San Augustine County

San Augustine County

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Death Certificates


Oats, Mary Magalene 25-Dec-1899 (1892) 18-Jul-1977 Hall, Berry Davis, Liza Mosiac
O'Banion, Jesse 14 Feb  1842 2-Aug-1933 O'Banion, Jasper  Tatum, Betsy Elizabeth Antioch
Oehler, Sarah Allen 1-Aug-1871 23-Jul-1968 Dukes, John Rufus  Bell, Mary C. City-SA
Ogden, Bobby Ross 29-Dec-1932 19-Jan-1933 Ogden, Tommie Albert  Kingsley, Irene Velma Hebron
Ogden, Jessie Velma 29-Nov-1908 30-Nov-1982 Kingsley, James Wm. "Jim"  Roberts, Nancy Hebron
Ogden, Joe Paul 5-Aug-1899 5-Mar-1973 Ogden, T. R. "Tom" Guilliam, Viola Hebron
Ogden, Norma Lea 15-Feb-1960 15-Apr-1962 Ogden, Carlton  Shoemaker, Norma Nell Hebron
Ogden, Osceolar Sylvester 13 Jan 1870 7-Nov-1958 Ogden, Isaac C. Daugherty, Salindra Ann Antioch
Ogden, Viola     6-Aug-1866 18-Dec-1928 Guilliam,  Ogden, T. R. "Tom" Hebron
Okray, Brenda Kay 2-Feb-1959 5-Jan-1960 Okray, Henderson Jr. Mosby, Louise Mosiac
Oliver, Houston 12-Oct-1871 2-Feb-1951 Oliver, Houston Manuel, Gillon Mosiac
Oliver, Louise 12-Oct-1875 22-Jul-1966 Cartwright, Walker Robertson, Louise Mosiac
Oliver, William Owen 31-Jan-1930 14-Oct-1934 Oliver, Samuel Franklin King, Bessie Alver Thomas
Olson, Jim Curtis 26-June-1880 1-Jun-1964 Olson,   Runnels
Olson, Jimmie   4-Apr-1925 15-Jul-1982 Olson, James Curtis  Marshall, Mary E. "Mollie" Runnels
O'Neal, Bryan Keith 4-Nov-1968,-6-hours-old 4-Nov-1968 O'Neal, Haskel VanHowen, Dollie Thomas
Owen, Anne 3-Oct-1931 16-May-1951 Owen, Emmett Walter Childers, Ima Jeanne McRae
Owen, Emmett Walter 11-Feb-1891 25-May-1970 Owen, Walter Green Solomon, Sallie S. McRae
Owen, Ima Jeanne 9-Oct-1889 9-Jan-1966 Childers, Charles Valton Mathews, Julia Anne McRae
Owens, Samuel Nelson 25-Sept-1895 6-Dec-1978 Owens, Samuel Dixon  Powell, Callie Liberty Hill-New
Owens, Willie Mae 30-Apr-1890 21-Aug-1979 Slack, John M.  Adams, Louise Hebron
Oxley, Riley Franklin  6-Jul-1903 8-Oct-1976 Oxley, Riley Martin, Liddie Chinquapin
Oxley, Susan Pernella 29-Feb-1896 26-Aug-1978 Phelps, Robert Enoch  Hanks, Ysleta Chinquapin

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