San Augustine County

The Cradle of Texas Independence


World War I I



Anders, Robert Venson   Harper, Ernest    Page, Fairy C
Anthony, Jeff   Harper, Vernon   Page, Marshall
Ardrey, Willie    Harris, Fred   Parks, J. L.
Barnes, Darenst    Harris, Maurice   Parks, Judge
Barnes, Widdie    Haskins, Carrell   Phelps, R. C.
Barrett, Elton Lewis    Hewett, Jesse James   Phillips, Eddie
Bean, Earl Travis    Hollis, Dub H.   Polk, Ben
Bean, Johnny    Hollis, Eugene, Jr   Polk, Rush Berry Jr.
Berry, Dave   Hollis, L. B.   Porter, Koumic
Biggers, Jerry Clay   Hollis, Lonnie   Porter, Oscar Lee
Blackman, Earl   Holman, Andersen Jr.   Price,  Artis
Bland, Jim    Holman, Ardis   Price, James D. 
Blount, T. M.   Holman, James O.   Price, John E
Blount, Velt   Horn, W. J.   Price, I. D.
Blunt, Alexander   Horten, Earl   Pugh, Willie Magee
Bolton, Jonas   Horton, Oliver   Randle, Elmer Chas
Brooks, Emery Sylvester   Houston, Waynon   Randle, Leon
Brooks, Eugene    Hoyt, Earl Franklin   Randle, Leroy
Brooks, Joerene    Hoyt, Herman   Red, Jermiah
Brooks, John L.   Hoyt, Jamnes H.   Redd, Green
Burnell, Judge    Hoyt, Knoxie   Redman, Johnnie D.
Burrell, R. J.   Hoyt, Phillip   Reed, Eugene H.
Cartwright, A. J.   Hunt, A. C.   Reed, L. C.
Cartwright, Carl E.   Hunt, Robert   Rhodes,  Joe Jr
Cartwright, Maurice   Hunt, Rolland   Richardson, Samie
Cartwright, Thurmon Welton   Hyde, Woodrow   Roberts, Dewitt
Cartwrlght, Charlie D.    Jackson, Sterling   Roberts, Earnest
Clark, Benjamin Franklin    Jenkins, Dock Elzie   Roberts, Edward
Clark, Cleveland   Johnson, Cap   Roberts, Gaylon
Clark, Galveston    Johnson, Chas, Wm.    Roberts, George Hearnus
Clark, John D.    Johnson, Chester   Roberts, Norris Allen
Clark, Vessie Lee   Johnson, Frank  Sr   Robinson, Ben L.
Clark, Willie   Johnson, Johnnie B.   Robinson, Jethro 
Coleman, Arthur Lee   Johnson, Ned   Roger, Hollis
Crawford, Hosea   Johnson, Perk   Rogers, Houston
Cray‚ Willis   Johnson, Robert    Ruth, John Henry
Curl, Lamar   Johnson, William   Ruth, Joseph
Curl, Sylvester Shine   Jones, Amos Cozell    Session, Henry
Curl, Willie   Jones, Eugene   Sexton, Lewis
Dade, Eddie   Jones, Harry   Sexton, Mager
Dade, Fred   Jones, Herman   Shepherd, J. E.
Davis, A. G.   Jones, John Coleman   Singleton, Austin
Davis, Earnest   Jones, John Willie   Singleton, Guy
Davis, James Henderson   Jones, Lonnie B.    Singleton, Leon
Davis, Judge Foster   Jones, Mack    Singleton, Marvin
Davis, Lonnie Leonard    Jones, Murphy T   Slaughter, Arthur
Dennis, Albert Dave   Jones, O. B.   Sneed, Ester Ohio
Dennis, James Lawrence   Jones, Robert Neal   Sowell, Booker T.
Dennis, Numan   Jones, Woodrow W.    Sowell, Leonard 
Dodd, Ellis   Kelley, Artist   Sowell, Loneill,
Dodd, Herman Edward    Kelley, Garlin   Stansberry, Curtis
Dodd, John Willie   Kelly, Augustus    Taylor, Ciayversie
Douglas, Ned   King, Polly Cary   Taylor, Levie 
Duffield, Percy    Lacy, Albert   Taylor, Reuben
Edwards, Lonnie B.   Lane, Caludie Alton   Taylor, Sylvester
Evans, Ben   Lane, David Nathaniel   Teal, Therla
Gans, M. T.   Lane, James   Teal, Wyatt
Garner, Aaron   Lane, R. E.   Teel, James P.
Garner, Albert   Lane, Thugh    Teel, Joe Lee
Garrett, Earl   Lloyd, Johnnie   Teels, Mack
Garrett, Earnest   Lowe, J. L.   Thomas, Adell 
Garrett, Foster   Maddox, Virgil   Treylor, Eddie
Garrett, Fred D.   Malone, Almond   Wade, Jarsh 
Garrett, George Wm.   Malone, Curtis A.    Walker, Charldon
Garrett, Guster   Malone, Doyle   Washington, Raymond
Garrett, Lavell   Malone, Lonnie   Watkins, Frank 
Garrett, Ocie Ree   Malone, P. V.   Watts, Arthur
Garrett, Vernol    Man, Clyde   Watts, James
Goodwin, Edw. J.   Mathews, Bennie   Wilbert, Charles D.
Goodwin, Joseph J.   Mathews, James H.   Wiles, Frank
Greenwood, James   Mathews, W. G.   Williams, Chester
Greer, Elbert   Matlock, Geo. B.   Williams, L II
Greer, Lee Olean   Matlock, Willie Earl   Wilson, Carl Willie
Greer, Wade   McBride, I.D.   Wilson, Eddie
Greer, Wade   McCord, Buck Hannon   Wilson, Isiah Vernon
Haggerty, Laura Lee    McCoy, Henry Claudey   Wilson, John Willis 
Hale, Bob   McCoy, Mog   Wilson, Leon
Hale, Carl   Miles, Levi Boyd   Wilson, Leonard 
Hale, Matt   Montgomery, Elton   Wilson, M. T.
Hale, Matt T   Moore, Delmas Leon   Wilson, Richard
Hale, Richmond  Jr.   Moore, Jack    Wilson, Roosevelt
Hall, Willie Lee   Mosby, Dewey   Wilson, Stripling 
Handy, Kinnie   Nash, C. O.   Wright, Draton
Handy, Paris   Nash, I. D.   Wright, Leo
    Oliphant, Purless    


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