Some old pictures of Toyah

Some old photos from Reeves Co


Vivian Grissom.BMP (629214 bytes)

Alice Vivian Grissom El Paso, Texas 1921     18 May 1900 – 10 Sep 1984

Vivian Divers.BMP (713858 bytes)

Vivian Grissom Divers Los Angeles, California 1927 piano teacher.

Vivian Diveres w car.BMP (558114 bytes)

Vivian Grissom Divers Palmdale, California 1949 with 1927 Hudson ‘Super Six’


Omer Divers, Sr..BMP (656502 bytes)

Omer Divers at the Dixieland oil field about 1919.   Although she was living in Pecos at the time, he met Miss Vivian Grissom sometime in 1926-7 working as a stenographer at the downtown Los Angeles office of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.  They married in November 1927.


Bob's family portrait.BMP (679194 bytes)

Vivian's father Robert Franklin Grissom age 55 with oldest daughter Kate Taylor Lewis age 33, granddaughters Kathy Lewis age 2 and Gladys Vivian Lewis age 6 Pecos, Texas 1924.

Postcard.BMP (827574 bytes)


Picture postcard postmarked Henderson, Texas 6 Nov 1911
left - cousin Curtis Breedlove born 11 Dec 1898-20 Jul 1971, Lena Langham's daughter,  with Vivian's sister Mary Jewell Grissom 17 Jan 1896 - 30 Sep 1918.


Electra Hall.BMP (757358 bytes)

Electra Christian Hall 1868-1911

Robert Grissom.BMP (768942 bytes)

Robert Franklin Grissom 4 Aug 1869 – 17 Aug 1938

Stephen Taylor Hall.BMP (862734 bytes)

This picture sent by a cousin, which was broken in half, is grandfather Hall's house near Palestine, Texas around his 68th birthday, November 1896. L to R are Robert ‘Bob’ Franklin Grissom age 28, wife Electra Christian (Hall) Grissom 28, holding daughter Mary Jewell Grissom 9 months, daughter Kate Taylor Grissom  5, holding hand of grandfather Stephen Taylor Hall. He was living with his daughter and son-in-law on Bob’s farm on the Pecos River near the oil town of Dixieland, when he died sometime in  Aug or Sep 1904. His grave location is unknown. The rest of the family are in the Pecos Fairview Cemetery.


old schouse.BMP (906162 bytes)

The drawing is from the inside cover of 'The Sharp Top School' by Joe Cross 1937.


untitled.BMP (708974 bytes)

The front yard of Kate (Grissom) Lewis located at 1303 South Oak St., Pecos, Texas 1949-50
left to right - Cousin Johnny Grissom Divers "artist" 1933-1983. Played for Odessa College Wranglers.
Rev. Robert (Bob) Barron Lewis pastor of Presbyterian Church 9 Sep 1926-21 Jul 1997
Kathy Lewis born 24 Jan 1922 and married in Pecos 20 Feb. 1944 to Capt. "Ike" Boggs AAF
Jake Green Lewis 9 Nov. 1928. Was in the Korean conflict with his brother, cousins & Ike.
Granddaughter Eleanor Vivian Lewis born 10 July 1939 in Pecos; married Jay Frank Powell
Grandson Robert "Robbie" Earl Penn, born 9 March 1943. Married Melinda Claire Maves.

Ira J. Bell.BMP (787798 bytes)

Ira J. Bell’s 1919 Essex ‘Super Six’ touring sedan crossing the Pecos River with his family . His son Earl was a friend of the Grissoms’ and is in Reminscence.

Ethel Bell.BMP (641786 bytes)

Ira J. Bell’s daughter Ethel Bell   at  oil well in Dixieland.


Pecos0002.JPG (222919 bytes)

Pecos, Texas

This photo of main street in Pecos was taken by my father Omer Fetguson Divers circa 1919.

My mother Alice Vivian Grisson lived in Pecos with her two sisters Kate Taylor and Mary Jewell on their fathers farm. Grandfather Robert Franklin (Bob) Grissom and grandmother Electra Christian (Hall) Grissom and their daughters are all at Fairview Cemetery.

It's ironic that he and his mother Lillie Maud (Davis) Tucker were selling oil shares for promoter Ira J. Bell and his future wife Miss Alice Vivian Grissom was living there. Right next door is the 'Mint Cafe' where Uncle Bob Lewis had coffee every morning. There is a short story about him and his daughter Gladys and son-in-law Bob Penn in the book ‘Pecos, A History of the Pioneer West’ Volumes 1 & 2 by Alton Hughes. On First St. the ‘West of the Pecos Museum’ has a jail picture of a stable boy who stole Bob Lewis' guns and horse. He was the last horse thief hung in Texas. Grandfather Bob Grissom came from East Texas to farm in the rich Pecos River Valley. He bought 320 acres and built a two story house for his family. It was located 26 miles North of Pecos on US #285 near the old ghost town of Dixieland which later became a boom town with the discovery of oil. I have letters to R. F. and Electra Grissom postmarked 1905 Dixieland. He sold the farm and moved to Pecos so the children could attend school but his frail wife soon died in 1911. Later he married Miss Marion Snow Hudson and they grew some of the finest Pecos cantaloupes on the 68 acre farm located at Range Road #1216 about 11 miles North of Pecos. What stands out in my boyhood memory how grandfather grew the sweetest melons. I think he sold his interest in a successful company to his partner M L Todd because he saw his life ending. He was 69 when they found him slumped over the wheel of his tractor. In front of the ‘West of the Pecos Museum’ is a Historic Marker #5397 Title: ‘The Pecos Cantaloupe’. The name R F Grissom a true pioneer of the industry is missing from the story.

The above 11 pictures
Contributed by Omer Divers, Jr.


06 Baptist Church Toyah, TX 1904.jpg (25833 bytes)

Baptist Church, Toyah, Texas 1904

05_Public_School_Toyah_TX_1911.jpg (22871 bytes)

Toyah Public School - 1911

03 odell girls sewing class-jenny and gertie at front machines.jpg (25495 bytes)

Odell girls sewing class - Jenny and Gertie at front machines

04 gertie odell by ta dick odell's barber tent at balmorhea.jpg (26119 bytes)

Gertie Odell by T. A. 'Dick' Odell' s barber tent in Balmorhea

05 parade, probably pecos.jpg (26026 bytes)

A parade, probably in Pecos

02 balmorhea.jpg (37509 bytes)

Balmorhea street scene

01 balmorhea school scene 1905-10, with charles whitehead and assorted odell children.jpg (28825 bytes)

Balmohea school circa 1905 -  Assorted Odell children

Red Bluff.JPG (20375 bytes)

This must be a deversion dam built in the Davis Mountains by Mr. Smith's grandfather.

For more info on the Odell family check this web site:


Pictures donated by Bill Smith of Sanderson, Texas




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