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Postcards not only show the wide diversity of Texas, but also allow us to record a bit of Texas history. Enjoy your travels through time as you view some of the old cards. You will find they are mainly 1950's back, with an occasional modern era card thrown in for good measure. Most of the images you will find have been sent to me from other postcard hounds, so the image quality you will find to be varied. **We are unable to re-scan a card, as we don't have the original in our possession**.   

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Many thanks go to all the wonderful folks that have contributed to the images on this site. I would like to give them all credit, but there are too many to list and still have time to post new images.  Also very special thanks to Elaine Martin for her labor of love in starting this site and so generously turning it over to the *new* Texas Postcards Special Project.

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The United States Postal Service began issuing pre-stamped postal cards in 1873.  The USPS was the only establishment allowed to print postcards, and it held its monopoly until May 19, 1898, when Congress passed the Private Mailing Card Act which allowed private publishers and printers to produce postcards. The public could mail the private mailing cards for 1 instead of the letter rate of 2. Private Mailing Cards Period, 1898 - 1901; Post Card Period, 1901-1907; Divided Back Period, 1907-1914: White Border Period, 1915-1930; Linen Period,1930-1944; Modern Photo chrome-style Period, 1939 - to date.




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