San Augustine County

San Augustine County

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Death Certificates


Kardell, Stephens Charles 7-Oct-1910 1-Sep-1972 Kardell, Charles Franklin  Stephens, Myra City-SA
Karnes, Evie 17-June-1885 4-Dec-1942 Luker, James Paul English, Elizabeth Chinquapin
Karnes, Florence (Philips) 25-Dec-1891 5-Apr-1944 Karnes, John  Blackman, Martha [Watson] Chinquapin
Keen, John Daniel 2-Apr-1948 22-Dec-1965 Keen, Jack  Johnson, Viola Antioch
Keggler, Mack Brooks 14-Feb-1912 29-Nov-1961 Keggler, Willie Anderson, Lillie Roberts
Kegler, Alverta 9/5/1901 (1897) 11-May-1959 Davis, Tom B. Brooks, Susan Mariah Mosiac
Keidel, Carrie (Whittington) (30-Jul)-1920 (25-Jan)-1946 Keidel, Frederick  Taube, Emilie Liberty Hill-old
Keidel, Frederick (13-Nov)-1874 (-5-Jul)-1954 Keidel, John  Kupfer, Barbara Liberty Hill-old
Keidel, William "Willie" 2-Apr-1925 7-Mar-1950 Keidel, Frederick  Taube, Emilie Liberty Hill-old
Kelley, Birda (Berta) 27-Jul-1876 7-Sep-1951 Kelley, Dave Walker, Frances Haley Bush/Mt. Horeb
Kelley, Dave 2-May-1907 29-May-1930 Kelley, Henry Davenport, Tennessee Antioch-AA
Kelley, Henry 10-Mar-1904 23-Jun-1940 Kelley, Henry Davenport, Tennessee Antioch-AA
Kelley, Henry 1893 (18 Sep 1868) 1933 (12-Oct-1933) Kelley, Dave Walker, Frances Antioch-AA
Kelley, John Davis 1-Mar-1910 28-Sep-1964 Kelley, Humphrey Bush, Annie Lee Haley Bush/Mt. Horeb
Kelley, Pierce 1-Jan-1884 23-Sep-1976 Kelley, Dave Walker, Frances Haley Bush/Mt. Horeb
Kelley, Robert 9-Oct-1935 13-Jun-1959 Kelley, Willie Washington, Lera Antioch-AA
Kelley, Tennessee 19-Jan-1892 23-Mar-1965 Davenport, Spencer Bernstein, Hasty A. Antioch-AA
Kelly, Jewel (Lena) Chance 10-Jun-1902 1-Aug-1974 Chance, Milton  Click, Betty Liberty Hill Mem Gardens
Kendrick, Alice Josephine 30-Mar-1883 18-Dec-1970 Coker, Joe  Mary? Little Flock
Kendrick, Alson Green 27-Nov-1894 4-Jul-1979 Kendrick, Willliam Kendrick, Martha Ellen (nee) Shiloh
Kendrick, William Calvin 17-May-1878 25-Dec-1953 Kendrick, Eligh Jones Mary Frances Little Flock
Kennedy, Donald Luke 25-Mar-1883 10-Apr-1944 Kennedy, David Carlton  Henry, Malinda Jane Macune
Kennedy, Lula Rogers 28-Dec-1877 26-Jan-1948 Wade, William Chambers  Harvey, Nancy Macune
Ketchum, Abel Coffin      7-Aug-1849- 9-Apr-1939 Ketchum, I.M.  Coffin, Clara Pauline City-SA
Key, Bulah 1896 9-Dec-1921 Harper, Lee Brooks, Laura unlisted
Kindred,  Henry C. 30-Sept-1872 15-Feb-1950 Kindred,  Sharp, Lizzie Beth Hebron
Kindred, Effie 1-Jan-1887 30-Sep-1939 Creswell, John Burt, Elizabeth Hebron
King, Cary G. 9-Apr-1893 5-Nov-1967 King, Mose Moore, Bell New Hope/Black Ankle
King, Dollie Smith 23-Oct-l895 2l-June-l976 Smith, Thomas J. "Tom" Mason, Pattie Fleta Liberty Hill-old
King, Dollye 28-Feb-1912 18-Jun-1978 Early, Charley Jack Sanders, May Thomas
King, Earsie T. 22-Nov-1892 4-Jun-1935 Fox, Robert Lenora  Harvey, Susan Jane Little Flock
King, George Erwin, Rev. 17-Oct-1878 31-Dec-1936 King, John Jerden Padon, Mary Olethia "Lela" Attoyac
King, Georgia Mary 6-Jun-1906 17-Nov-1979 Pugh, George Cartwright, Catherine Mosiac
King, H. R. "Ralph" 22-June-1889 24-Sep-1954 King, Henry Ralph  Halbert, Clara Liberty Hill-old
King, Lillie 24-Jan-1881 16-Oct-1965 Williams, John Elisha Smith, Annie Attoyac
King, Maurice J. 28-Aug-1959 8-Feb-1960 King, Maurice Berry, SamElla New Hope/Black Ankle
King, Mollie McClure          5-Oct-1888 5-Jan-1951 Marshall, Curtis "Kirk"  Crow, Melvina Salina Crow-Levi M.
King, Nancy E.  30-Apr-1866 24-Dec-1963 Boyett, William Land, Cynthia Thomas
King, Polly C. 1924 22-Dec-1961 King, Cary G. Parks, Extra New Hope/Black Ankle
King, Sam Hogg, Sr. 14-Nov-1888 23-Sep-1964 King, William M. Pope (Thomas Cem) Boyett, Nancy E. Little Flock
King, William Robert      6-Sept-1880------- 18-Mar-1951 King, John  Dailey, Mary "Mollie" Mrs. [McClure][ Marshall] Crow-Levi M.
Kingsley, Della 26-Oct-1902 10-Apr-1968 Wells, John Foster Marshburn, Delishia "Dellie" Broaddus
Kingsley, George William 10-May-1858,-Ala. 26-Jan-1937 Kingsley, James L.  Upshaw, Sarah Hebron
Kingsley, Nancy 13-Oct-1881 26-Feb-1955 Roberts, James Monroe  Beard, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Hebron
Kingsley, Sarah Elizabeth 27-Dec-1858 8-Nov-1936 Lacy, John David I Burkett, Christina Hebron
Kingsley, Simon Ransom 20-Jan-1895 22-Nov-1969 Kingsley, George Washington Lacy, Sarah Elizabeth Broaddus
Kingsley, Ted Allen 27-Nov-1962 25-Feb-1964 Kingsley, Vernon  Pike, Lucille Hebron
Kingsley, Willie 29-May-1902 21-Oct-1959 Kingsley, George Washington Lacy, Sarah Elizabeth Hebron
Kingsley, Zachariah 15-Jan-1889 1-Jun-1976 Kingsley, George Washington Lacy, Sarah Elizabeth Hebron
Kirby, David Lafatte 1911 1961 Kirby,  David Layfatte  Jordan, S. Liberty Hill-old
Kirkland, Mattie 4-June-1890 6-Nov-1968 Rash, Robert Carroll Stanley, Ellen [Sheffield] Liberty Hill-old
Kirkley, Mary 15-May-1880 10-Dec-1923 McCoy, H. Franks, Evelin Mt. Zion
Knickerbocker, Frank W. 29-Sept-1863 18-Feb-1946 Knickerbocker, F. ?, Elizabeth Broaddus
Knight, Charlotte Frances 16-June-1836 28-Nov-1943 Kendall, John S. Dr. Turner, Winnford Harrison City-SA
Knight, Fred Smith (27-Oct)1904 (26-Feb)1980 Knight, William Kendall "Bud" Tinsley, Julia Itura Liberty Hill-New
Knight, Julia Itura 10-Apr-1873 19-Mar-1930 Tinsley, John Wesley  Bland, Analiza "Eliza" City-SA
Knight, Lewis H. March-1865 25-Nov-1930 Knight, Calvin J. Hamilton, Elizabeth Jane City-SA
Knight, Maud Laverne [Duncan] 11-Jan-1890 17-Dec-1945 Worley, Arthur Van  Spurlock, Tiera Elizabeth Chapel Hill
Knight, R.H. (Ransom) Herman) "Duke" 26-Oct-1880--- 30-Nov-1979 Knight, Joseph Frank Kendall, Charlotte Frances Liberty Hill-old
Knight, William Kendall  "Uncle Bud" 31-Aug-1871 14-Aug-1979 Knight, Joseph Frank Kendall, Charlotte Frances City-SA
Knighton, Etta Marie      12-Jun-1916 10-Jan-1979 Phelps, Robert Walter Fonville, Minnie Eliza Liberty Hill-old
Knighton, Ruth 26-Mar-1911 18-Feb-1979 Lamberth, Charles G, Clark, Georgia Allen Liberty Hill-old
Knighton, Samuel H., Jr.   22-May-1936 10-Oct-1964 Knighton, Samuel Hayden Sr.  Phelps, Etta Marie Liberty Hill-old
Knowls, Allen Floyd Sr. 29-Sep-1900 17-Jan-1974 Knowls, Allen C. Welch, Hixie Louvenia Shiloh
Koonce, Jesse J. 4-Feb-1909 28-Mar-1957 Koonce, John Franklin  Jordan, Martha Virginia Macune
Koonce, John Franklin 13-Apr-1876 27-Dec-1950 Koonce, Amander Arn Wilkerson, Margaret Elizabeth Macune
Koonce, Martha Virginia 24-Sept-1876 26-Sep-1971 Jordan, John M. Davis, Rebecca Jane Macune

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