san Saba County - Wallace Creek Cemetery

San Saba County

Wallace Creek Cemetery,
San Saba County, Texas

This is a partial listing of the cemetery.
Transcribed from photos of headstones
by Teresa Calley,

Notes and/or Inscriptions
Crawford, Mittie V. Robbins 16-Mar-1916 29-Jun-2001  
Daniel, J. Leonard 15-Oct-1898 17-Aug-1968 Note: Husband of Maggie B. Daniel
Daniel, Maggie B. 4-Jul-1902 24-Feb-1967 Note: Wife of J. Leonard Daniel
Hail, Abigail Robbins 21-Jan-1891 31-Mar-1962 Note: Wife of Thomas Jefferson Hail
Hail, Thomas Jefferson 5-Apr-1896 11-Oct-1976 Note: Husband of Abigail Robbins Hail
Lackey, Minnie I. 29-Jan-1881 26-Sep-1964 
McKown, James A. 24-May-1877 31-Dec-1954 Note: Husband of Lizze R. McKown
McKown, Lizzie R. 18-May-1879 26-Nov-1950 Note: Wife of James A. McKown
Pafford, Rosa Lena 5-Oct-1897 18-Jan 1936 
Pafford, Virgil P. 6-Mar-1900 1-Apr-1963  
Robbins, Able D. 1-Mar-1861 21-Jan-1894  
Robbins, Amy 18-Sep-1907 14-Aug-1965 
Robbins, Baby 1952 1952  
Robbins, Billy Kirk 22-Jun-1931 6-Jun-2001 Note: Husband of Dixie Marie Robbins.Married 30-Jul-1949.
Robbins, Bob Alan 22-Jul-1955 20-Jun-1980  
Robbins, Charley A. 17-Nov-1892 26-Jan-1968  
Robbins, Dixie Marie 2-Mar-1933   Note: Wife of Billy Kirk Robbins.
Married 30-Jul-1949.
Robbins, Effie 26-Jun-1909 23-Jun-1969  
Robbins, Ella 1894 1956  
Robbins, Elmo D. 6-May-1922 13-Dec-1980 Pvt US Army, World War II
Robbins, Isabellar 19-Oct-1823 25-Mar-1886 Note: Wife of G.W. Robbins, Sr.
Very hard to read, could be Isabella R.
Robbins, J.P. 1854 1929  
Robbins, J.W. 28-Apr-1845 3-Mar-1928 Note: John Wesley Robbins. Husband of Margret Robbins
Robbins, James M. 22-Jan-1876 23-Apr-1956 Note: Husband of Minnie E. Robbins
Robbins, James M. (Hook) 7-Dec-1934 11-Jan-1985 
Robbins, John W. 14-Sep-1877 16-Jan-1955 Note: Husband of Nancy E. Robbins
Robbins, L. 1890 1939  
Robbins, Laura E. 6-Oct-1870 17-Nov-1950 Note: Wife of Roe M. Robbins
Robbins, Mammie 9-Nov-1881 6-Sep-1913  
Robbins, Margret 6/23/1850 15-Mar-1923 Note: Wife of J.W. Robbins
Robbins, Minnie E. 8-Sep-1878 8-Jan-1959 Note: Wife of James M. Robbins
Robbins, Miss Lou 16-Feb-1887 15-Feb-1965 "Aunt Lou"
Robbins, Nancy E. 2-Sep-1901 20-Apr-1942 Note: Wife of John W. Robbins
Robbins, Roe M. 31-Sep-1863 21-May-1931 Note: Husband of Laura E. Robbins
Robbins, T.J.     Father of A.D. & J.P. Robbins. Note: No dates.
Robbins, Wade 1894 1978  
Self, Geraldean D. 29-Apr-1923 11-Dec-1967  
Wheeler, B.D. 23-Aug-1856 22-Sep-1919 Note: First name is Benjamin. Son of Daniel & Mercy Wheeler.
Wheeler, Daniel 15-Aug-1809 26-Oct-1884 Note: Husband of Mercy Wheeler
Wheeler, Elmyra 25-Feb-1865 7-Apr-1917 Note: Daughter of Daniel & Mercy Wheeler.
Wheeler, Mercy 16-Oct-1819 11-Nov-1886 Wife of D. Wheeler

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