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Real County Texas

Pronounced: "REE-al"
Est: 1913

Neighbors: N & W: Edwards; NE: Kerr; E: Bandera; S: Uvalde

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County Seat: Leakey, TX.

Named for: Julius Real, rancher and politician


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History and Survey by Sid Heard, Reagan Wells, Texas Compiled by Marjorie Keliner

Location: Graveyard Flat Cemetery is near Trough Springs in the Reagan Wells area in southwest Real County, Texas. The cemetery is up the canyon from Exile Cemetery, and East of Dry Frio Road. Access to this area is gained by turning on FM1O5l off US 83 at Dry Frio River.

History: Graveyard Flat Cemetery has one grave, a solitary reminder of pioneer trials in the 1880s. The fact that the grave site is identifiable after over 100 years is an attest to the love one mother and father had for their child. Graveyard Flat is so-called because of the solitary grave and is near Trough Springs. A trough indention in the solid rock creek bottom has been worn away by water erot ion. The Tanner family lived in the area for a short time, according to oral history, and buried their baby there, erecting a rock wall around the grave. They carved the name and date on a stone to identify the interred. The lettering has weathered to the point of being unreadable

Many years ago, the Heard and Cummings families were visited by a man who gave them a picture of himself as a little boy, standing beside the grave of little Delta Flora Tanner. His dad had taken the picture, and noted the details shown on the marker. The visitor gave the information to the families, who have kept it for more than 50 years. Names of other family members remain a mystery.

TANNER, Delta Flora 07-30-1884 08-04-1884


History and survey by Sid Heard, Reagan Wells Compiled by Marjorie Kellner

Location: Clark Cemetery is on Mare Creek, a tributary of Dry Frio River in far southwest Real County, Texas. The cehietery is about 8 miles above Reagan Wells, Texas and 1 mile from Exile Cemetery. Reagan Wells Community is on FMlO5l off US 83 at Dry Frio River.

History: Joe Clark took his ax on his shoulder one day and went out to chop wood. His little daughter, Aggie, tagged along with him. As he chopped a limb from a tree and it fell to the ground, Joe told Aggie to remember that in the event of his death, he wanted to be buried on that spot. Not long thereafter, on Dec. 24, 1901, Joe H. Clark, Sr. passed away and was buried as he had wished. So began Clark Cemetery. After Joe's death, Annie, his wife, married his brother, D. C. (Buck) Clark and they had two girls, Mary, who married Bud Mills and Mattie, who married Tony Cummings.


  • CLARK, Joe H., Sr. 10-19-1857 12-24-1901
  • CLARK, Annie(Wilson)(wife) 03-30-1869 04-29-1953
  • CLARK, D. C. (Buck) 10-27-1864 07-08-1943
  • CLARK, David 10-11-1930 10-24-1988
  • CLARK, Coldie 09-19-1897 04-16-1907
  • CLARK, Oscar A. 06-10-1919 06-30-1979 *Pvt. , U. S. Army World War II
  • CLARK, Vida Faye (infant) 04-23-1975 04-23-1975
  • CLARK, Willie P. 09-20-1887 06-11-1965 *Pvt. , Medical Dept. World War I
NOTE By the County Coordinator:

On Searching for informaiton about Annie, Mary, and Mattie. I found;
Annie's Death Certificate:
Name:Annie Susie Clark
Death Date:29 Apr 1953
Death County:Uvalde

  • In the 1940 Real County Census, Sheet Number:7B; Annie and David G. Clark
  • In the 1930 Census, Precinct 1, Real, Texas; Annie and D.G Clark,
  • In the 1920 Census in Justice Precinct 1, Real, Texas; Susie and Buck Clark, , with Mattie age 8, and Mary,age 12,
  • In the 1910 Census, Justice Precinct 4, Edwards, Texas; Susie A Clark and David G. Clark , with Mary D. age 2.
    Step Children listed for David G. Clark:
    • William P. Clark-21
    • Agnes Clark-20
    • Albert A. Clark-17
    • David G. Clark-14
    • Goldie M. Clark-12
    • Joe H. Clark-9
  • In 1900 the Justice Precinct 4, Edwards, Texas; Susan A Clark, Age:31,Birth Date: Mar 1869,Birthplace:Missouri,
    Married to Joseph Clark,Marriage Year:1886
    Children listed:
    • William Clark-12
    • Aggie Clark-10
    • Albert Clark-8
    • David G Clark-5
    • Goldie Clark-2