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Company G, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Infantry

Factual History:

Company G, 142nd Infantry was reorganized at Snyder, Texas, April 18, 1924. The first officers were Captain John E. Sentell, First Lieutenant Herbert W. Waterman and Second Lieutenant James L. Ramsour. Captain Sentell was promoted to Major in command of the Second Battalion, 142nd Infantry, January 1938. Command of the company was then assumed by Captain Tim O. Cook upon his promotion from First Lieutenant, February 1, 1938.

It required about two years for the organization to become an effective military machine. When Company G held its third Federal inspection in 1927, it was awarded the highest rating in the 142nd Infantry and received steel lockers for all its men. Since that date, the company has always received a "Satisfactory" rating and has placed among the three leading units of the regiment.

On the walls of the orderly room are two beautiful plaques, which attest to the efficiency of the company in musketry exercises. These awards were won two years out of six in which the 36th Division has sponsored such competitions. In addition, the company was runner-up two other years of the competition.

Company G has made 16 summer encampments at the following places: 1924, Galveston; 1925, Austin; 1926 to 1937, Palacios; 1938, Camp Bullis, San Antonio, and 1939, Palacios. During these 16 years, the company has carried the full strength of 65 men and three officers. Since 1930, only four men have missed an encampment.

Captain Tim O. Cook, the present company commander, is the only charter member of the organization still on the roster. However, there are many of the personnel with long service records behind them. Among these are First Sergeant Claude E. Ingram, with 15 years service; First Lieutenant Roy O. Irvin, Sergeant Clarence H. Brush, and Sergeant Cecil H. Reynolds, 13 years service, and Corporal Ivan F. Hardy, eight years service. Besides these, 11 other men in the company have served from five to seven years.

Roster of Company G, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Infantry

Name Rank
Bailey, Loyd D.Private
Bates, Ralph A.Sergeant
Baugh, Max C.Private First Class
Baugh, Robert W.Private
Bills, George D.Corporal
Browning, Mitchell C.Private
Brush, Clarence H.Sergeant
Bunch, Jesse D.Private First Class
Chandler, Alvin L.Private
Clinkenbeard, Earl F.Private First Class
Clinkenbeard, J. W.Private
Cook, James R.Private
Cook, Tim O.Captain
Corley, ErnestPrivate
Crawley, Harold D.Private First Class
Crenshaw, L. A.Corporal
Crumbie, Marvin A.Private
Crumley, Elbie A.Private
Curnutte, Raymond L.Private
DeBusk, Barney J.Private
Dever, Hosey C.Private
Eades, Verdie L.Private First Class
Eades, W. D.Private First Class
Fargason, Hugh L.Private First Class
Fenton, Allen L.Private
Flippen, Arvil G.Private
Gaylean, Herman L.Private
Groves, Robert A.Corporal
Hardy, Ivan F.Corporal
Hargrove, Allen C.Private
Headstream, James W.Private First Class
Hern, Aster L.Private
Holladay, James C.Sergeant
Hollis, Ferrel W.Private
Holmes, SheldonPrivate
Howard, R. C. ColumbusPrivate
Hudnell, Albert H.Private
Hudson, William H.Corporal
Ingram, Claude E.First Sergeant
Irvin, Roy O.First Lieutenant
Jacobs, GarlandPrivate First Class
Johnson, Alvin B.Private
Johnson, Jesse A.Private First Class
Keller, Robert L.Private
Kemp, Luther P.Private First Class
Kruse, L. M.Private
Lewallen, Herbert L.Private
Line, Jack L.Private
McCowen, Lloyd M.Private
McCravey Laoyce D.Private
McCravey, Lee B.Private
McHaney, Billie M.Corporal
Merritt, Hugh M.Corporal
Morrow, Willie T.Private First Class
Mullins, Lance P.Private First Class
Panter, Kenneth W.Private
Pinkerton, Eugene A.Private
Pitner, J. C.Private First Class
Pitner, Kenneth O.Sergeant
Portis, John C.Sergeant
Prather, Raymond W.Private
Reynolds, Cecil H.Sergeant
Roberts, Thomas B.Private
Robison, Jeff D.Private
Rucker, Raymond W.Private
Ryan, Esse L.Private First Class
Sealey, A. B.Private
Shield, Robert W.Corporal
Shultze, Thurman R.Private
Spence, Homer M.Second Lieutenant
Spence, Leonard W.Sergeant
Starnes, John G.Private First Class
Starnes, Winfield S.Private First Class
Swint, Wyatt A.Private
Taggart, Robert B.Private
Teaff, William G.Sergeant
Todd, Charles R.Private
Tolson, Phillip B.Private First Class
Trousdale, George E.Private First Class
Trousdale, John E.Private
Walton, Foch W.Private First Class
Way, Eldon J.Private
Wells, James H.Private
Williamson, J. C.Private First Class

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