San Augustine County

San Augustine County

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Death Certificates


Ikner, Jim 12-May-1881 7-Jun-1970 Ikner, John Lockett, Elizabeth Isabella Union Grove
Ingram, Annie  30-Nov-1877 28-Jul-1964 Hazle, Joseph Henry  McLaurin, Mary Elizabeth City-SA
Ingram, Bertha Lee 15-Feb-1918 10-May-1942 Garrett, Lee Nash, Polly Pisgah
Ingram, Dorothy Nan 24-Sep-1925 30-May-1942 Ingram, James Melville Payne  Wood, Nancy H."Nan" City-SA
Ingram, James Melville "Mr. Jim" 12-Dec-1872 27-Aug-1949 Ingram, James Melville  Cartwright, Mary Crutchfiled City-SA
Irvin Daniel G., Jr. 24-Feb-1920 26-Sep-1968 Irvin, Daniel G. Sr. McMillon, Mary Antioch
Irvin, Daniel G., Sr. 3-Apr-1886 7-Oct-1966 Irvin, Daniel G.  Martin, Emma Antioch
Irvin, May  22-May-1887 3-Jun-1973 McMillon, Neil Collins, Anna Antioch
Isenblitter, Anna 13-Jan-1883 13-Jan-1919 Pickard, John Thomas  Chumley, Ellen B. Pickard
Isenblitter, Betty Mitchell 21-Aug-1930 30-Mar-1978 Mitchell, Leroy  Smith, Ethel Liberty Hill Mem Gardens
Isenblitter, Fred W. (William),Jr. 14-Sept-1898 6-Feb-1970 Isenblitter, Fred William Sr Noble, Joella Liberty Hill-New
Isenblitter, Fred William Sr. 20-Jan-1880 28-Aug-1958 Isenblitter, Fred Wilhelm I Ashington, Ida Von Chapel Hill
Ivans, H. W. Sr. 15-Oct-1854 27-May-1938 Ivans, Eddie Williams, Hesta Mt. Zion
Ivey, John Wesley 11-Feb-1937 27-Aug-1940 Ivey, Daniel Morgan  Murray, Mollie J. Attoyac

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