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Yesterdays Topical Index for all years: 1981-2003

The following shows the table of contents for each issue of the Nacogdoches Genealogical Society journal Yesterdays with links to the index for some issues. Miscellaneous information of interest to genealogists is interspersed throughout the journals but isn't listed in the Tables of Contents.

Issue Date
Vol. XX Num. 1
Mar 2000
In Memory of James M. Hines    
Some Officers of Nacogdoches County 1846-1875 Joe E. Ericson 1-5
Alabamans in East Texas (Part 5 of 7) Joe E. Ericson 6-10
Joseph A. Blakey Will   11-13
Bible Records: William James Vawter, John L. Forsyth   14-16
The Beck-Forrest Connection Dr. R. Fenton Wicker, Jr. 16-19
Jo Baxter Letter, 1878   20
Descendants of Samuel Oxsheer (part 1 of 2) Sheryl Sutphen 21-42
Index - Mar 2000   43-48
Vol. XX Num. 2
Sep 2000
Descendants of Marcus D. Lafayette Sharpe Carolyn R. Ericson 1-13
Alabamans in East Texas (Part 6 of 7) Joe E. Ericson 14-17
Nancy Christian Christian Family 17-19
Reuben (Shelby) Hamilton Notes and Descendants Linda Hamilton Schnacke 20-23
Bible Records and Cemetery Records: Forehand Elizabeth Tyree 24-26
List of Early Settlers in Shelby County, Texas William A. Woldert, Sr. 27-28
Ten Commandments for Names (Genealogy Humor) from the Internet   29
Library Notes (Gifts of Nacogdoches Genealogical Society to East Texas Research Center)   30-32
Descendants of Samuel Oxsheer (part 2 of 2) Sheryl Sutphen 33-36
Descendants of Tom Leonard Gerall Weatherly 37-39
Descendants of George Washington Warren Gerall Weatherly 40-42
Index - Sep 2000   43-48
Vol. XXI Num. 1
Mar 2001
Recollections of Old Times in the South Mary A. Meadows 1-5
Coutee / Couty / Teagle / Brown / Lathan
Bible Records: W. R. Sparks, W. H. Herrington, Jesse Randolph DeShazo   6-7
Jean Joseph de la Baume from The News-Star, 10 Feb. 1989 Betty McMillan 7-8
Massingill / Selvage / Lilly / Eason / Jones / Squyers / Watson / Clover / Vincent / Cole / Underwood / Stanaland / Suttles / Pitman
Lt. Col. Isaac Holman and Anne Wigglesworth Nayona Millard 9-10
Descendants of John Scogin Sheryl Sutphen 11-18
The Jesse Crisp Family   19-21
Alabamans in East Texas (Part 7 of 7) Joe E. Ericson 22-30
Bethel Cemetery Records (Part 1 of 4)   31-41
Index - Mar 2001   43-51
Vol. XXI Num. 2
Sep 2001
Nacogdoches Legislators - a Directory Joe E. Ericson 1-8
Civil War Veterans Interviews
E. F. DeShazo (9-10)
W. W. Alvis (10-11)
J.T. Fitzgerald (12-13)
Gomez / Arreguin / Sais / Zuniga
William Hart Family Bible David Tucker 14-15
Murder of John H. Boozer Vaughn Ballard 16-20
Blackwell Family   21-28
Civil War Letter - J. L. Brazill   28
Bethel Cemetery Records (Part 2 of 4)   29-42
Index - Sep 2001   43-51
Vol. XXII Num. 1
Mar 2002
In Memory of Edith Blackburn Corley    
Demographic Study of Four East Texas Counties Joe E. Ericson 1-11
Confederate Organizations of Texas Joe E. Ericson 12-15
Obituary of Lindsay H. Davis Larry E. Caver, Jr. 15
Letter from Moses Patton East Texas Research Center File 16-18
Alvin Dean Smith Elizabeth S. Tribble 18
Bible Records Hayter Family Bible 19-20
Nacogdoches County Hayter Family Carolyn Ericson 21-26
Commission as Lt. Colonel in the Mounted Gunmen of Texas Texas State Archives 27-30
Bethel Cemetery Records (Part 3 of 4)   31-42
Index - Mar 2002   43-51
Vol. XXII Num. 2
Sep 2002
Autobiography of Rev. Allen Thomas Garrard Rev. Allen Thomas Garrard 1-9
Bible Records: William Slay, H. W. Slay, Yarbrough, Jarrell, Stockman   9-14
Tennessee Presbyterian Church - Shelby County, Texas   11-12
Story of the Stockman Family East Texas Research Center File 15-16
Descendants of David H. Henderson Aline Holtzman 17-25
Genealogist's Prayer Marvin Maupin 25
Bethel Cemetery Records (Part 4 of 4)   26-39
Frustrated Genealogist's Calendar   40
Roster, Company G., 2nd Texas Infantry, 1916) Dr. Betty Drake 41-42
Index - Sep 2002   43-51
Vol. XXIII Num. 1
Mar 2003
In Memory of Marie Louise Davidson Hand, Margaret Williams Hume, Barbara Oliver Stockwell   01
President's Letter Myrna Johnson 2
Brightwell Letter to County Judge Charles Brightwell 3
Massacre at Fort Mims Carol Brightwell 4-5
Descendants of James Mims Carol Brightwell 6-10
Descendants of John Lyon Martin Kitty Goehrs 11-13
Reminiscences of Child From The World War II Era Charles Brightwell 14-15
How Did Family Names Originate? Myrna Johnson 16-22
History of Shady Grove Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas Dr. Thomas Franks, 23-30
Pine Grove Black Cemetery Transcript, Part 1 (Surnames A-C) Carolyn Ericson, 31-37
Index - Mar 2003   38-45
Vol. XXIII Num. 2
Sep 2003
President's Letter Myrna Johnson 1
Goldsberry Family of Chireno Elizabeth Smith Tribble 2-4
Thomas McKissack Family Doris Roach Johnson 5
Using the GLO-BLM Website Debbie Parker Wayne 6-13
Mrs. N. C. Boatman Pension File Jon Peterson 14-16
F. M. Parrott Pension File Jon Peterson 17-28
Mrs. Josephine E. Parrott Pension File Jon Peterson 29-33
Barnes Cemetery Billie and Dick Wingate 34-35
Helpenstell Cemetery Billie and Dick Wingate 36-44
Pine Grove Black Cemetery Transcript, Part 2 (Surnames D-H) Carolyn Ericson, 45-51
Index - Sep 2003  52-59
Vol. XXIV Num. 1
Mar 2004
Nacogdoches Research Carolyn Reeves Ericson 1-7
Update on Census Indexes Debbie Parker Wayne 7
21 October 1921 Sentinel Extracts [Don't miss the article "A Whole League In Himself" on page 10] Debbie Parker Wayne 8-14
Andrew Jackson Hart Story Frank W. Johnson, contributed by David K. Tucker 15-16
Thomas J. Rusk Story Sam Houston Story Mark Barringer 17-19
John Hall Family Story and Bible Records Sandra Gwilliam 20-24
Pinegrove (Black) Cemetery, Part 3, I-R L. E. Kidd, Ida Sanders, Robert Garrett, Raymond Berry, Carolyn Ericson, Kathryn Davis, Linda Devereaux 25-33
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter Debbie Parker Wayne 34
U.S. World War I Draft Registrations Jean Nudd, NARA 34-41
Index - Mar 2004  42-48
Vol. XXIV Num. 2
Sep 2004
1920 Nacogdoches Telephone Book, Introduction Debbie Parker Wayne 1
1920 Nacogdoches Telephone Book, Scanned Images [and Transcripts] James Thompson 2-21
1920 Nacogdoches Telephone Book,Transcribed and Sorted by Telephone Number Debbie Parker Wayne 22-38
German Immigrants to Nacogdoches Carolyn Reeves Ericson 39-43
Nacogdoches Naturalization Records, Introduction Debbie Parker Wayne 44
Nacogdoches Naturalization Records,Fidel Muller Records Debbie Parker Wayne 45-54
Nacogdoches Naturalization Records,Index Transcript Debbie Parker Wayne 55-62
Index - Sep 2004  63-71
Vol. XXV Num. 1
Mar 2005
1914 First Methodist Church of Nacogdoches, Texas Directory Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Peggy Price 1-14
1910-11 Symphony Club of Nacogdoches, Texas Directory Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Bernnice Sampley 15-26
Pinegrove (Black) Cemetery, Part 4, S-Z L. E. Kidd, Ida Sanders, Robert Garrett, Raymond Berry, Carolyn Ericson, Kathryn Davis & Linda Devereaux 27-33
A Texas Tragedy, The New London School Explosion (Poster for Play) Dr. Bobby Johnson 35
A Texas Tragedy, The New London School Explosion (Paper) Dr. Bobby Johnson and Dr. J. B. Watson 36-45
Index - Mar 2005  46-52
Vol. XXV Num. 2
Sep 2005
Nacogdoches Summer Normal, 1916 Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Myrna Johnson 1-4
Nacogdoches Summer Normal, [No Year] Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Myrna Johnson 5-9
The Faculty and Senior Class of the Nacogdoches Colored High School, 1925 Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Myrna Johnson 10-11
Nacogdoches Chronicle, May 31, 1853 (Gleanings from the Newspaper) Debbie Parker Wayne 12-19
Cove Springs Cemetery, History and Dedication Elizabeth Smith-Tribble 20-25
Cove Springs Cemetery Transcript Dick and Billie Wingate 26-31
Northern Born Residents (in 1850) Living in East Texas Counties Dr. Joe E. Ericson 32-38
1857 Texas Almanac Gleanings for East Texas Counties Debbie Parker Wayne 39-41
Index - Sep 2005  42-47
Vol. XXVI Num. 1
Mar 2006
Nacogdoches: A Historical Pageant, May 19, 1925 Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne 1-3
Women’s Home Mission Society, Year Book 1912 (Methodist Church) Contributed by James Thompson, Transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne 4-9
Natchez Trace Small Manuscript Collection Peggy Carter Price 10-16
Tennesseans In Nacogdoches County, Texas in 1850 Dr. Joe E. Ericson 17-29
Kathleen: A Romantic Comedy; 1920s Senior Class Play (Poss. 1924-1925); Nacogdoches High School Contr. by Mr. James Thompson, Myrna Johnson 30-36
Index - Mar 2006  37-44
Vol. XXVI Num. 2
Sep 2006
Trailing Tendrils Program, Cushing High School, 7 August 1925 Myrna Johnson, Contr. by Mr. James Thompson 1-2
Nacogdoches Stories Extracted from Confederate Veteran Magazine Debbie Parker Wayne 3-19
1911 Obituaries from The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches Carolyn Reeves Ericson 20-27
Big Brawl at Broaddus Garland Perry, Contr. by Kitty Goehrs 28-37
Index - Sep 2006  38-41

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