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Confederate Soldier's Reunion

picture of Confederate Days from 1915

Ladson Leach, b.14 Sep 1837, Walton Co., GA., buried 16 May 1921 in Snyder, Scurry Co., TX., was married to Elizabeth Jane Hull on 28 Dec 1865, Johnson Co., TX. She died August 25, 1912 in Snyder, TX. They are both buried in Snyder, Scurry Co., TX.

Photos Submitted by: Dorothy Williams [email protected]

picture of Confederate Days from 1915
Confederate Days, Snyder Texas
January 1, 1915, Old Soldiers Reunion

Identified: D.P. Lane (man w/flag); MR. Garner (man without hat); George (or kin) Elkins (3rd man back row); Bandsmen, left to right; ?, ?, Ed Y. Thompson; A.P. (Perin) Morris;

Names listed with the picture are as follows:
A.B. Stiles, S.V. Sumeruld, T.F. Rodman; Judson H. Tinker, George W. Johnson, J.M. Champion; W.R. Sharp; H.H. Merritt; M.A. Garden; T.D. McMillian; R.B. Robinson; Joe A. Middleton; W.L. Stiles; CAPT. A.B. Favor; R.G. Jones; R.A. Wilkerson; REV. D.H. Burt; J.P. Grantham; W.R. Doak; J.P. (Jep) Brown; CAPT. A.J. Scarbrough; R.J. Strayhorn; Stephen E. Sterrett; M.S. Teters; Willis B. Brown; G.M.D. Garner; J.S. Jones; David Andrew Trevey; W.M. Morton; David Ellis Murchree??; P.H. Morris; Thomas Lindley; T.C. Stinson; G.A. Glenn; W.D. Meador; G.K. Elkins; (R.J.?) Ware; R.M. German; D.P. Lane; DBA Bynum; H.A. Goodwin; CAPT. J.A. Clark; W.J. Fuller; M.M.I.D. Fuller; J.K. Keller; C.E. Smith; G.J. Morgan; W.D. Huffman; REV. L.D. Knight; J.M. Templee; W.A. Jones; A.J. Goodwin;

Albert Monroe Johnston, our Great great grandfather is not listed. He is there however. He is on the bottom floor back row. He is standing in the window or door first on the left. He has a black cap and white beard. To his immediate left (Our right) is his daughter-in-law , Louisa W. Johnston (our granny) and to to her left is William Abel Johnston, his oldest son, (our great granddad Johnston) . The flag that the old veteran is holding is the state flag of Mississippi.

Albert Monroe Johnston lost 4 brothers in the War Between the States. He was severly wounded and walked with a cane until his death.

He served in Company K 22nd Mississippi Infantry 1861-1864. In Feb 1864 due to his thigh wound he was transferred to Co. F 7th Mississippi Cavalry under Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest.

We were told he was the first farmer in Scurry County.

Harold Wayne Johnston
396 Madrona Dr
Canyon Lake, Texas 78132

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