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If you want this county to be just a page of links that lead to pages of other links to the same links, just skip this page. But, if you want it to be a place where everyone can find some really useful information, read on..... then: Think*Copy* Type* Scan,......then SEND!

Do you have ideas how we can make these county pages more useful without breaking any copyright laws?

Do you know the date/s for any Family Reunions, Cemetery Workings, etc.

Do you have a homepage that reflects any genealogical research on Southeast Texas Families?

Help someone else who doesn't have an E-Mail address (or maybe not even a computer... unbelievable!!) get their family research online??

Would you be willing to type, copy or scan un-copyrighted materials for use in these county pages?  Example: obituaries, bible records, etc.

Make suggestions, comments, notify of link errors, etc.

Got a "neat" genealogical research story to tell?  (Keep it Short) Maybe I can have a section where such "stuff" is posted for a short time and then moved off-line.

Have you gathered a "HotList" of genealogical resources that aren't reflected here?

Figure out how to get 48 hours work done in 24 hours?????

Anything else?

This County can only be a successful as you want it to be!!!!

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Submit something and become an official PINEY WOODS ROOTER!!

If your E-Mail doesn't require a reply, it may not be acknowledged (Busy/Busy/Busy) or it may be slow in coming but I will take all suggestions under consideration.

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