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2000 Queries

2000 Queries

Submitter: Rece Sutherlin (
Date: 17 Apr 2000

Looking for any information on Sutherlins in Presidio Country. Several land records indicate that at least one large family of Sutherlins settled in the area around 1850 possibly from Kentucky.
Surnames: TARANGO
Submitter: Annie Hyatt (
Date: 14 Apr 2000

I'm looking for information on the Tarango family who resided in Presidio around 1915-1925. I'm especially interested in Remedios, Francisco, and Joseph.
Submitter: Aubrey Clark II (
Date: 09 Apr 2000

On June 2, 1934, my cousin Mary Edna Nations and her husband, Riley Smith were murdered, then burned in their ranch house near Marfa. Know they're buried in one of the Marfa Cemeteries. Need date of burial and name of cemetery, for Riley Smith (ca 1874-1934) and his wife, Mary Edna Nations (1880-1934). Any help appreciated.
Submitter: Cecelia Rudin (
Date: 07 Apr 2000

I am trying to find out info on my grandmother's family. Her mother was Mae Belle Fenley Preston, Father - Gaines B. Preston and her grandparents were James T. Fenley and Matilda Jane Gibson Fenley. She married Arthur L. Thomasson. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
Surnames: SOUTHARD
Submitter: Betty Southard (
Date: 04 Apr 2000

Searching for information on SOUTHARD. It is our understanding that John Southard lived in Terlinqua and is buried there. Any info. would be helpful.
Submitter: Fred Westcott (
Date: 13 Mar 2000

Am looking for any information on the WELLS family of Marfa, TX. William WELLS (b. bet. 1835 and 1850) of MO went to Marfa and had at least three children: Charles, Mary Elizabeth and Oscar. At least Oscar WELLS continued living in Marfa. Mary Elizabeth WELLS m. Robert Reid ELLISON in Sherman, TX, and had daughter, Julia ELLISON, who m. Lee PLUMLEY. Thanks, Fred Westcott
Surnames: HOWARD
Submitter: Tudie Alsbury (
Date: 16 Jan 2000

I am looking for information on G. A. Howard. In a clipping from Seguin Enterprise, 1888, the following is written: November 13, 1888 Mr. G. A. Howard of Marfa, Texas is visiting his father, Mr. M. Howard of this place. This place refers to Staples Store or later Staples, Texas. Does anyone know of this Howard family in Marfa? Thanks for any information. Tudie
Submitter: Rosario Molinar (
Date: 07 Jan 2000

I am looking for information on my grandparents that lived in Presidio County: Jose ONTIVEROS (b1891)-had a brother, Juan who may have been orphaned due to an epidimic that took the lives of their mother and other family members. They were then raised by thei r Grandmother, Rosario SERRANO (?). Any information about my Grandmother, Catarina SERRANO of Shafter Tx and family information. Any information about Pedro MARTINEZ of Marfa Tx Any information about Angelita RENTERIA of Marfa Tx Any infomation about Martina or Matiana RENTERIA lived in Mexico then later in Marfa Tx Any information about lifestyle and work on ranches during the period 1920-50's. My grandfather Jose ONTIVEROS was a cook during roundups. I'd like to hear from anyone that may have stories to share about these times. Any information about a listing of men from Presidio County that were recruited by Pancho Villa. It is said that two of my grandmothers brothers SERRANO's were recruited by Villa and later returned to work in the mines in Shafter. Thank you for any information you may have.

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