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1920 Nacogdoches Phone Book

Baker Printing Company documents donated by James Thompson; originals now housed at The East Texas Research Center, scanned and transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne

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Listings V - Z
listings page 13

                                        Williams, Claude, rural 9027-F41
                                        Williams, C. S., res. 195
Varner, John, res. 154-J                Williams, E. B., res. 116
                                        Williams, Mrs. E. D., res. 434
Walker, Geo. res. 154-W                 Williams, J. R., rural 9026-F12
Walters, J. B., res. 190                WILLARD SERVICE STATION 8
Walters, J. B., service car 32          Willis, George, rural 9000
Walthall, R. B., res. 135               Wilson, A. H., rural 9013
Ware, W. C., res. 481                   Wilson, Ben T., res. 526
Warner, J. A., res. 334                 Wilson, Ben T., garage 196
Washburn, D. A., res. 459               Wilson, Benton, res. 248
Watkins, C. B., rural 9004              Wilson, H. F., res. 53
Watson, C. C., res. 509                 Wilson, Horace, res. 412
Watson, J. A., (Doc) res. 431           Wilson, M. T., rural 9013
Weatherly, Jim, rural 9016-F41          Wilson, Sam, res. 365
Weatherly, Jno. P., res. 247            Wilson, R. N., ru[r]al 9013
Weatherly, R. G., rural 9004            Wilson, Mrs. R. R., res. 305
Weaver, Felix, res. 457                 Wilson, W. F., res. 143
Weaver, Mrs. Geo. H., res. 61           WILSON W. T., GRAIN CO.
Weaver, Miss Joe, res. 425                Office 220
Weaver, Jim, res. 369                     Warehouse 360
Weaver, S. C., rural 9005               Winder, L. E., res. 531
Webb, Austin, rural 9035-F4             Windham, Bee, rural 9020-F41
Webb, T. A., rural 9004                 Windsor, J. M., res. 131
Weeks, J. M., res. 114                  Windsor, John, rural 9028-F3
Weeks, J. M., bottling Wks 50           Wisener, J. M., rural 9022-F4
Weems, T. W., res. 505                  Wolsiefor, Joe, res. 328
Wells, B. H., res. 389                  Woodland, G. W. L., res. 330
Wells, W. R., res. 165                  Woodson, Dr. A. M., 205
Wessells, Miss Ida, res. 495            W. O. W. Hall 444
Western Union Telegraph Co.
  to send telegrams, call Western Union
  For any other puropse [sic] 4321
White, R. T., rural 9015                Yates, G. A., res. 223
Whited, W. H., res. 211                 Yufantia, Lucas, rural 9018
Whitehead, Conrad, rural 9015
Wilfe, Frank, rural 9022-F12
Wilkerson, Mrs. Lee, res. 4             Zeve, Joe, res. 293

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