juliana/Julia (1910), Tomas (1914), and Christobal (1915).
The 1910 census indicates that it is the 2nd marriage for Esteban and the 1st for Eduarda, so I assume it was a civil instead of a church ceremony.
I am wanting to know the names of Esteban Chapa's parents to resolve a "mystery" concerning three different Estaban Chapa's who were in Duval County throughout the 1880/1900 censuses.  There were (1) Esteban Chapa, son of Rafael Chapa and Felicitas Leal who married Refugia Garcia 1883 in Duval County; (2) Esteban Chapa, son of Fermin Chapa and Jesusa Flores who married Cenobia Herrera in Duval County 1887; and (3) Esteban Chapa who married Eduarda Martinez in Starr County.  It is this last Esteban that I am inquiring about.
Descendants of Esteban/Cenobia and the descendants of Esteban/Eduarda believe it is the same Esteban (son of Fermin Chapa and Jesusa Flores).  As far as Esteban/Refugia, Refugia was my grandfather's sister.  And another gentleman I have been in contact with believes it is his grandfather's brother, son of Refugio (Garcia) Chapa and (Maria) Elena Villarreal.
I would appreciate anyone who would volunteer to visit the Starr County courthouse and verify the parents' names to solve this "mystery".  Does not have to purchase any documents - just verify.
CHAPA   [email protected] Hello, I am looking for information on my ancester José Matías Longoria Chapa of Porción 93.  Just to identify out line from Matias to myself, our information goes like this.  Jose Matías married Margarita Hinojosa, who had eight children, a son named Jose Ramon Longoria who married Doña Josefa García; Jose Ramon had a son named Jose Manuel Longoria García who married Doña Ma. Guadalupe Farris Trevino;  Jose Manuel had a son named Jose Justo Longoria Farrias;  Jose Justo married Doña Ma. Gertrudis Cavazos Cavazos;  Jose Justo had a son Natividad Longoria Cavazos who married Doña Severa Cuellar Flores, their son Jose Angel Longoria, Whom he married? I don't have info on; Jose Angel then had a son named Jose María Longoria who had children, one being my mother Martina Longoria Arvallo, I am Maria Elena Longoria Contreras.  Any information on any of these relatives would be greatly appreciated, especially from Jose Angel date of birth, married whom, death, and the same with Jose Maria, date of birth, whom he married, death information.  I know by my mother that there were at least three sister and one brother, my mother Martina Longoria, Tia Guadalupe Longoria-but went by the name of her step-father Gonzalez, another sister who was possibly Jose Maria's last wife who settled in Sandoval Mexico.  My Tia tells me that one of his daughter's of this last union looks a lot like my mother, guera and colored eyes
CONTRERAS 18 Feb 2005 [email protected]
Simon Contreras is one of my paternal grandfathers. Simon was married to Carmen Tovar. My name is Antonio Barbour and I am researching the Contreras side of my father's family. My father's mother was Bruna Contreras, her father's name was Justo Contreras. I would appreciate any info regarding Simon and Carmen. I believe they were residents of Villa de Carmargo in the late 1700's.  If you have any records or know where I may be able to find the needed data, I would be most grateful.
COX   4/26/99 Sandra Gozales I am looking for a death certificate for a ancestor of mine.   I would like to know the cause of death.   His name is Noah Cox.   Died July, 1882.   Buried in Roma, Texas.  He worked in Brownsville as deputydistrict clerk in about 1873 and commuted to Roma where his family lived. I'd like to know what happened to him.
CRAMER  5/20/99 Linda Foster  I am working on my surname which started with my great-grandfather William Cramer who emigrated
from Prussia/Germany.  As I don't have any dates, I am assuming it was around the 1850s.  He came into the Brownsville/Rio Grande City area via Mexico fleeing the military. He was in the military and guarded the frontier border (I assume the Rio Grande City/Brownsville area). Supposedly, he was married to a woman named Eulogia Vasquez and she was born in that area.  They had four children (to my knowledge):  William(I don't know whether they used JR at that time) (I will call him JR so I can identify each William); Lorenza, Mary/Maria, and Exiquio (my grandfather).To my knowledge, all this took place in the Rio Grande City area: William (JR) married Santos Larralde & had two sons:  Ernest/Ernesto DOB12-16-1907 and Jose DOB 09-16-1910.  William JR was also married to another woman according to the 1920 Census, but I couldn't make out what the name is:  something like Soribia P. de or Doribia P. de. Maria/Mary married Esteban Perez 27 Jan 1904; don't know of her children. f Garcia:  Felipe DOB May 1887; Petra DOB Jan 1889; Vivian (Male) DOB Dec 1890; Jose Maria DOB Aug 1892. Exiquio:  Married Antonia Moya 16 Mar 1901; l daughter:  Graciela Married Maria Clementina Almaraz 20 Jan 1910:  2 sons: Nieves & Ruperto. Married Teresa Perez in a ranch in Hebbronville, but he met her in Falfurrias because her brother, Esteban Perez was married to Maria/Mary Cramer.  Marriage occurred on 20 Aug 1918.  They had lots of children:  Galo, Lucas, Paula, Maximo, Quadalupe/Lupe (she married a Francisco/Pancho Lopez from the Rio Grande City area and now live inHebbronville); Rosa,  Apolonio/Polo, Trancito, Tomasa, Eliseo, andWillie.  Galo, Lucas, and Paula are now deceased.  The others live in Hebbronville; except for Eliseo/Cheo who lives in Bruni. So, I am hoping that there is someone out in the area that knows something about the first William Cramer. Specifically, where and when he was born and even where he was buried. (He was not buried in Brownsville nor Fort Brown.)  The last name has changed to and from Cremar and Kramer.  I would appreciate any information that I can get. Thanks.
DIMAS, GARCIA   Pedro Garcia
I am looking for any information on Santana Dimas Actually I do not know if he is Dimas or Garcia His mother was Filomena Dimas Daugther of Santos Dimas and Lorenza Martinez from Camargo. Santana was born on1865 at Las Animas Ranch I am not sure of the place But Santos Dimas was a servant of Toribio Garcia and until Santana married he lived there. I find no marriage of Filomena Dimas until way later to Manuel Acevedo but no Garcia. Santana married 1st Refugia Villarreal 1884, Document reads Santana Dimas , Children were Toribio, Filomena, Benita, Maria Refugia. 2nd marriage was to  Guadalupe Suarez. 1 child Fidela . Document reads Santana Garcia. 3rd marriage was to Paula Contreras in 1905  Hidalgo County. Docuement reads Santana Garcia. Dimas.  1 child Jesus. I do not know where he is buried I cannot find anything Garcia or Dimas I want to know if anyone knows anything about Santana Dimas or Santana Garcia  it will be greatly appreciated.
EMMON   [email protected] I am looking for any information on my great grandparents on my grandfather's side.  The only information I have is my great-grandfather's name was Frank Emmon and he either ran or owned a ranch in Rio Grande City, TX.  My great-grand mother's name was Prajedes Flores.  She worked at the ranch.  My grandfather Albert Flores was born in Rio Grande City, Tx  01/28/1892 and he had a half sister and brother by the name of Mattie Flores DOB 05/08/1909 & Gregory (Gregorio) Flores DOB 12/03/1900.  To this date I have been able to find a lot of information on everyone except Frank Emmon & Prajedes Flores.  I am hoping to find if Frank Emmon did own land in Rio Grande City, TX.  My family told me this Frank Emmond owned a ranch in Rio Grande City, TX.  However, I have not been able to access any land/deed records from the 1890's.  Do you know how or who I could get in touch with to find this information?  I also know that prior to 1903 birth certificates did not exist.  How did they record births in 1892?
GARZA 5 Sep 1996 Michael Garza I am from Starr County and have been collecting information about my family tree for some time now I have a rather large gap as far as dates for for my family. I would like to inquire about the land grants you seem to be able to aquire. Would it be possible to aquire one of portions 73,74,75 from around the Roma-Los Seanz area? I would be very interested in much of your information and maybe I can help you with some from my family. I do have access to parts of documents in spanish talking about the lineage of these three portions. I am currently living in Independence Missouri so if you care to talk over the phone please inform me in your message. Hope to here from you soon. Thank You, Michael Garza
de la GARZA, MARTINEZ   7/7/99 Rhonda Cano Long I am researching my family tree and am trying to find information on Cayetano de la Garza who was married to Maria de Jesus Martinez.  They had a son named Francisco Antonio de la Garza Martinez who married Maria Antonia Trevino on 11/22/1781.  She died 1792 and he married Guadalupe Villarreal in 1795.  My information states that Cayetano was related to the famed de la Garza Falcon  pioneer family of Starr county.  Any information that anyone who reads this may have would be greatly appreciated.
GARZA   Krisel O. Miramontes  I am trying to trace my late mother's family line.  My grandfather was Florencio Garza born to M. Dolores Escobar and Profidio Garza in Los Sanez, TX.  I would like to find out the names of my Great-grandmother Maria Dolores Escobar's' parents name and their parents names.  I would like to find out where they came from and what was my Great-grandma Lola's mother's maiden name is.  Any information would be great.
GILLIAM, MOSS, RIZA July 1998 Ann Moss GILLIAM/MOSS/RIZA  Seeking information on Nola GILLIAM who died in Arkansas City about 1936-39.  GILLIAM may have been 2nd married name RIZA being the first married name.  Maiden name may have been MOSS, WRIGHT, or PRATHER.  Nola was in Vernon, Wilbarger Co, in 1915. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
GUEVERA 31 Jul 2004 Juan Guevera   
Juan Guevara married Rosa Garcia, Nov. 2, 1891 in Rio Grande City, Starr Co., Texas. Son of Ricardo Guevara. Juan's youngest son Luis is my grandfather, his mother died giving birth to him in Jan. of 1902 at El Rancho El Refugio in Starr Co., close to Rio Grande City, his father Juan died in 1910 siblings were named Maria, Rita, Rafael. They also lived in McAllen and Beeville.

I am searching for any descendants of Juan Guebara married to Rosa Garcia on November 2, 1891 in Rio Grande City. All of their children were born in Rio Grande City. They lived for sometime on Ranch called El Refugio Ranch were I believe Juan was a ranch hand. Their children were beginning at the oldest. Rita, born about 1892, Maria, born about 1897, Rafael, born about 1900, and my grand father Luis, born in January of 1902. Rosa died during child birth to Luis in January of 1902. When Juan died about 1910 the family had moved to another town, unknown. I don't know what happened to the girls, but I was told by an uncle that one of the sisters was killed by her husband, they had children. Rafael went to look for work and was to come back for Luis, when he didn't come back soon Luis went back to Rio Grande City to stay with Ricardo Guevara his grand father for a while when he went back to the unknown town, people there told him that Rafael had come back for him. He never saw his brother again. Luis died in September of 2000

GUTIERREZ   Elisa De La Garza Gutierrez
I am searching for the name of Alberto H. Gutierrez parents from Rio Grande City. He was 2nd cousin to my father in-law , Alfredo R. Gutierrez. Perhaps we can find some info. If you have any lineage to Francisco Gutierrez(1839-1902) who married Dolores Ramirez(1856-1930) it would be a great help.
We have been unable to find anything.
HEADLEY   Dennis McCown I'm a historian here in Austin. Recently two researchers and I started looking for the grave of Dr. A.M. Headley, possibly buried in Rio Grande City or Camargo.
HINOJOSA, ACOSTA Feb 2013 Diana Fox
My family came from Starr County, Texas.  My mother is 93, the last of her generation.  I will become the keeper of the family tradition when she dies, and I have only been able to put together bits and pieces of my family's story. 
My grandfather was Jose' (Joseph) A. Hinojosa born to Jose' ? Louis? Hinojosa and to Rita Acosta Hinojosa.  He was born March 19, 1875 in Roma, Texas. He died Feb. 26, 1945, in St. Louis, Missouri of 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  He was a WWI vet.  
My mother said her father's middle name was Acosta, but his death certificate said his middle name was Angelo.  My mother said her grandfather was Jose' Hinojosa, but her father's death certificate said his father was Louis Hinojosa.  Nothing is known of his father's place of birth or death or of any other family members he might have had.
About my great-grandmother, Rita Acosta: Nothing is known of Rita's parents, but family tradition says she came from Barcelona, Spain.  Nothing is known of when or why she came to either Mexico or to the US, or other children she had, or of other brothers and sisters she had.  There are no family stories about either her or her husband.
I saw on your website that someone named Rosa Maria Hinojosa had a land grant.  Was she a relative?   The oldest of the 8 children was a girl named Maria.  Was the family of mixed native American/ Spanish blood?  native Mexican blood?  mixed native Mexican/Spanish blood? My mother and her siblings had light to medium olive skin which tanned easily, black hair and brown eyes, a longish, slender nose.. My grandfather had a slight native American look, but I don't think he was on any registry as native American.
Here is what I do know: Grandfather seldom spoke, and never told stories of his youth or of other family members as far as I know.  He never spoke much English, just Spanish.  He was Catholic.  He came to St. Louis for the World's Fair, met my grandmother, and never left.  He was a brilliant classical violinist who played with the St. Louis Symphony.  He married Florence Russell, a classical pianist,  and had 8 children, 5 of whom lived to adulthood.  The three boys  were professional musicians, and the two girls were singers.  He was friends with Buffalo Bill Cody, who came to visit and party whenever his Wild West show came to St. Louis.  Grandfather was quiet and generous, giving food or money to poor people.  At dinner, the children were always served food first before him.  When Buffalo Bill came to town, he would sometimes disappear for a few days.  He played with the symphony.   A classical violin playing cowboy??
JANUARY, GUERRA   Gerald LaLande I am trying to assist a friend with some family research. Maybe you can help. Here is a post she made in Genforum below.  I am trying to find out my ancestors. Does anyone have any knowledge/information on Tomas January? He had a wife named "Chonita" Guerra. They had five children: Their names were: Tom, Adela, Helena, Tomasita January. There was another son but I'm not certain if his name is Modesto or Neberto January...Tom January, Sr was shot and killed while serving as a Texas Ranger. His son later was shot and killed while serving as a sheriff in Starr County, Texas. Adela was married to Ramon Perez Adela is the sister of Helena. If anyone can give me any (ANY) information, it would be much appreciated! Thank you and God Bless you, Yolanda
JANUARY, GUERRA   Yolanda Reyna These are my ggg/parents....Tom or (Tomas January) was a Texas Ranger and was shot and killed.  Tom was married to "Chonita" Guerra. The Guerra's were (I've been told) prominant people and owned lots of land....Tomas's son, Tom was also a Texas Ranger and he too was shot and killed....Do you happen to know anything on these two people?  Chonita had five children.  They were: Adela, Elena, Tom, Tomasita, Samuel or his name was Winniberto (I think that's how its spelled)
LARRALDE 22 Aug 1996 Terry Dow Hello, I'm trying to locate info on my great-grandmother Mama Santos Larralde 1885. She died in Rio Grande City, Texas 20667. The address was 101 N. East St. There is no info. I know she was Indian; but, it wasn't popular to be Indian. Therefore, my grandfather, Ernest Cramer wouldn't talk about the dead. Her mother name was Vicenta Jazo 1850. Her father was Dionicio Larralde 1855. Her husband William Cramer 1876. Mama Santos Larralde had 2 sons: Ernest Cramer 12-16-1907 to 7-19-1995 (my grandfather) and Jose Cramer 9-16-1910 Mama Santos Larralde sister was Forencia Larralde 10-27-85. Any information would be greatly appreciated. May the dear Lord Bless You! Joyce Ann Dow
LEWIS 29 Jul 1998 Antoinette Garza My name is Antoinette Garza.  I am searching for information on my paternal grandmother, Maria Lewis, who married Manuel Gutierrez, and bore seven children.  Five of these children were baptized in Rio Grande City, Jorge Lazaro, Francisca, Manuel Cenobio, Felipe, and Ruben during the years 1881 through 1890.  After living in Aguascalientes for a few years and after the death of her husband she returned to Rio Grande to be with her relatives.  I believe she had a sister Elodia and a brother
George. My maiden name is Gutierrez and the Gutierrez seem to have lived between Rio Grande City, Monterrey and Aguascalientes with Maria Lewis being the mother.  Presently I am searching for the Lewis and Gutierrez families.
LONGORIA   Lino García,Jr., Ph.D
I am looking for information on my ancester José Matías Longoria Chapa of Porción 93 in Starr County. Specifically information on one of his sons, Crisóstomo, whose son Santiago Longoria was one of founders of Matamoros in 1774; Santiago had a daughter named Beatriz, who in turn had a daughter named Gregoria, and her son Don Silvestre López, born in Rancho Longoreño and La Canasta in Matamaros is my granddad. My mother Felipe López was also born in Rancho Longoreño, on land inherited from the early settlers there, the Longoria.  
Anyone has any information on the Matamaros branch of the José Matías Longoria. Chapa?
LONGORIA   Julie Wallace Longoria, Matias Porcion 93 , Camargo (Granted: 1831) 7971 acres;  I'm trying to find information on my ancestor Matias Longoria. What happened to him after he was granted Porciones 93? Any information would be very appreciated.
McGEE   Paul McGee, Jr. Hi, I have been looking for my relations, my dad was Paul C. McGee, Sr, his dad was Tom McGee, son of Thomas McGee, Sr. Thomas Sr, came from Mexico 1896 there about Tom Jr. was born in Mercedes Texas unknown year. Tom married Feliciana Capetillo unknown year Tom died around 1936 in Hidalgo County. Tom had several brothers, Duke, Albert, and Pat. He had three sisters Adel, Rosa and Alaina. Tom's mothers name could possible be Ventura McGee. If anyone has any information on the McGee family or the Capetillo Family please let me know.. Other children of Duke McGee, Corina, possible married into the Becente Family, Adel had one daughter Costanina, son died. Tom and Feliciana had several children, Paul, Bentura,( Blanch), Tomas, and Joe McGee
MARTINEZ 01 Jul 2011 Traci South I am looking for information on a relative. Her name is Maria Marcela Martinez from Camargo, Spain. She was granted land in 1767 from King Charles III. I am not too sure of anything else about her or why she was even granted this land. If anyone has any information please email me.
MOLINA 26 Mar 2009 Kay Robertson I am looking for information on Viterbo Molina b. 1901 and died 1983 and buried in Starr County, Rio Grande City Cemetery.  He was married to Maria Amparo Rodriguez, per her death record.  They had one adopted daughter, Eloisa Molina who was born 1964.  Am searching family information for her son and the Molina's grandson.  I am his paternal grandmother and am doing this for genealogy purposes.  Any help appreciated.  Eloisa Molina was raised with the help of Heberta and Emma Barrera after the death of her mother in 1970 in Rio Grande City.
MUNOZ 26 Nov 2010 Cris M. Gonzalez
I have found records tracing my Moms family to the Roma/Los Saenz area. I am looking for my Great Great Grandfather Luciano Munoz buriel site. Luciano was married to Maria Rosa Moreno, they had nine children.  I have information stating he was buried in Roma,Texas.
QUINTANILLA   David Reyes Im searching for decendants of Ramon Quintanilla, the origianl grantee of porcion 95.
QUINTANILLA    [email protected]
In search of Nicolas Quintanilla, born in mid 1800s begat lauro, begat Israel Quintanilla, begat Elizabeth Quintanilla
QUINTANILLA   [email protected] I am looking for informan   a man name Manuel Quintanilla   had a son name Eulogio Quintanilla and he was born on Oct 8 1881 so his dad was born in the  1800



Rebecca Ocegueda

 I am the daughter of Isreral Quintanilla and my father is the son of Lauro, Paula Quintanilla also my sister Ida Quintanilla who pastaway in 2004 I am hopeing that I can get some information on my Great Grandfather Nicklos Antonia Quintanilla  Also just to let you know I was giving away when I was baby.  So is ther any one that can help  me or at lease get to know some of my family regarding the family members I menthion

QUINTANILLA 26 Apr 2011 Rachel Resendiz I am looking for Julian Quintanilla born in 1833. His children were Eulalia Quintanilla, Tomasa Quintanilla, Victoria Quintanilla, Eugenio Quintanilla, Pedro Quintanilla, and San Juana Quintanilla. I am also looking for Ramon Quintanilla and if there is a connection between him and Julian.
RAMOS     Pat Trevino I am looking for any information on a Faustino Ramos.  Ramos was a defendant in a case involving a land dispute which also included my g-grandparents and several others as defendants in a 15 or 20 year old case heard in the District Court of Starr County.
SALINAS   Irma  Resendez Castro
I  am  looking  for  information  on  Cecilio  Salinas  who  was  married  to  Eulalia  Perez  and  had  the  following  children:  Jose  Salinas  (oldest)  starr  County - Pedro  Salinas,  Cecilio  Salinas  Jr,  Manuel  Salinas,  Santos  Salinas, Eva  salinas  who  married  a  Mireles  (Juan  ) who  had  family  in  Roma  (  Los  Saenz-Los  Escobares)
 Cecilio  salinas  Sr  also    later  married  Angelita  Trevino  in  starr  County  they  had  the  following  children  :  Aurora  now  90  yrs  old; Isaura,  Emilia;  He  also  raised  a  nephew (  Manuel   Barrera) who  presently  lives  in  Roma  and  owns  a  business
if  nothing  else  I  would  like  to  know  about  him.  I  am  also  related  to  the  Resendez  in  Rio Grande City
SALINAS, GARZA, PENA, de la GARZA 05 Jan 1997 Maria Salinas Clarke My name is Maria Salinas Clarke, I live in Garland, Texas. I have started to research on my family. I am looking for information on Salinas, Garza, de la Garza, Pena. Pena was heir to a land grant dating 1767. Some marriages, baptisms took place in Rome, Lady of Refuge Catholic Church. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you. Maria Salinas Clarke
SALINAS   [email protected] Looking for any Salinas related to Manuel Salinas of Cuero, TX. Family also in Robstown, Mathis, Victoria, Houston and surrounding areas.      
SALINAS 17 Dec 1996 Mary Wilkerson I have traced my mother's family to Jose Louis Salinas of Starr County, who was granted a tract of land called San Antonio de Baluarte in 1836. We are related to him through his daughter Tiburcia who married a Frenchman named Ettiene Cenac (or Stephen Senac). I am interested in finding more information about the Salinas family (where in Mexico they came from) and anything about this Frenchman Ettiene Cenac (all I know about him is he was a butcher in Rio Grande City).



[email protected]

Looking for information into family background of Cecilio Salinas, his second family consisted of children Isaura, Aurora and Frederico Salinas. his second wife was Angelita Trevino.
SALINAS, SANCHEZ   [email protected] Hi, I am searching information on ancestors Manuel Salinas and Candelaria Sanchez who settled in San Agustin which is now part of Los Herreras.  They had two sons, who married two Leal sisters.  Rafael married Jesusita Leal and Guadalupe married Gertrudis Leal.  Would appreciate info an Jose Manuel Salinas families.
SALINAS   Suzanne Garcia I  am searching information about Alejandro Salinas II...his daughter is my great grandmother...Her name is Tomasita Salinas Garcia...she was married to Cipriano Garcia , family had purchased land from the Vice Roy of Mexico in the Brownsville and Matamoras area...anyone searching for other family member heirs...please contact me...Alejandro Salinas II is my Great Grandfather.
STARR 4/28/99 Kris Gangi I am researching my son-in-laws family. His g grandmothers maiden name was Lucindy Bell STARR. She married a WILSON. They had a dau. named Jewel who married a BABB. There is a story about them traveling to Starr Co. (I think, from TN) somewhere near Pandale(?). This would have been in the1800's,but I have no dates. She was said to have been part Indian. This has been a difficult line to trace and I would appreciate ANYTHING. Thanks. Ella
VILLARREAL   [email protected] Hi, i am looking for my ggrandfathers ventura villarreal sister's family. ricarda villarreal married epigmenio longoria and they lived in la grulla. i believe they had several offspring, whom may had more offspring and so on. i am looking to reunite lost family that i did not ever knew i had. if anyone has information about this please email me at [email protected]. your help is greatly appreciated.

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