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If you have published anything relating to Sabine County, Texas and would like to have it reviewed here please E-MAIL me and we will make arrangements.

The THOMAS JEFFERSON FELTS FAMILY of MISSISSIPPI and SABINE Co. TEXAS (including the Burkett and Polk Families)
by Helen Gomer Schluter, 3800 N. Haltom Rd., Fort Worth, Tx 76117, 90 pp softbound, 8 1/2 x 11, indexed, $13.00 ppd.
This book begins with the first proven ancestor, David W. FELTS of SC, but is devoted primarily with the descendants of Thomas Jefferson FELTS and his wife, Martha Bell ("Mattie") BURKETT, who were married in 1885 in Miss. He was the youngest of five children of Thomas and Elizabeth (POWELL) FELTS of SC and MS, and grandson of David. Mattie was the daughter of Wm. J. and Arcadia C. (POLK) BURKETT. The couple migrated in 1888 to Louisiana and to Sabine Co., TX later, leaving his mother behind in MS. He was a farmer and stockman; the couple were the parents of 12 children. Included are newspaper clippings, personal interviews, letters, military records, photos and more. The author compiled this brief history with hopes that "the younger FELTS more research.....on the family history".

(as reviewed in SouthEast Texas Genealogical & Historical Society quarterly "Yellowed Pages", Vol.18, #4, 1988) (Copy donated & available for viewing at Tyrrell Historical Library, Beaumont, Tx)



by Ruth Sibley Davis

Ÿ         No table of contents, no index

Ÿ         Five chapters, 77 pp.

Ÿ         Chapter one gives summary of murders of Kit Smith and Eli Low in 1883,  Willis Conner and sons being the accused.

Ÿ         Chapter two quotes court cases

Ÿ         The State of Texas VS Willis Connor, John Conner, Charles Conner, Fed Conner, William Conner; James Perkins, District Judge of the Third Judicial District appointed by John Ireland, Governor of Texas. Lists grand jurors, petit jurors, jury commissioners, bailiffs

Ÿ         The State of Texas, No. 160 VS Fed Conner, and Charles Conner

Ÿ         The State of Texas, No. 161 VS William Conner

Ÿ         The State of Texas, No. 162 VS Willis Conner and John Conner

Ÿ         Chapter three outlines SEPTEMBER TERM OF COURT 1884 A.D. including verdict and sentencing.

Ÿ         Chapter four gives an “exact copy of the appeal hearing” of Fed and Charles Conner V. The State, including testimony and evidence.

Ÿ         Chapter five supplies the reader with a copy of the trials of Willis, William and John Conner

Ÿ         The State of Texas No. 161 VS William Conner;

Ÿ         The State of Texas No. 162 VS Willis Conner & John Conner

Ÿ         p 77, summary: "All in all, seven people lost their lives in this terrible affair.  This account was not written to place blame on anyone.  Court records reveal that Eli Low and Kit Smith were brutally murdered.  Willis Conner and sons Fed, William, John and Charles were found guilty on circumstantial evidence of the murders.  Charles was committed to Huntsville Texas State Penitentiary for twenty-five years.  Willis Conner and sons Fed, John, and William escaped from the jail in Hemphill, and it became the responsibility of the Law Enforcement to arrest them and bring them back to jail.  Mr. Conner and his sons were in the forest of Sabine County.  In an effort to capture them one Texas Ranger and William Conner were killed.  Later Willis Conner, Fed Conner and Thomas Williams were killed.  John Conner left Texas and no effort was made to locate him."

(as reviewed Darwin E. Morris)



by Robert Cecil McDaniel, copyright 1988

Ÿ         No index.

Ÿ         Contents: Foreword


Chapter 1, Fairdale-Bayou

Chapter 2, Six Mile

Chapter 3, Beaumont

Chapter 4, Hemphill

Chapter 5, Fort Bliss

Chapter 6, Fort Leonard Wood

Chapter 7, Camp Claiborne

Chapter 8, Manila

Chapter 9, Fort Sam Houston

Chapter 10, Nederland

Chapter 11, Charlotte Quartermaster Depot

Chapter 12, Okinawa

Chapter 13, Fort Sam Houston

Chapter 14, Eniwetok Atoll

Chapter 15, The Pentagon

Chapter 16, Canal Zone

Chapter 17, The Pentagon

Chapter 18, Hemphill

Chapter 19, Orange

Chapter 20, Six Mile

Ÿ         List of Photographs:

1. Ruben Sim McDaniel - 1907

2. Winifred Caroline Broach - 1907

3. School at Six Mile - 1911

4. Thomas Albert White family - 1920

5. William Joseph McDaniel - 1907

6. Author's homeplace, Six Mile - 1935

7. William W. McDaniel, Jr. children - 1927

8. First cousins - 1927

9. Family reunion - Six Mile - 1935

10. R. S. McDaniel, Jr. - 1938

11. Loye Winona White - 1939

12. US Army Private Robert Cecil McDaniel - 1941

13. View of barracks area, Fort Leonard Wood - 1941

14. Chief Warrant Officer

Robert C. & Loye W. McDaniel - 1943

15. US Army Transport Admiral W. S. Benson - 1946

16. Family living quarters, Okinawa - 1948

17. Friends & co-workers, Eniwetok - 1952

18. First hydrogen bomb detonation,

Eniwetok Atoll - 1952

19. Author's immediate family - 1952

20. Brigadier General Banville

& author, The Pentagon - 1956

Ÿ         List of Photographs: (continued)

21. Entrance to Headquarters

Caribean Command, Canal Zone - 1957

22. Headquarters Caribbean Command

Canal Zone - 1958

23. US Naval vessel entering

Gatun Locks, Canal Zone - 1958

24. Author & wife

Quarry Heights, Canal Zone - 1958

25. Army retirement ceremony, The Pentagon - 1962

26. The National Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

27. The Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

28. The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

29. A latter day pioneer, ca 1980

30. Stephen White McDaniel - 1963

31. Dwight Patrick McDaniel - 1968

32. All of my family - 1988

Ÿ         Summary: the story of Robert Cecil McDaniel and family through the war years and beyond

(as reviewed Darwin E. Morris)


SPICEY RIDGE AND THE BEAR CREEK BEAT: Volume II, The Story of Brookeland

by T. O. Bell

Ÿ         indexed

Ÿ         volume two begins with chapter 6

Ÿ         table of contents:

chapter 6, Wagon Wheels, 1871-1890

chapter 7, Steel Driving Man, 1891-1900

chapter 8, Sawmill Gravy in the New Century, 1901-1910

chapter 9, A War to End War, 1911-1920

chapter 10, The Decline of Brookeland, 1921-1930

Ÿ         summary:

"Volume II is a history of Brookeland from the time of its evolvement from the Bear Creek Beat until its decline due to the exodus of the timber companies and the great fire of 1929.  The period involved is from 1870 to 1930.

"The book contains 57 old pictures similar to those published in the brochure, three letter reproductions and a six-page tax roll not available at the county courthouse...all interspersed with stories and history of the area."

(as reviewed Darwin E. Morris)



by The James Frederick Gomer Chapter of The Daughters of the Republic, Hemphill, Texas

Ÿ         indexed

Ÿ         table of contents:

vi  Abbreviations

vii Maps

1   History of The Sabine District and Sabine County, Blanche Finley Toole

2   1809 Census of The Nacogdoches District of The Sabine County Citizens and Genealogical Notes from the collections of Nettie Fort Maxey and Blanche Finley Toole

3   1837 Sabine County Tax Records

4   1846 Tax Record for Sabine County, Republic of Texas

5   References

6   Index

Ÿ         maps include:

Sabine County, past and present boundaries

Texas [counties] 1836

Texas Counties 1840

Original Land Districts in Texas-General Land Office, Austin

Sabinetown, nd

Map of the Town of Milam In Sabine County, July 16, 1850

(as reviewed Darwin E. Morris)


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