San Augustine County

San Augustine County

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Death Certificates


Vail, Emma Elizabeth 10 Aug 1879 5-Mar-1938 Passmore, Samuel Hagler, Mary Jane Antioch
Vail, Matthias K. 15-Apr-1912 11-Feb-1972 Vail, Matthias K. Passmore, Emma Elizabeth Antioch
Van Degreyn, Ollie May 16-May-1893 24-Feb-1963 Williams, Pleasant King Gellatly, Allie Lorene Little Flock
Van Schoubroek, Armenia Loudusky 22-Oct-1858 6-Jan-1941 Bates, Barney  ?, Jane A. Chinquapin
Van Schoubroek, Charlie Nelson 4-Oct-1853 2-Nov-1952 Van Schoubroek, Louis Shelburne, Marie Suzanne "Susan" Chinquapin
Van Schoubroek, Fannie 10-Jan-1901 3-Feb-1949 Ainsworth, Lee Murrell Rice, Eliza Jane Chinquapin
Van Schoubroek, Verline 8-May-1935 11-Jan-1936 Van Schoubroek, Louis Barney  Ainsworth, Fannie Chinquapin
Van Shoebrook, Lillie Valderia 1-Oct-1922 11-Sep-1943 Brawley, George Byrd, Maggie Sardis
Vardeman, Tom Lewis 29-Dec-1903 25-Dec-1978 Vardeman, Henry  Cobb, Sarah Runnels
Vardeman, Tommy Lewis 23-Sep-1943 9-Mar-1981 Vardeman, Tom Miller, Bertha Runnels
Vaughn, Leona 28-Oct-1892 13-Jul-1922 Haygood, Thomas Taylor  Chumley, Martha Jane Chumley
Vaughn, Vernon McRae 'Buddy' 18-Dec-1924 23-Nov-1975 Vaughn, Mosby McRae Bailey, Nellie Bell McRae
Veals, Charlie abt 1881 31-May-1935     Antioch-AA
Vestal, Heber Hubert 15-Jul-1892 23-Mar-1951 Vestal, Allie Gordon Sr. Matchett, Eliza Oakgrove
Vestal, Hugh 6-Apr-1906 11-Nov-1965 Vestal, Allie Gordon Sr. Bryan, Luvonia "Vonia" Coleman
Vestal, Infant Girl 9-May-1932 10-May-1932 Vestal, Jim Hopkins, Eul Coleman
Vestal, Lottie 19-May-1912 11-Sep-1959 Letney, Fowler Timus Jones, Elizabeth "Bess" Townsend
Vestal, Minnie Mahalia O.  20-Sep-1893 22-May-1950 Bryan, Seborn J. "Sebe" Sr Short, Mary Samantha (Dickerson) Oakgrove

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