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Water Carnival History

The tradition began back in 1936, when Comanche Springs flowed freely and Texas was celebrating its Centennial. Henry Mansfield Long and the local Lions Club wanted to do something to pay tribute to Texas 100 years of Statehood, and the beautiful springs that contributed so much to the entire region. According to the "Pecos County History," and the section on Water Carnival compiled by Bobbye Kincaid, "It was the goal of the club to enlist support of the entire population of Fort Stockton to the end that the Water Carnival may be so outstanding a success that it may become an annual event, bringing wide fame to Fort Stockton as the resort town of this section."

YearShowDirectorMiss Fort Stockton
2007Around The WorldChristina PachecoKati Harral




Brianna Sloan


Queen of New Orleans

Jacqui King Cosper

Alexis Ramirez


Water Carnivalopoly

Cathy Burnham Havins

Kristi Harral


Jungle Boogie

Kara Nehring McMurtrey

Crystal Holguin


The Phantom

Darrla & Mellessa Pules

Sheena Aaron


Wild, Wild West

Kara Nehring McMurtrey

Amy Ponce


Where in the World is Miss Fort Stockton

Shannon Lynn

Keelie Renee Cates


From Water Carnival With Love

Alice Tilton Duerksen

Staci McCallister


Family Vacation

Lori Johnson

Naomi Garcia Alvarez


Return to Paradise Isle

Georgianna Lewis & Alice Tilton Duerksen

Tessa Rae Roller


No Tricks, All Treats

Cathy Burnham Havins

Bristi Havins


Oh What A Night

Leonard Ledford, I and Leonard Ledford, II

Jane Berry Velasquez


Dare to Dream

Randy Ham

Nikki Tavarez


Play Like

Alice Tilton Duerksen

Abby Gonzales


As I Am

Kyan Kirby

Stacey Poage Agnew


No Bad News

Darrla Snailum Pules & Delise Jenson Henry

Maria Castelo



Jill Davis & Debra Ezell

Namoi Ibarra

1989A Salute to HollywoodHector Suarez & Kay Handley HillPaige Kresta Strong
1988Once Upon A TimeMuff Moore Taylor LondonSoni Gray
1987Summer Dreamin'Jane E. Fisher Woodward & Chris PuckettJeana Cacy
1986Back to the FutureBobbye, Dru & Gail KincaidLori Woodward
1985Way to GoAlice Tilton DuerksenRosana Velasco Ryan
1984Good Ole Summer TimeTerri Smetak Riggs ClaycombMelanie Graham
1983No Water CarnivalPool RepairsConnie Riggs Morrow
1982Weather Or NotAlice Tilton DuerksenConnie Vasquez
1981Underwater OdysseyDorothy Hearne Nolen & Molly YeagerMelanie McKenzie
1980It's About TimeAlice Tilton DuerksenDana Rowden
1979CitiesAlice Tilton DuerksenShelly Large
1978Show BizGeorgianna Lewis BazeJill Price
1977Escape to Paradise IsleGeorgianna Lewis BazeMyra Urias
1976Memories Left BehindMolly YeagerSandra Magee
1975Show BoatAlice Tilton Duerksen & Gail Lain Lewis DrummondCharlsa Sherill
1974No Water CarnivalPool RepairsTanya Frazee McKenzie
1973WC Goes C&WAlice Tilton DuerksenKatherine L. Kerr
1972Opening NightSuzie Eason PattersonKaroyn Broyles Henderson
1971Space Odyssey 1971Ron BlaydesBecky Lawrence Boren
1970No Water CarnivalNo SponsorTeresa Moring
1969No Water CarnivalNo SponsorLanthia Ligon Hogg
1968No Water CarnivalNo SponsorKaren Bryce Pfiester
1967No Water CarnivalNo Sponsor 
1966Water Carnival, USASandra DrummBetty Salisbury
1965The King and IH. Neil WhitingCynthia Conner
1964Peter PanH. Neil WhitingCarol Whitley
1963Hey RubeFleeter EasonVicki Carter
1962Over the RainbowSam BakerMartha Lynne Nicks
1961Operation Kimono Marsha Wilson
1960Sentimental Journey Nicki Kincaid
1959Fort Stockton CalvacadeEdmund NejaimeyVicki Bates Ratliff
1958Calendar CapersSam BakerBeverly Wilson
1957DreamsFleeter EasonSue Simpson Carpenter
1956Pow-wow on ComancheFleeter EasonDonna Sue Church McCollum
1955Sky's the LimitFleeter EasonMargaret Lannon Bowles
1954Enchanted Pond, Mother Goose FantasyFleeter EasonLou Anne Dych Watson
1953No Water CarnivalLow Water 
1952No Water CarnivalLow Water 
1951No Water CarnivalLow Water 
1950No Water CarnivalLow Water 

No Water Carnival

Photos submitted by Jimmy Joe Moore

Low WaterJoy Hickman Short
1948No Water CarnivalLow WaterDorothy White Wagner
1947Then & NowSam GroggJoan Slaughter Foster
1946No Water Carnival  
1945No Water CarnivalWorld War II 
1944No Water CarnivalWorld War II 
1943No Water CarnivalWorld War II 
1942No Water CarnivalWorld War II 
1941Water Carnival Bobbie Lou Dunn Patterson
1940Water Carnival Sammie Lee Warnock Pfiester
1939Water Carnival Arlene Hunter Reeves
1938Water Carnival Laurys Hadden Herzberger
1937Water Carnival Betsy Dan Bihl Dunagan
1936Water Carnival Sammie Lee Warnock Pfiester








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