Red River County Texas Genealogical Society

Red River County Genealogical Society Programs

Scheduled for 2016

Unless otherwise noted, monthly meetings are held at 7 p.m. at the Red River County Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

  • Jan. Anne Evetts - A Pioneer’s Life in Red River County (Latimer Family)

  • Feb. 8 - "Last of the Caddoes" movie filmed in Red River County to be shown

  • Mar. 14 - Mike McCrary: History of Dalby Springs

  • Apr. 11 - John Sellers - "Researching Newspapers in Cyberspace"

  • May 9 -

  • June 13 - Andrew Torget, his book: "Seeds of Empire: Cotton, Slavery, and the Transformation of the Texas Borderlands"

  • July 11 - William Covington, (Waxahachie area) school teacher, muskets of the Revolutionary War

  • Aug. 8 - tentative: picnic at home of James & Mattie Griggs

  • Sep. 12 - Jeff Hampton; "Writing Your Family's History"

  • Oct. 10 -

  • Nov. 14 - Phyllis Brown, Teri Siddens and Veronica Jordan, of the Franklin County Genealogical Society. They will tell how they obtained their DNA results and what they found out about their ancestors. They will be sharing how to obtain your DNA results. They welcome any questions from those attending.

  • Dec. 12 - Christmas meeting at the Williams House Museum in Dekalb. Mike and Carolyn McCrary will host the event. All members are asked to bring finger foods. Afterwards, a tour of the museum will be conducted. Members and their guests are encouraged to come and enjoy the event.


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