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San Saba County



From San Saba, follow US 190 E about 6.5 miles. Go north on county road about 3 miles

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Thanks to Pat Dawson who has volunteered to survey this Cemetery and has furnished some photo's to show on the page.

The Historical Marker Text:

Founded in 1870s. Among first settlers were the families of Andrew, Mark, and Polk Oliver; Stephen M. Lewis; William Faver; Matt Senterfitt; Asa J. Howard. The only building (a two-story frame structure housing Cumberland Presbyterian Church and local school) was built by citizens in 1877. Andrew and Mark Oliver gave land for building and cemetery. Community got its name because people worked in harmony on construction. Second story was removed in 1911 and brick veneer was added in 1960. Cemetery group meets yearly although community is inactive.

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Pat Dawson has volunteered to survey this cemetery and has sent me those names and dates of those buried there, so that I can place them on the San Saba TXGenWeb Project Webpages.

Aunt Sal (colored) 1811 1878 "In memory of"
Ballew, Sonny Boy 1919 1922 
Bennett, ? ? ?
Bennett, Elmo Franklin (son of A.& M.A. Bennett) 01-14-1891 05-21-1908 "On wings of love to a heavenly home. He is not dead, but sleeping"
Bird, Louisa C. (dtr. Of Jacob & Sarah) 07-19-1861 01-26-1879  
Branch, Eugene Charles 07-28-1915 11-13-1991 Military: CM1, USN, WWII
Branch, Garnet Rose 08-01-1914 01-29-2005 
Branton, Weldon 05-1878 11-1888  
Brown, A. J. 08-01-1839 10-06-1917 "Gone but not forgotten"
Brown, Jim F. 1884 1962  
Brown, Mrs. J. P. 06-04-1847     08-23-1906 "Gone but not forgotten."
Brown, William H. 11-28-1869 05-11-1955 "At Rest"
Curry, F. M. (husband of Lavinia) 12-02-1837 09-01-1919 "Come Ye Blessed"
Curry, Lavinia (wife of F. M.) 08-20-1845 12-15-1920 "Come Ye Blessed"
Dawson, Hillrie J. (husband of Mintie) 11-14-1890 10-06-1982  
Dawson, Hillire Jack 07-14-1923 02-20-1979 PFC, US Marine Corps,
Dawson, Martha 1861 1943  
Dawson, Mintie (wife of Hillrie J.) 01-23-1891 03-10-1950  
Dawson, Twins 01-28-1977 01-28-1977 
Dawson, Wanda May 01-09-1928 04-15-1987 "Beloved Mother"
Deans, Gertrude E. 12-08-1926 04-27-1972  
Edwards, Everett W. 1906 1979  
Faver, Mary A. (wife of W. M.) 11-16-1822 02-12-1907 "Soon again we have to meet thee, when the day of life is fled"
Faver, W. M. (husband of Mary A. 08-03-1818 03-08-1904 "Soon again we have to meet thee, when the day of life is fled"
Faver, W. Maston (son of A.M. & Rachel) 01-04-1884 04-06-1899  
Fitzgerald, Lennie 1874 1901  
Fox, Alberta 09-26-1912 09-28-1919 
Fox, Lora Alice 10-28-1894 09-12-1980  
Fox, Wayne B. 09-28-1892 01-03-1950  
Green, Eunice Brown 08-30-1891 06-19-1974  
Grumbles, Cynthia Ann (wife of Porter) 1887 1911 
Grumbles, Edward Lee 07-20-1905 05-21-1908  
Grumbles, Jesse Lee (husband of Sarah Emma) 03-13-1884 03-12-1962 
Grumbles, Lewis Albert 11-27-1906 07-23-1995 
Grumbles, Sarah Emma (wife of Jesse Lee) 08-05-1885 12-25-1992 
Grumbles, William Irvin 02-14-1909 08-17-1972 
Hall, James I. (husband of Susie) 11-10-1862 06-12-1913 "Father"
Hall, Susie C. (wife of James) 12-29-1867 02-03-1943 "Mother"
Hellums, Connie R. (wife of Willie P.) 07-23-1906 03-12-1980 
Hellums, Elizabeth Johnson 1871 1939  
Hellums, LeRoy 06-03-1934 01-03-1937  
Hellums, Willie P. (husband of Connie) 04-21-1906 01-30-1948 
Horton, Arl 05-03-1886 04-01-1950 
Horton, Beryl 08-31-1894 10-16-1988  
Howard, A. J. (Asa Jefferson) (husband of Nancy Edna) 03-09-1835 07-16-1925
Military Stone shows 08-16-1925
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." Military Stone: TX Pvt., Co. B, 4th Regt. Texas Inf. Confederate States Army
Howard, Nancy Edna (wife of A.J.) 04-28-1845 02-10-1927 "Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom"
Howard, Wily G. (son of A.J. & E. Howard 12-24-1884 03-17-1893 "Death loves a shining man"
Huffman, Louise 07-30-1940 01-01-2000 "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again."
Huffstetler, C. E. (Ed) (husband of Mabel) 12-02-1899 08-21-1953  
Huffstetler, Infant Son  01-06-1927  
Huffstetler, J. Frank (Infant son of C.E. & Mabel) 07-28-1929 01-19-1990  
Huffstetler, John H. (husband of Martha) 03-27-1852 04-14-1933 
Huffstetler, Joseph (son of J. H. & M. F.) 03-10-1895 12-04-1898 
Huffstetler, Mabel Clara (wife of C. E.) 11-02-1906 11-02-2002  
Huffstetler, Martha F. (wife of John) 01-23-1862 06-25-1933 
Huffstetler, Muriel T. (wife of Robert) 1903 1988 "Mom" Joined in Holy Matrimony 10-26-1924
Huffstetler, Robert A. (husband of Muriel) 1898 1968 "Dad" Joined in Holy Matrimony 10-26-1924
Johnson, Cecil M. (husband of Sarah) 10-31-1913 09-19-1989 Married 02-02-1934
Johnson, Sarah J. (wife of Cecil) 09-27-1917 06-21-2002 Married 02-02-1934
Johnson, Ira A. (husband of Ola M.) 1891 1996  
Johnson, Ola Myers (wife of Ira) 1891 1981 
Johnson, Leo Daniel 06-25-1938 04-08-2001 "Our beloved son, father and grandfather"
Johnston, Mineola Smith 04-14-1912 12-01-1995 "In loving memory of my mother"
Jonas, Walter M. 07-06-1884 07-06-1884 "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Jordan, Ella V. (wife of Willie C.) 1861 1948  
Jordan, Willie C. (husband of Ella V.) 1857 1943 
Keele, Jesse (son of H.M. Keele) 08-22-1875 09-10-1894 
Malone, Dilla Burke 06-26-1866 07-05-1924 "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
McElhaney, Lavna J. (Dtr. Of M.L. & V.E.) 03-07-1880 11-20-1890 "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
McGee, Samuel H. 09-30-1880 12-30-1880 
Mills, Fannie Mae 1891 1972 
Moore, Nina Frances 11-20-1919 07-19-1921 
Nicks, Hazel (wife of Lewis) 09-11-1917 08-31-2003 
Nicks, Lewis, husband of Hazel) 06-26-1907 04-05-2001  
Oliver, A. J. (husband of C. A.) 11-27-1832 10-30-1919 "They steer'd their course to the same quiet shore. Not parted long and now to part no more."
Military Stone: TX Col., Co. C, 17th Regt., TX Inf., Confederate States Army
Oliver, C. A. (wife of A. J.) 10-25-1848 02-21-1920 "They steer'd their course to the same quiet shore. Not parted long and now to part no more."
Oliver, Bennie E. (son of A.J. & G. A.) 12-17-1872 04-24-1875 
Oliver, Andrew Gordon (husband of Hattie) 02-09-1878 10-28-1917Married 08-05-06
Oliver, Hattie McGee (wife of Andrew Gordon) 05-26-1885 10-31-1963 Married: 08-05-06
Oliver, Andrew Taylor 02-20-1934 02-27-1934  
Oliver, Andrew Todd 01-22-1942 01-07-1986 "Honesty, Integrity & Courage
Oliver, Annie May (wife of A. Oliver) 01-10-1891 06-27-1947  
Oliver, Arthur (son of JKP & MC Oliver) 07-14-1872 03-18-1936 "A devoted son, brother, husband and most worthy citizen"
Oliver, Charles Murray, DDS (husband of Bertha) 11-22-1892 02-08-1972 "Their children: Charles Murray, Jr., Andrew Taylor, William Henry (Scotty)"
Oliver, Bertha Taylor 08-20-1898 11-30-1990 "Their children: Charles Murray, Jr., Andrew Taylor, William Henry (Scotty)"
Oliver, C. Raymond 1909 1968 
Oliver, Daisy Beatrice 1901 1902  
Oliver, Donel (son of JKP & M.C. Oliver) 02-18-1889 08-02-1911 "Another jewel that has gone to rest"
Oliver, John T. (husband of Elizabeth) 1870 1956 
Oliver, Elizabeth (wife of John T.) 1883 1944  
Oliver, Ernest L. 1889 1962  
Oliver, Fannie Walker 01-04-1892 04-02-1946 
Oliver, John Irvin (husband of Fannie) 12-07-1883 11-09-1979 
Oliver, Gordon Lee 03-06-1939 03-19-2000 Married 02-16-1963
Oliver, Lloyd Gordon (husband of Gracie) 05-11-1909 02-22-2001 "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home"
Oliver, Gracie Lee (wife of Lloyd Gordon) 09-17-1913 07-25-2004 "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home"
Oliver, Harold S. 1925 1976 (SSgt, US Army, WWII)
Oliver, J. K. Polk (husband of Margaret C. Oliver) 06-08-1846 10-12-1922 "Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God"
Military Stone: Pvt. Co. E, 4th TX Cav. CSA
Oliver, Margaret C. (wife of J. K. Polk) 02-04-1853 01-08-1937 "Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God"
Oliver, Zilda Ione (dtr. Of JKP & M.C. Oliver) 12-27-1895 01-07-1905 "Ione is gone but not forgotten"
Oliver, Mrs. Jackie 1893 1972  
Oliver, James Floyd 04-13-1911 11-06-1964 "Sincerity, Simplicity & Strength"
Oliver, Jane (wife of Alex) 02-02-1805 12-01-1885 "Our Mother"
Oliver, Matie (wife of Larken) 11-19-1889 09-18-1906 
Oliver, Larken (husband of Matie) 04-27-1885 03-06-1908 
Oliver, M. D. (wife of Sarildia) 11-22-1838 03-16-1916 Military Stone: Marcus D. Oliver, TX, Sgt., Co. E. 4th Regt., TX Cav., Confederate States Army
Oliver, Sarildia A. (wife of M.D.) 03-19-1845 01-05-1904 
Oliver, William T. (son of M.D. & S. A.) 01-10-1870 02-07-1886  
Oliver, Larmon E. (son of J.S. & Minnie) 05-07-1898 10-28-1917 "You are not dead to us, but as a bright star unseen. We hold that you are ever near though death intrudes between"
Oliver, Mrs. Minnie 06-07-1874 01-06-1902 "Gone but not forgotten"
Oliver, Doris Risien (wife of Newel S.) 10-23-1880 06-14-1963 "I need thee every hour. Teach me thy will and thy rick promises in me fulfill"
Oliver, Newel S. (husband of Doris) 01-28-1876 09-08-1909 "I need thee every hour. Teach me thy will and thy rick promises in me fulfill"
Oliver, Nolan Cate 11-07-1912 01-13-1973 (Married 08-22-1968) 
Oliver, Norma Risien (wife of Robert Lee 01-30-1883 04-16-1978 Their children: Norma Lee, Elsie, Marjorie, Robert Laurie Married: 06-06-1909
Oliver, Robert Lee (husband of Norma) 02-13-1880 05-21-1962 Their children: Norma Lee, Elsie, Marjorie, Robert Laurie Married: 06-06-1909
Oliver, Ora Mae 05-27-1891 02-14-1979  
Oliver, Rex Andrew 08-18-1919 02-11-1970 Military Stone: TX Sgt. 321 Bomb Group, AAF, WWII
Oliver, Sarah Ellen 1865 1935  
Oliver, Velma 1907 2005 
Oliver, Will A. 1865 1952  
Owen, Adly P. (husband of Sarah) 02-02-1878 03-29-1944  
Owen, Sarah E. 02-20-1875 3-20-1958  
Patton, E. Travis 05-29-1912 02-08-1937
Patton, Harold Glenn 03-23-1934 08-14-1996  
Patton, James D. 02-14-1847 02-05-1917 Father
Patton, Linnie (dtr. Of J. D. & Lou F.) 08-08-1882 11-20-1900 "Sleep our dear Linnie. God thought it best that you in heaven should sweetly rest."
Patton, Lou Francis 01-10-1859 11-03-1944 Mother
Patton, M. Glenn 10-04-1908 07-06-1996  
Patton, Mark O. (husband of Effie) 06-05-1887 01-18-1966  
Patton, Effie B. (wife of Mark) 10-16-1889 04-27-1976 
Priddy, L. B. (Dugan) 1910 1998  
Priddy, Opal Senterfitt Terry 1903 1985  
Robbins, Birtie 06-01-1889 03-12-1973  
Robbins, George William 09-30-1874 08-26-1942  
Robbins, Lonzo W. 12-29-1923 01-10-1930  
Robbins, Matty B. 11-11-1919 10-30-1950  
Satterwhite, Benjamine Hillrie 12-02-1909 09-27-1993  
Satterwhite, Bertha Dawson 1886 1916  
Satterwhite, Burlin H. 1916 1936  
Senterfitt, Donella (wife of Ray) 09-02-1905 01-29-1993 Married: 12-20-1922
Senterfitt, Ray R. (husband of Donella) 11-12-1901 01-28-1971 Married: 12-20-1922
Senterfitt, M. M. (husband of Mary C.) 01-08-1836 02-12-1898 Masonic
Senterfitt, Mary Chilonia Favor (wife of M.M.) 02-28-1848 12-15-1930  
Senterfitt, Maud May (wife of Roscoe) 09-28-1890 03-24-1938  
Senterfitt, Nettie 10-06-1882 01-21-1908 "She followed virtue as her truest guide. Lived as a Christian, as a Christian died.
Senterfitt, R. Jack 11-15-1925 11-30-1955  
Senterfitt, Reuben E., Sr. 1875 1953  
Senterfitt, Rodney 1887 1918  
Senterfitt, Roscoe C. (husband of Maud) 04-09-1885 06-08-1959  
Smith, Alfred E. (husband of Rutha M.) 01-27-1920 09-26-1975  
Smith, Alvin L. 08-04-1910 11-17-1910  
Smith, Annie Laura (wife of William J.) 08-30-1881 04-09-1957 "Mother"
Smith, Beatrice Oliver (wife of Thomas Andrew) 01-27-1884 07-06-1976  
Smith, David (husband of Gladys) 03-25-1907 09-06-1955  
Smith, Dorothy B. 12-29-1911 01-01-1912  
Smith, Elbert W. (husband of Jessie) 1881 1962  
Smith, Gailyian P. 07-02-1936 08-14-1998 Military: PFC, US Army
Smith, Gladys (wife of David) 08-29-1910 10-09-1963  
Smith, James Ira 12-17-1872 12-16-1942 Texas, Pvt., Air Corps
Smith, Jessie P. 1886 1962  
Smith, L. B. 03-13-1858 10-20-1939  
Smith, Lavern Felts (wife of Lloyd) 1932 2000  
Smith, Lewis A. 04-03-1909 12-22-1910  
Smith, Lloyd Gordon (husband of Lavern) 09-20-1928 01-03-2000  
Smith, Nelda Gay 05-15-1948 05-19-2000  
Smith, Rutha M. 01-30-1925 12-10-1994  
Smith, Thomas Andrew (Fox) (husband of Beatrice) 12-01-1881 10-27-1957  
Smith, Velma A. (wife of F. E.) 02-07-1879 03-22-1918 "She was the sunshine of our home"
Smith, William J. (husband of Annie Laura) 02-29-1872 01-30-1925 "Father"
Smith, William Joseph (husband of Effie Mae) 07-09-1903 02-22-1975 Married 09-27-1924 Their children: Willie Mae & Lloyd Gordon
Smith, Effie Mae (wife of William Joseph) 05-30-1907 01-31-2005 Married 09-27-1924 Their children: Willie Mae & Lloyd Gordon
Stockton, Mrs. E. M. 02-08-1866 10-10-1902 "She was the pride of my young manhood, the strength and joy of my life."
Taff, William A. (husband of Elizabeth) 03-04-1834 10-15-1979  
Tanner, Lucile (wife of T. J.) 10-07-1893 07-03-1977 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed."
Tanner, Rev. T. J. (husband of Lucile) 09-21-1887 03-06-1941
Taylor, Mucie Louise Satterwhite 11-30-1911 09-14-1995
Terry, Helen Faye (wife of Robert Lee) 12-17-1928 02-23-1987
Terry, Robert Lee (husband of Helen) 11-11-1926 09-13-2000 US Army - World War II Married 02-24-1956
Thomas, Maggie 06-20-1874 03-31-1950 
Walker, A. J. (husband of Sarah J. 03-03-1862 06-22-1950  
Walker, Sarah J. (wife of A.J. 04-23-1867 06-06-1891 "A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is silent. A place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled."
Walker, Glen Davis Justice 05-12-1951 05-02-1981  
Walker, Hubert Edward 04-04-1931 09-27-1997 (SSGT, USAF Korea) 
Walker, Sarah A. 09-16-1835 11-15-1923  
Walker, William T. (husband of Pearle) 01-30-1885 09-02-1972  
Walker, Pearle Lea (wife of William) 08-06-1890 07-08-1980 
Ward, Samuel 04-25-1901 09-11-1901  
Watkins, Fannie L. (wife of W. H. Watkins) 02-16-1856 03-03-1894  
Weems, J. M. 11-07-1847 07-11-1890 Born in Miss.
Weems, Polk (son of J.M. & M. E. Weems) 07-10-1886 11-27-1886  
Wiedebusch, Bibi Jean 03-27-1972 03-18-1972 "Beloved daughter of Gary & Karen Smith Wiedebusch"
Williams, Isaac Benjamin (husband of Opal) 08-11-1912 01-31-1989  
Williams, Opal Avis Walker (wife of Isaac) 06-20-1911 12-22-1996 
Williams, Mattie 08-04-1883 08-04-1938  
Willis, Mrs. Catherine 12-22-1822 08-06-1905 "A Mother of Israel at rest"
Wood, D. B. 08-05-1909 05-28-1999  
22 Unmarked graves (no identifying information)

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