San Augustine County

San Augustine County

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Death Certificates


YARBROUGH, Annie Mae 10-Jun-1910 7-Jul-1940 Eddings, Joseph William "Joe" Moore, Emma Attoyac
YARBROUGH, Donald 20-Jan.-1951 20-Jan-1951 Yarbrough, Adolphus "Dock"  Moore, Odell Liberty Hill-old
YARBROUGH, James G. 30-Sep-1868 19-Jul-1945      
YARBROUGH, Lucy Evan 19-Dec-1954 7-Jul-1955 Yarbrough, Adolphus "Dock"  Moore, Odell Liberty Hill-old
YARBROUGH, Michael Shane 29-Sep-1970 31-Aug-1971 Yarbrough, Elton Childs, Dimple Ruth Attoyac
YOUNG, Benjamin Edward 20 Aug  1893 1-May-1964 Young, John J. Dwire, Eula Mae Antioch
YOUNG, Bertha Love (-2-Jan)-1878 (-5-Sept)1966 Heartsill, Joseph E.  Love, Nancy Liberty Hill-New
YOUNG, Eula May 15 Jan  1866 24-Jan-1954 Dwire, John Marian Sr Leach, Synthia Ann Antioch
YOUNG, Inez Boozer 10-Mar-1934 1-Apr-1958 Boozer, Bailey   Rash, Irene Antioch
YOUNG, Infant (female, stillborn) 22-Feb-1918 22-Feb-1918 Young, Benjamin Edward  Samford, Callie Antioch
YOUNG, John James 23 Nov  1858 12-Nov-1935 Young, William H. Champion, Nancy B. Antioch
YOUNG, Mary Azlee   2-Apr-1896




Mott, Josie Washington Sr. McGilberry, Mary E. Runnels
YOUNG, Olive   16-Feb-1923 27-Sep-1946 Young, William Riley  Mott, Mary Azlee Runnels
YOUNG, Raymond 3/24/1901 6/18/1960 Young, E. W. Still, Alice  
YOUNG, William Riley   1-Apr-1876 24-Jan-1938 Young, Dan  Williams, Jane Runnels
YOUNG, Zuehl 1-Jan-1911 18-Jan-1956 Downs, Henry Conway  Westbrook, Alice "Allie" City-SA
YOUNGBLOOD, Frank Dowling   1-July-1896 7-Feb-1947 Youngblood, James Wade  Thompson, Sara Lucreta Runnels
YOUNGBLOOD, James Benjamin 28-Apr-1939 21-Dec-1979 Youngblood, Frank Dowling Polk, Bennie  
ZAGER, Joseph 25-Jan-1889 7-Jan-1976 Zagler, John ?, Mary Magnolia Springs
ZEIGLER, Cecil Eugene "Dock" 28-Jul-1911 6-Aug-1964 Zeigler, John Robert Jr.  Crocker, Ophelia Little Flock
ZEIGLER, John Robert III 22-Sept-1884 16-Mar-1975 Zeigler, John Robert Jr.  Crocker, Ophelia Little Flock
ZEIGLER, John Robert Jr. 23-Apr-1856 2-Nov-1934 Zeigler, John Robert   Keach, Lucinda Jane Little Flock
ZEIGLER, Leonard Caskell 8-Oct-1897 30-Sep-1975 Zeigler, John Robert Jr. Crocker, Ophelia Antioch
ZEIGLER, Mary Jo  "Maggie" 16-Sept-1889 23-Sep-1975 Hanks, John  Muckleroy, Lucinda Little Flock
ZEIGLER, Ophelia 22-June-1866 5-Feb-1959 Crocker, George Washington  Bullock, Arzearo Little Flock
ZEIGLER, Rosa Lee 2-Jul-1904 5-May-1980 Eppes, Charles Thomas Graves, Frances Antioch

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