Lagleder Family History
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Lagleder Family History

Review by Marian H. Nelson

The Family History was complied and updated by Ray Lagleder, Sr. He included some great old photos and the one of the Lagleder Homestead in Geiersberg, Bavaria, Germany is especially a wonderful addition. It was the home of Matthias and Susanne Lagleder and their fourteen children. Matthias Lagleder, Jr. born 01-20-1809, married 08-23-1836, Susanne Bachl, born in 1815. Children who immigrated to the United States are Joseph, Aloysius, Georg, and Matthias who returned to Germany before he died in 1902.

Father Gerard Lagleder provided information on the origins of the name and Mr. Lagledger gave some helpful hints in researching that can be applied to any surname. He also asks your help in his search for more information on the Lagleder family.

"Lagl" is Bavarian dialect and means everything between a little puddle of water to a small lake. Even a little bit of drink left in your glass could be referred to as a Lagl. The whole thing comes from latin "lacus" which means lake. And "eder" is somebody living in a lonely place. A little house in the middle of nowhere would be referred to as Einode (in proper German) or Ed (in Bavarian dialect), the inhabitant would be the "Eder". So the name "Lagleder" means somebody living in a lonely place next to a lake.

For those that may use the Internet to search for Lagleder information, it should be noted that the word "Lagleder" in Norwegian and Finnish means "Teamleader", therefore you will get all sorts of sports pages without any relevance to our family. Typical is a list of names on the team and then Lagleder: Sen Pedersen. Indicating that Sen Pedersen is the teamleader, the word Lagleder is used much as we use the word Captain.

Early documents, such as deeds, licenses, census records, etc. in the U. S. may miss-spell the name as Logleder, Lagleader, Langleder, Loglader, etc., but fortunately for research purposes none of the Lagleders' have ever used any spelling other than "Lagleder".

Research continues, as I am trying to find the dates that Joseph, Georg, and Jerome Lagleder came to the U.S. A., also the names of the ships that brought them to this country. Any information will be deeply appreciated, as well as copies of any old pictures that may be in your possession.

If you have any additions, comments, corrections, etc. for this "Lagleder History" please let me know.

Ray Lagleder, Sr.