St. Joseph's Society - 1905
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St. Joseph's Society  •  1905

St. Mary's  •  String Prairie

St. Joseph's Society - 1905

This picture is on page 145 in the Rockne History Book by Rev. Alois J. Goertz.

Ray Lagleder submitted the names below that were identified by Mary Sophie Grohman (Lagleder).

Bottom row seated - L/R:  John Ebner (standing), Andy Frerich, Ed Rabel, Adolph Warneck, Emil Klieber, Adolph A. Ott, Ed Grohman, Ernest Kleiber, Frank Fiebrich, Joe J. Ott, Emil J. Ott, Charlie Barton, Charlie A. Ott, Frank Grohman, Sr.

Middle row seated - L/R:  Joe Beck, Charlie Hoffman, Henry J. Schmidt, Mr. Leopold, Frank Fiebrich, Sr., Adolph Waneck, Sr., Mr. Barton, Alois Lagleder, Joe J. Ott ?, Anton Ott, Sr., Frank Grohman, Jr., Joe Fiebrich, Edmond Waneck.

Top row standing - L/R:  Frank Ott, Sr., John Goertz, Sr., John Frerich, Joe Frerich, Alois Schlinder, Father Joseph Meiser, Frank Wilhelm, Frank Rabel, Joe Rabel, Emil Grohman, August Seidel, Charlie Frerich.