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Yesterdays Topical Index for all years: 1981-2003

The following shows the table of contents for each issue of the Nacogdoches Genealogical Society journal Yesterdays with links to the index for some issues. Miscellaneous information of interest to genealogists is interspersed throughout the journals but isn't listed in the Tables of Contents.

Issue Date
Vol. I Num. 1
Mar 1981
Abstracts from Early Nacogdoches Obituaries (1891-1902) Carolyn Ericson 1-7
Bailey Family (Descendants) E. Diane Ford 8-18
1848 Tax List, Nacogdoches County Andrew Caddel, Assessor and Collector contr. by Carolyn Ericson 19-22
Some Old School Districts Carolyn Ericson 23-24
Burr-Herndon Bible Betty Burr 25-27
Sam P. Smith Family Bible Mrs. Paul Smith 28-29
Brantley Bible Records Mrs. Edwin Crawford 30
Elijah Muckleroy Bible Records Mrs. James H. Stokes 31
Acrey Bible Records Mrs. Patricia Elsass 32
Attaway Bible Records Mrs. Wm. A. McBride 33
Nacogdoches County Records and Books For Sale   35-36
Index - Mar 1981   37-41
Vol. I Num. 2
Sep 1981
Declaration Of William Sparks In Order To Obtain The Benefits Of The Act Of Congress Passed June 7, 1832 Carolyn Ericson 1-7
Enlistments - Jan. 1836 (Muster Rolls, p. 114 , R. B. Blake, Vol. 24, p. 394) Carolyn Ericson 8-9
The Descendants Of Lorenzo Dow And Elizabeth Dawson Vawter Who Moved To Nacogdoches Co., Texas 1858-69 Hazel McCandless 10
1835 Certificates Of Entrance (Relative to Admission to Settle in Texas Under Colonization Laws of 1825) (Part 1 of 5) Betty Fagan Burr 11-17
Sanford/Samford Bible Records Winfred Samford Hilton 18-20
Brief Texas Bibliography Carolyn Ericson 21-24
Military and War-Related Records Carolyn Ericson 25-28
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Death Register, Volume I and II (1848-1900) (Part 1 of 2) Carolyn Ericson 29-38
Monograph Review: McLeod Centennial Address by Rev. William Angus McLeod, A.B., D.D. Emma Reeves 39-40
Index - Sep 1981   41-45
Vol. II Num. 1
Mar 1982
The Dawson Family Mrs. Jewel Helpinstill 1-4
Sketch of Bailey Anderson, Sr. V. Louise Morris 5-8
Bible Records: Hogan, Stockwell, William Bullock, Fagan, Slack, Morris, Weaver Mrs. Kenneth Rosenberger, Barbara Stockwell, Carolyn R. Ericson, Betty Fagan Burr, Mrs. Thomas J. Stanly, Rosalee Morris Curtis, Mrs. Eleanor Cox 9-24
Cemetery Record, Private Cem. on Hwy. 59 Near Minden, Rusk Co., TX Mrs. Betty Fagan Burr 25
1865 Tax List Nacogdoches, Texas Mrs. Carolyn R. Ericson 26-34
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Death Register, Vol. II (1900-1934) (Part 2 of 2) Mrs. Carolyn R. Ericson 35-44
1835 Certificates of Entrance (Part 2 of 5) Mrs. Betty Fagan Burr 45-51
Photo - Kenneth Roland Beavers and Ollie Eudora Sullivan Beavers, Lenora Beavers (Byrd) 1896   52
Index - Mar 1982   57-77
Vol. II Num. 2
Sep 1982
The Other Brother: Elijah Melton (Part 1 of 4) Dr. E. Diane Ford 1-25
Names From an Account Ledger of the Firm of Hardeman Bros., General Merchandise, Melrose, Nacogdoches County, Texas (1848-1852) Miss Gladys Hardeman contr. by Carolyn R. Ericson 26-27
Bible Records: Wadlington, Beck, John Wilson, Rambin Mrs. Kenneth Harlow, Alice Chancellor, Mrs. Frank Shofber, Mrs. Lester B. Sparks 28-33
Reminiscences of Early Texans: Recollections of Capt. Gibson Kuykendall Carolyn R. Ericson 34
1835 Certificates of Entrance (Part 3 of 5) Mrs. Betty Fagan Burr 35-40
Abstracts from Early Nacogdoches Obituaries - 1900 Carolyn R. Ericson 41-44
Forgotten Heroes of the Faith: Isaac Reed and Old North Church Leland Malone and L. W. Reed contr. by Carolyn R. Ericson 45-48
Index - Sep 1982   51-63
Vol. III Num. 1
Mar 1983
Notes from Special Collection, R. W. Steen Library, Stephen F. Austin State University   1
Declaration of Jesse Crawford in Application for Bounty Land for Service in War of 1812 Carolyn R. Ericson 2-4
The Other Brother: Elijah Melton (Part 2 of 4) Dr. E. Diane Ford 5-11
Bonavia's Immigration Regulations, 1809 (Part 1 of 3)
William Barr, William Bebe, Edmund Norris, Louis Fortune, Richards Symes, John Cedar, James Lepine, Dennis Quinelty, John Beins, Timothy Barnett, Jean Sarnac, Jose Lucubichi, Nicholas Pont, Antonio DuBois, Jean Baptiste Duponey, Julian Fonteno, William Cock, Pierre Dolet, Andrew Valentine
Carolyn R. Ericson 12-21
1835 Certificates of Entrance (Part 4 of 5) Mrs. Betty Fagan Burr 22-30
Index - Mar 1983   31-36
Vol. III Num. 2
Sep 1983
Bible Records: Pearson, Purviance, Hurt, Cotten Lynda G. Sax, Mrs. Billy Cox, Josephine P. Moore, Mrs. Leon B. Cotten 1-9
Letter of Helena Dill Berryman Carolyn R. Ericson 10-11
Some McKnight Family Data Mrs. Suzanne Mullane contr. by Carolyn R. Ericson 12-23
The Other Brother: Elijah Melton (Part 3 of 4) Dr. E. Diane Ford 24-31
Bonavia's Immigration Regulations, 1809 (Part 2 of 3)
Jean Baptiste Prudhomme, Michael Rambin, Charles Bruyar, Michael Bensan, Vincent Rolan, Paul Bovet Lafitte, Jean Palvado, Jane L. Bates, Pierre Bouvete Lafitte, Francois Prudhomme, Marie Rambin, James Dill, Stephen Goguete, Baptisite Colet, James Wallace, Pedro Bolio
Carolyn R. Ericson 32-39
1835 Certificates of Entrance (Part 5 of 5) Mrs. Betty Fagan Burr 40-41
Index - Sep 1983   43-48
Vol. IV Num. 1
Mar 1984
Bible Records of Mark Price Davis Emma B. reeves 1-3
Genealogy of the Crouch Family in America William Hill Crouch contr. by Carolyn Ericson 4-18
Ruyle Family (Birth Records in Small Atlas) John I. White 19-20
Nacogdoches Early Birth records Alice Duggan Gracy, Jane Sumner and Emma Gene Seale Gentry, contr. by Carolyn Ericson 21-26
The Other Brother: Elijah Melton (Part 4 of 4) Dr. E. Diane Ford 27-36
Bonavia's Immigration Regulations, 1809 (Part 3 of 3)
Remigio Christian, Louis of the Caddo Nation, Louis Beltran, Athanase Poissot, Madeline Prudhomme, Sylvestre Poissot, John Leatham, William Estreche, William Paillar, Anna Alsop, Jose Tessier, Pierre Tessier (Lavigne), David Waltman, John Wilberg, Pierre Lartigue
Carolyn Ericson 37-44
Index - Mar 1984   45-50
Vol. IV Num. 2
Sep 1984
Bible Records: John and Rebekah Sheridan Lum, George Washington Clevenger, Sr., W. H. Bartlett, Sr. Mrs. H. C. Reding, Jack Clevenger, W. H. Bartlett 1-6
Cross Roads Presbyterian Church Mozelle Kerss 7-9
A Short Historical Sketch of Angelina County Ora McMullen contr. by Carolyn R. Ericson 10-15
Muster Roll of Capt. Hayden Arnold's 1st Co. in Col. Sidney Sherman's 2nd Regiment of Texas Volunteers Engaged in the Battle of San Jacinto Carolyn R. Ericson 16
1829 Census of Nacogdoches   17-36
The Stockman Story Special Collections, Stephen F. Austin State University 36-37
Middlebrooks / Hoge
Biographical Sketches: Henry Sheridan, John Magee, Antonio Camano, Henry Poston, James Mirlan, Peter Patterson Bexar Archives and R. B. Blake Supplemental Volumes - Vol. 7 38-39
Students of Nacogdoches University (1858)   40-42
Index - Sep 1984   43-53
Vol. V Num. 1
Mar 1985
Josephus Somerville Irvine, 1819-1876: The Worthy Citizen Cooper K. Ragan contr. by Mrs. Evelyn Irvine 1-16
Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray 1861-65 (Abstracts) Mamie Yeary 17-20
Bible Records: George Nikles Spencer, Frank H. Lawler, Rezin Smith Grace Spencer Chessher, Martha Perkins, Mrs. R. E. O'Donnell 21-25
Nat's Fight Song Mrs. Loweda Hogue 25
J. H. Graham Cemetery Site Mrs. Hubert Y'Barbo 26
Scholastics (1856-1864 information on students and families) H. Huntington 27-29
Hyde / Berryhill
Middlebrook / Middlebrooks
Letter from William Wood Mrs. Mable Hairgrove 30
Colonel Robert F. Mitchell Mrs. Dan Cates 31-36
Old North Church Minutes (Part 1 of 8)   37-39
Index - Mar 1985   41-46
Vol. V Num. 2
Sep 1985
1801 Census Nacogdoches District (with map)   1-6
Old North Church Minutes (Part 2 of 8)   7-20
Will of Thomas King Marylee Schott 21
Henry Lee (From History of Butts County, GA) Lois McMichael contr. by Ella Lee Sheffield 22-23
Obituaries: James Jacobs, Henry C. Fuller, Mary Ann Walling Eddie Mae King 24-26
Biographical Sketches (Abstracted from Texas Under Many Flags)
Arthur A. Seale, Felix R. Tucker
Clarence R. Wharton 27-30
Jefferson Y. Jones Rosalee Morris Curtis 31-35
Amnesty Oaths (1866)   36
Crane Letters Mozelle Kerss 37-39
Crain / Crane / Gordon / Norman / McPherson
Fuller Bible Norma T. Norton 41
Joseph Addison Clark (Abstracted from Texas Disciples) Colby D. Hall 42-43
Index - Sep 1985   45-50
Vol. VI Num. 1
Mar 1986
The Texas Branch of the Stockman Family Lee T. Stockman 1-7
Old North Church Minutes (Part 3 of 8)   8-13
1840 Delinquent Tax List C. L. Greenwood 14-16
The Genealogy of Thomas McCuistion William Thomas McCuistion, Jr. 17-35
Bible Records: J. H. Summers, T. H. Summers, Jesse Summers and Mary Ann Mealls McQuistion, Bryan Whitfield, Matthew Sims   36-43
Mallory / Vandiver
Linsey / Lindsey / Lindsay / Shill
Index - Mar 1986   45-51
Vol. VI Num. 2
Sep 1986
The Hall Family Sam Heaberlin 1-19
Old North Church Minutes (Part 4 of 8)   20-26
"Justice and Liberty"... Dreadful Names! Carolyn R. Ericson 27-32
Turner / Rasor / Wright
Bible Records: Thomas Pratt Washington, John M. Costley, Joseph Warrington Baxter   33-37
Brief Autobiography of Berry Merchant dated March 28, 1878, Rockport, TX Charlotte Nuhn 38-42
Burnetty Houston Letter to Jesse and Hannah Crawford Wanda Key 43-44
Mitchell / Jones
Index - Sep 1986   45-51
Vol. VII Num. 1
Mar 1987
Will of William McKnight Suzanne Mullane 1-3
Harrison / McAnally / Box / Crawford / Dunn
Roberts / Andrews
Tompkins / McDOnald / Bethune / Woodruff / Mounts / Heath
Baugh / Sharp / Stack
Bible Records: Isaac Smith, Jesse Crawford, Jonathan Routh   4-8
Snead / Godwin / Bright / Horn / Garner / Harris / Cone / Lindsey
Butler Families Clyde W. Butler 9-11
Crosssroads Cumberland Presbyterian Church Minutes of Session Dec. 4, 1889 Col. W. B. Bates 12-13
Childers / Elwell
Family Pedigree Charts: Lilas Peterson Johnson, Alice Williams-Allen Lilas Peterson Johnson, Alice Williams-Allen 14-17
Scholastic Population of Nacogdoches County for 1869   18-29
Old North Church Minutes (Part 5 of 8)   30-39
Index - Mar 1987   41-48
Vol. VII Num. 2
Sep 1987
William McDaniel Shirley Cawyer 1-6
Engledow Family Loyd C. Burks 7-12
My School Days at Philadelphia (Now Called Nat) Miss Addie Birdwell 13-19
Name Changes (Abstracted from General Laws of The State of Texas)   20
Bible Records: Josiah Richardson, William Williams, Jesse Summers, James A. Davis, James Askew   21-26
White / Abbott
Loyd / Plummer
Michael / Lardy
List of Delegates, Secession Convention of Texas, 1861   27-30
Old Prospect Church - Pine Knot   31-32
Old North Church Minutes (Part 6 of 8)   33-42
Index - Sep 1987   43-47
Vol. VIII Num. 1
Mar 1988
Jane Crawford, Where Are You?
A Study in Identification Techniques
Carolyn R. Ericson 1-6
Humphries / Scogin
Bible Records: Frank H. Lawler, William David Emanuel Martha Perkins, Peggy Price 7-11
Dorsett / Denman / Holcomb / Donohoe
Kennon / Buchanan / Foster / Baker
May / Putman / Carruthers
1877 Teacher's Roll Book, Parish School House Mable Joiner 12-14
Thomas Jefferson Butler's Civil War Questionaire Clyde W. Butler 15
Letter from Clyde W. Butler   16-17
Strahan / Hignite / Weaver
Butler Family Group Sheets Clyde W. Butler 18-22
1847 Tax List, Nacogdoches County, An Index   23-28
Old North Church Minutes (Part 7 of 8)   29-38
Index - Mar 1988   39-43
Vol. VIII Num. 2
Sep 1988
John Balch Carolyn R. Ericson 1-4
Crawford Family Sketch from The Encyclopedia of the New West by William S. Speer and John Henry Brown (1881) 5-7
Bible Records: Mangham, Collier, Mettauer, John Holland Jenkins   8-15
Goodwin / Coon / Parkinson
Deed (Dan Townsend to Payton Edwards) Pat and Don Barnett 16-17
Hamilton Sketch from Lincoln County Tennessee Pioneers, Vol XVII, #2 18-21
Myrtle Springs School 1880-1912 Bela Wade and Jan Downs 22-24
Joseph Warrington Baxter Jan Downs 25-27
Old Nacogdoches University Peggy C. Price 28-31
Old North Church Minutes (Part 8 of 8)   32-35
Book Review: Robert Wilson, 1750-1826, Scotch-Irish Immigrant of Blount County, Tennessee Emma Reeves 36-37
Padillo Rancho - Y'Barbo   37
Index - Sep 1988   38-41
Vol. IX Num. 1
Mar 1989
Rev. J. L. Wortham Jan Downs and Bela Wade 1-13
Letters: J. Roberts to John Fenley, Zack F. Worley to C. Worley, Asenath Jean Jennie Cochran Carolyn R. Ericson, Francis Mason 14-24
Bible Records: Amrose Baber Hemphill,, Thomas Hemphill Rosalee Curtis 25-29
Pine Grove Cemetery Record Mildred Bates Simmons contr. by Edith Corley 30-36
Family Chart - Ballingers Emma Reeves 37
Letter: B. Hardeman, Jr. Carolyn R. Ericson 38-39
Terms in Spanish / Mexican Census Records   39
Muster Roll A, Co. H 4th Regt., Texas Cavalry, Nacogdoches County (possibly 1861) Carolyn R. Ericson 40
Did You Know? Emma Reeves 41
Ragon / Ragan / Cotten
Prickett / Ragon / Ragan / Cotten
The Perfect Genealogist (Humor)   42A
Index - Mar 1989   43-48
Vol. IX Num. 2
Sep 1989
The President's Letter Opal Ragon Cotten 1
Nacogdoches Genealogical Society Outstanding Service Award   2
In Memory (of Hazel Vawter McCandless)   3
The Handy Guide to Genealogical Record-Keeping, Ch. 1 Rosalee Curtis 4-15
To The Baptist Progress Rev. J. L. Wortham 16-18
The Life Work of Rev. J. L. Wortham Rev. J. L. Wortham 19
Martin Van Buren Parmer Ruth E. Taylor 20-23
Recollections of S. F. Sparks S. F. Sparks 24-36
The Family of Fredrick Stockman and Catherine Des Bonnet Lee T. Stockman and Jim McMillen 37-38
The Family of Jose Caro and Micaela Equiz   39
Oldtimer Writes of Civil War Days in Nacogdoches James A. Day 40-44
Saint Ann's Cemetery, Spanish Lake Community, Robeline, LA   45-47
Tarver / Calhoun / Mallard / Barnes
John S. Caddel (from the Texas Historical and Biographical Record)   48-49
Maury County, Tennessee Letters Janell McCann 50-52
Letter to C. W. Cochran W. W. Cochran contr. by Janell McCann 53-54
Letter to Mr. J. H. Cochran J. W. Willeford contr. by Janell McCann 55-56
Berryman Bible   57
1852 and 1856 Rosters of Douglass Lodge, No. 43 Mrs. Leola Burk Roark 58-59
Marriages in the Solice Family Leroy Solice 60-63
Duncan / Stephens / Cotten
Young / Phillips / Hill
Index - Sep 1989   67-70

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