The Daughters of the Republic of Texas

 Rev. John Haynie Chapter of Madisonville, TX

 A Six Star Chapter

Chapter History
The Rev. John Haynie Chapter was Organized 8 Aug 2002 by Angela Fannin,

               President of the Robert Henry Chapter of the DRT of Bryan, TX          
Meetings are held September, November, January, March & May
on the 3rd Tuesday 

Officers 2017-2019
Chapter President  Maisie Temme
Vice President   Patsy Strawther
Secretary  Nancy Page
Treasurer  Patricia Stephenson
Historian  Donnie Moore
Chaplain  Sue McVey
Registrar    Sarah Warren
Parliamentarian Patricia Stephenson 

E-mail our Chapter Registrar for more information on joining DRT

 The objectives of this organization are (1) To perpetuate the  
 memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved and 
maintained the independence of Texas. (2) To encourage historical 
research into the earliest records of Texas, especially those relating 
 to the Revolution of 1835 and the events which followed; to foster 
the preservation of documents and relics; to encourage the 
publication of records of individual service of the soldiers and 
patriots of the Republic and other source material for the history 
of Texas.  (3) To promote the celebration of Texas Honor Days  
and to secure and memorialize historic spots by erecting markers 
thereon, and to cherish and preserve the unity of Texas, as 
achieved and established by the fathers and mothers of the 
Texas Revolution.

Our Texas Ancestors

Allphin, Emily C.
Hall, James Henry
Polvador, Malissa, Mrs.
Allphin, Shelton
Hayes, Patrick Pridgeon, Sophia W.
Ayers, Sarah L.
Haynie, Rev. John Robinson, George W.
Beall, Rhoda Creel
Jinkins, Greenberry Robinson, William Shelton
Blair, George
Keefer, George W. Robinson, Zoraster
Blair, Susan
Kellett, Thomas Jefferson Schrier, Dicy
Brooks, Elizabeth
Kelton, Robert Shye, Mary
Doolittle, Amanda M.
King, Moses Sweeny, Diana Haynie
Doolittle, Berry
Lang, George W. Sweeny, John, Sr.
Dorsett, Charles
Lindley, Samuel Washington Sweeny, Thomas Jefferson
Dorsett, John K.
Lockhart, Sarah Ann Taylor, Martha
Dorsett, Susannah
Lockhart, Sarah, Mrs. Uribe, Blas Maria
Edwards, Charles O.
McAdams, Hiram A. White, Elizabeth, Mrs.
English, Joshua
McAdams, John, Jr. White, Hester
Farris, Hezekiah
McAdams, John, Sr. White, Martin D.
Forsyth, Serena White Chappell
McAdams, Martha R.
White, Sarah
Forsyth, Thomas H. W.
McGary, Jonathan
Whitley, Gertrude E.
Forsyth, William Earl
Plaster, Thomas Winters, James W.
Fuller, Nancy Ann
Polvador, Joseph Winters, Lydia "Lillie" E.
Winters, William Carver

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