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Confederate Pension Applications

Confederate Pension Application Files
Texas State Archives

You can search the applications at the Texas State Electronic Library. Expect to pay a fee (reasonable) for copies. You can order files by email. Note


Scurry County Applications

Pensioner Claimant Pension # County
Adams, William B. Adams, William B. 31966 Scurry
Angel, George W. Angel, George W. 25901 Scurry
Aston, W. E. (Mrs)
Husband: John Monroe
Aston, W. E. (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Banks, Sallie Townsend
Husband: Townsend, Charles Newton
Banks, Sallie Townsend 48019 Scurry
Barfoot, Aaron Warren Barfoot, Aaron Warren 49332 Scurry
Barfoot, L. J. (Mrs)
Husband: Aaron Warren
Barfoot, L. J. (Mrs) 49684
Barnett, Emma V.
Husband: John Wesley
Barnett, Emma V. 51330 Scurry
Battles, J. K. Battles, J. K. 41626 Scurry
Bedwell, M. A. (Mrs)
Husband: Leroy Polk
Bedwell, M. A. (Mrs) 43322 Scurry
Berry, James Madison Berry, James Madison 20913 Scurry
Boyd, James R. Boyd, James R. Application Rejected Scurry
Brock, M. M. Brock, M. M. 23346 Scurry
Brown, Jeptha Brown, Jeptha 28762 Scurry
Brown, Mollie A.
Husband: Jeptha
Brown, Mollie A. 33923
Brownfield, W. A. Brownfield, W. A. Application Rejected Scurry
Buchanan, George Craig Buchanan, George Craig 28590 Scurry
Buchanan, Sarah C.
Husband: George Craig
Buchanan, Sarah C. 51287 Scurry
Buford, M. J. (Mrs)
Husband: Alexander Jasper
Buford, M. J. (Mrs) 20572 Scurry
Bynum, Daniel B. A.
Application is missing, but other records indicate application was made
Bynum, Daniel B. A. 08461 Scurry
Carothers, Ophelia M.
Husband: James Howell
Carothers, Ophelia M. 18373 Scurry
Clark, James A. Clark, James A. 09661 Scurry
Clay, Mary Vernell
Husband: Thomas Jefferson
Clay, Mary Vernell 51587 Scurry
Clay, Thomas Jefferson Clay, Thomas Jefferson 11377 Scurry
Cole, Eliza
Husband: Jacob
Cole, Eliza 19254 Scurry
Crockett, Walter Preston Crockett, Walter Preston 27291 Scurry
Crow, Ruth M.
Husband: William M.
Crow, Ruth M. 51044 Scurry
Crow, William M. Crow, William M. 47044 Scurry
Daughtery, G. W., Jr. Daughtery, G. W., Jr. Application Rejected Scurry
Davis, B. F. Davis, B. F. 42696 Scurry
Davis, Mary E.
Husband: B. F.
Davis, Mary E. 50008 Scurry
Day, Henry Taylor Day, Henry Taylor 37355 Scurry
Doak, M. E. (Mrs)
Husband: William R.
Doak, M. E. (Mrs) 35041 Scurry
Doak, William R. Doak, William R. 31807 Scurry
Ellis, Julia A.
Husband: Edward A.
Ellis, Julia A. 03611 Scurry
Evans, W. J. Evans, W. J. 50547 Scurry
Fletcher, F. L. (Mrs)
Husband: Thomas
Fletcher, F. L. (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Ford, George Washington Ford, George Washington 41948 Scurry
Ford, Mattie
Husband: George Washington
Ford, Mattie 42196 Scurry
Foster, Fannie S.
Husband: Elijah Jones
Foster, Fannie S. 30262 Scurry
Fuller, M. M. L. D. Fuller, M. M. L. D. 23890 Scurry
Fuller, W. J. Fuller, W. J. 25093 Scurry
Garner, George M. D. Garner, George M. D. 26334 Scurry
German, Francis Marion German, Francis Marion 20608 Scurry
German, Mary C.
Husband: Francis Marion
German, Mary C. 27164 Scurry
Glasgow, T. L. Glasgow, T. L. 46936 Scurry
Gleghorn, J. H. Gleghorn, J. H. Application Rejected Scurry
Gleghorn, Mary E.
Husband: Matthew
Gleghorn, Mary E. 16481 Scurry
Glen, George Archie (Mrs)
Husband: George Archie
Glen, George Archie (Mrs) 43553 Scurry
Glen, George Archie Glen, George Archie 31812 Scurry
Grantham, James P. Grantham, James P. 22304 Scurry
Green, James Isaac Green, James Isaac 39023 Scurry
Green, Nancy Ann
Husband: Silas Harrison
Green, Nancy Ann 51219 Scurry
Greene, J. I. Greene, J. I. Application Rejected Scurry
Greene, Martha
Husband: James Isaac (Green)
Greene, Martha 51201 Scurry
Gross, Ella
Husband: William Lafayette
Gross, Ella 50444 Scurry
Gross, William Lafayette Gross, William Lafayette 35977 Scurry
Hailey, M. J. (Mrs)
Husband: R. T.
Hailey, M. J. (Mrs) 45194 Scurry
Hailey, R. T. Hailey, R. T. 23793 Scurry
Hamilton, Sarah Francis
Husband: Joseph Marshall
Hamilton, Sarah Francis 37701 Scurry
Hardin, R. J. (Mrs)
Husband: William Beason
Hardin, R. J. (Mrs) 33937 Scurry
Harrison, J. N. Harrison, J. N. 40866 Scurry
Hayter, H. C. Hayter, H. C. 40872 Scurry
Henderson, Nat. C. Henderson, Nat. C. 27663 Scurry
Hodnett, John Foster (Mrs)
Husband: John Foster
Hodnett, John Foster (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Holdredge, M. W. (Mrs)
Husband: George Washington
Holdredge, M. W. (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Holt, Allen Holt, Allen 28698 Scurry
Holt, R. S. (Mrs)
Husband: Allen
Holt, R. S. (Mrs) 40143 Scurry
Huffman, Wiseman D. (Mrs)
Husband: Wiseman D.
Huffman, Wiseman D. (Mrs) 40144 Scurry
Irwin, Sarah F.
Husband: William Houston
Irwin, Sarah F. 31716 Scurry
Janes, N. A. (Mrs)
Husband: Andrew John Fletcher
Janes, N. A. (Mrs) 42766 Scurry
Jean, William Hopson (Mrs)
Husband: William Hopson
Jean, William Hopson (Mrs) 49298 Scurry
Johnston, Albert M. Johnston, Albert M. 25644 Scurry
Johnston, Albert Monroe Johnston, Albert Monroe Application Rejected Scurry
Joyce, M. E. (Mrs)
Husband: Robert Franklin
Joyce, M. E. (Mrs) 45216 Scurry
Knight, Lafayette S. Knight, Lafayette S. 35550 Scurry
Lane, Helen
Husband: Daniel Parker
Lane, Helen 40630 Scurry
Lawrence, M. J. (Mrs)
Husband: Richard Timothy
Lawrence, M. J. (Mrs) 44049 Scurry
Layne, Fannie E.
Husband: Samuel Estes
Layne, Fannie E. 30772 Scurry
Layne, Samuel Estes Layne, Samuel Estes 22993 Scurry
Leach, L. Leach, L. 34404 Scurry
Leslie, Susan Adalaid
Husband: Nathan Mcculue
Leslie, Susan Adalaid 47942 Scurry
Leter, M. S. Leter, M. S. 03612 Scurry
Lindley, Thomas R. Lindley, Thomas R. 11635 Scurry
Lockwood, Martha A.
Husband: Thomas
Lockwood, Martha A. 30814 Scurry
Long, J. E. Long, J. E. 35630 Scurry
Love, B. A. Love, B. A. 23817 Scurry
Love, E. J. (Mrs)
Husband: Samuel Ervin
Love, E. J. (Mrs) 47199 Scurry
Malone, Desire
Husband: Solomon
Malone, Desire Application Rejected Scurry
Manning, Juliet
Husband: Richard Frances
Manning, Juliet 37291 Scurry
Martin, Lizzie
Husband: James Carroll
Martin, Lizzie 50497 Scurry
Mason, I. S. Mason, I. S. 16482 Scurry
Mcgregor, Mary A.
Husband: Dougen C.
Mcgregor, Mary A. 51284 Scurry
McMillan, Theophelous Daniel (Mrs)
Husband: Theophelous Daniel
McMillan, Theophelous Daniel (Mrs) 42962 Scurry
Mercer, Mathison Mercer, Mathison 27563 Scurry
Merritt, H. H. Merritt, H. H. 22303 Scurry
Middleton, Mattie
Husband: Joe Alexander
Middleton, Mattie 46560 Scurry
Millhollon, S. L. Millhollon, S. L. 37371 Scurry
Minor, E. J. (Mrs)
Husband: William Robert
Minor, E. J. (Mrs) 43474 Scurry
Montgomery, Tillie
Husband: R. D.
Montgomery, Tillie 19821 Scurry
Morgan, George J. Morgan, George J. 23882 Scurry
Murphree, Hannah
Husband: Daniel Ellis
Murphree, Hannah 43673 Scurry
Murphy, Andrew W. Murphy, Andrew W. 16483 Scurry
Newby, Mary Ann
Husband: Samuel Hawkins
Newby, Mary Ann 20554 Scurry
Nutt, R. H. Nutt, R. H. 38022 Scurry
Palmer, W. A. Palmer, W. A. 42756 Scurry
Patterson, Francis Parolee
Husband: James Dekalb
Patterson, Francis Parolee 37201 Scurry
Price, Isaac
Application is missing, but other records indicate application was made.
See note below.
Price, Isaac 08462 Scurry
Ragland, M. A. (Mrs)
Husband: Peyton
Ragland, M. A. (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Reed, Benjamin Franklin Reed, Benjamin Franklin 12136 Scurry
Reep, Nannie A.
Husband: Marcus Dennison
Reep, Nannie A. 51270 Scurry
Reynolds, Mary C.
Husband: John
Reynolds, Mary C. 08788 Scurry
Rhea, Thomas Jeff Ritchie (Mrs)
Husband: Thomas Jefferson
Rhea, Thomas Jeff Ritchie (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Rhea, Thomas Jefferson Ritchie Rhea, Thomas Jefferson Ritchie 50136 Scurry
Rowan, James Rowan, James 24795 Scurry
Rushing, Mary E.
Husband: John Wesley
Rushing, Mary E. 50939 Scurry
Shaw, John Watson Shaw, John Watson 35036 Scurry
Shaw, M. A. (Mrs)
Husband: John Watson
Shaw, M. A. (Mrs) 39204 Scurry
Simpson, Ellen
Husband: Hiram
Simpson, Ellen 33044 Scurry
Singletary, Frances
Husband: Benjamin
Singletary, Frances 06781 Scurry
Smith, Charles Edward (Mrs)
Husband: Charles Edward
Smith, Charles Edward (Mrs) Application Rejected Scurry
Smith, Elizabeth A.
Husband: John M.
Smith, Elizabeth A. Application Rejected Scurry
Sterling, Jim N. Sterling, Jim N. 35508 Scurry
Strickland, Mary E.
Husband: Ezekial
Strickland, Mary E. 28956 Scurry
Tatom, Jacob Orr Tatom, Jacob Orr 25612 Scurry
Thompson, Matilda M.
Husband: Ed
Thompson, Matilda M. Application Rejected Scurry
Tindall, E. J. (Mrs)
Husband: Augustus S.
Tindall, E. J. (Mrs) 29091 Scurry
Vick, Ida M.
Husband: Walter Calvin
Vick, Ida M. Application Rejected Scurry
Von Roeder, Emilie
Husband: Herman
Von Roeder, Emilie 41798 Scurry
Von Roeder, Herman Von Roeder, Herman 40615 Scurry
White, F. M. (Mrs)
Husband: John Harvey
White, F. M. (Mrs) 41800 Scurry
White, John Harvey White, John Harvey 39025 Scurry
White, Mary Emiline
Husband: Andrew Jackson
White, Mary Emiline 40553 Scurry
White, Tennessee
Husband: Matthew
White, Tennessee Application Rejected Scurry
Woodfin, Neal Smith Woodfin, Neal Smith 20573 Scurry


The information in the applications is very complete and usually contains parents, spouse, date of birth, date of marriage, how long in Texas, present address and how long at present address. They will also contain other family members in the references or Interrogatories, which is usually by family members. For example this is the Widows Pension Application for Mary Jane RUE MANRY

A rejected application means usually that their service could not be verified, that they did not serve long enough, or they took the oath of allegiance before Lee surrendered the Army of the Appomattox. There can be more than one application also. If there is more than one, when you request information, all applications by that person is sent.

While looking at something else on your site, I noticed the entry for an Isaac Price whose application is missing. An Isaac Price appeared in Young County, TX on 17 May 1915 and swore an affidavit relating to the widow's application of Alice Ann (Mrs. William B.) Ritchie that "William Bonner Ritchie was in my company -- Co. A, Duff's Regiment - and throughout the war." This was also certified by an H. M. Berry in Yalobusha Co., MS. I assume that company A was probably organized in or near Calhoun/Pontotoc County, MS as that is where this Ritchie family's stomping grounds were at that time, but haven't pursued researching the military service particularly. Duff's evidently had several different numerical designations at various times during the war: 8th, 19th and possibly 17th. A G.W. Price of Yalobusha Co. MS certified the service of W.B. Ritchie's brother, Abel W. Ritchie and identifed himself as 2nd Lt., Co. K, 17th Miss. and identifies himself with Duff's as well.

Of course, I can't state for certain that this is the same Isaac Price, or that Isaac and G.W. are related, but considering that the application is lost, I hoped the information might point some Price researcher in the right direction to find their relative. Submitted by: Melody A.

Last Updated: 2 June, 2017