Old Pecos School Pictures

Old Pecos School Pictures

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Pecos High School 1911

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Class of 1911

There were only 8 students who graduated on May  20, 1911; one boy and 7 girls.  The graduates were: Salutatorian Elinor Vawler, Valedictorian Mary Wilhite, Mary Henry Woods, Eva Stancliff, Sadie Collings Mary Nelson,  Miss Chester Heath, and Gid Rowden

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Class of 1927

There were 22 students who graduated in 1927, but only 20 are in the class picture. They are back row l. to r. Ellen Kate Ross, Alfred Leeman, Elenor Eudaley, Frank Wilson, Virgie Cowan, Lester Weatherby, Tottie   Jensen, Mr. Green, Teacher

Next row down:Mildred Eudaley, George Morrison, Emma Mount, Morris Collie, Jjhnie Callison, Anice Buchanan, Bryan Biggs. Ima Durdin

3rd row down: Delia Mae Hudson, Norman Eisenwine, Evelyn Leeman, Edith Hudson, Jessie Sue Armstrong. Howell Johnson, Ruby Poer, Ruth Newell,Eloise Wheat

Front row: Clara Fuqua, Janice McKellar , Bob Dean,  Wylie Sue Cole and Roy Weatherby



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