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Real County Texas

Pronounced: "REE-al"
Est: 1913

Neighbors: N & W: Edwards; NE: Kerr; E: Bandera; S: Uvalde

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County Seat: Leakey, TX.

Named for: Julius Real, rancher and politician


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Prepared by Marjorie Kellener, Copyright 1997

History and Survey by Sid Heard, Reagan Wells, Texas Compiled by Marjorie Keilner

Location: Off US 83 at Dry Frio River; up FM 1051 to Reagan Wells community; 7 or 8 miles above Reagan Wells on the old Hokit Ranch; about 1/2 mile East of Dry Frio road.

History: Exile Cemetery dates to at least Dec. 22, 1892. The cemetery served a community called Exile which also supported a school by that name. The Exile settlement was about 8 miles above the present location of Reagan Wells.
One very moving story connected with Exile Cemetery is that of Hubert W. Boales. He and Winnie Pruitt were married in 1899 and hitched up the wagon for a trip to Mexico to see friends who worked on a ranch there. The honeymoon trip became a nightmare when on the return trip home, Hubert fell quite ill. Shortly thereafter, others took to their sickbeds.
The doctor was sent for and said upon reaching the yard gate, "It's small-pox, can1 t you smell it?". The sympathetic crowd standing around scattered in all four directors. With good reason, small-pox was one of the most dreaded diseases in those times.
Nine people from the Exile Community fell ill; all were quaranteed
Hubert and his father, Austin H. Boales, were the only two who died. A strange decision was made when Hubert died on Sept. 08. He would be buried apart from the other graves at Exile Cemetery. A site about 1/2 mile away was chosen and Hubert was laid to rest. Twenty days
later, Austin H. Boales was buried beside his son. A joint stone
records his death beside his wife in the cemetery proper and one in the Smallpox Annex of Exile Cemetery marks his resting place.

BOALES, Annie Alleen 09-30-1874 10-17-1935
BOALES, Austin H. 12-12-1841 09-28-1899
BOALES, Kate E. (Carlisle)
(wife) 07-01-1836 08-20-1926
BOALES, John 0. (Jack) 12-17-1876 09-03-1954
BOALES, Mable N. (Routt)
(wife) 02-05-1904 02-28-1954
BOALES, Lawrence 04-17-1934 10-24-1937
BOALES, J. D. , Jr. 10-27-1926 O7~O3~l979*
PFC, US Army, World War II
CROMEANS, C. W. 03-31-1879 10-18-1900
CUMNINS, H. T. 05-10-1831 10-25-1907
CUMMINS, Infant daughter of
R. L. Cummins 01-04-1910 09-04-1910
FELTS, Louis Edward 08-08-1826 03-14-1909
FELTS, Ann (Todd) 02-16-1849 06-20-1894
GAINES, Nola Lucy 1910 1913
RIME Abbie S. 11-13-1881 05- -1935
HIME, George 02-14-1850 01-31-1934
HIME, John Lee 08-15-1890 05-05-1906
HOKET, Charles H. 04-10-1865 01-15-1941
HOKET, Mary Frances (Boales) 12-07-1867 02-08-1951
HOKET, Richard Henry 02-11-1892 03-27-1946
MANER, Dora (Routt) 10-10-1897 03-04-1920
MORRIS, W. C. 1930 1930
O'BRYANT, Annie Ethel 10-05-1901 01-29-1907
O'BRYANT, Nettie Jane 02-08-1852 12-22-1892
O'BRYANT, Infant
ROUTT, J. M. 1928
ROUTT, Johnnie W. 02-09-1870 04-27-1952
ROUTT, Mollie F. (Hime)(wife) 05-28-1875 11-16-1956


BOALES, Austin H. 12-12-1841 09-28-1899
"A precious one from us has gone;
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home,
That never can be filled."
BOALES, Hubert W. 09-10-1870 09-08-1899
"But is he dead - no, no, he lives;
His precious spirit flys
To heaven above there to receive
That long expected prize.