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1920 Nacogdoches Phone Book

Baker Printing Company documents donated by James Thompson; originals now housed at The East Texas Research Center, scanned and transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne

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Listings Pa - R
listings page 10
PHONE No. 325                                           325 PHONE
                     Tucker, Hayter & Co.
                      WOMEN AND CHILDREN

Patton, Douglas, res. 394               Ramas, W. M., rural 9018
Patton, Leak, res. 333                  Rasberry, Albert, rural 9015
Patton, M. L., farm 9042                Ray, J. C., res. 110
Peacock, J. C., rural 9026-F14
Penman, F. R., res. 399                 Rector, Mit, rural 9015
Perkins, Chas., res. 423                Rector, T. E., rural 9033-F3
Perkins, Jno. H., res. 12               Reddin, D. W., rural 9025-F13
Perkins, W. U., res. 5                  Redland Herald 121
Perritte, John, res. 290                Redland Hotel 54
Perry Bros., 370                        Reese, G. R., rural 9016-F13
Perry, J. O., rural 9013                Reese, Mrs. J. E., rural 9026-F3
Pettey, J. E., res. 203
Petty, J. W., rural 9003-F5             Reid, A., rural 9039
Pierce, Dr. C. C., res. 225             Reid, Henry, res. 251
Pierce Fordyce Oil Co., 136             Reid, W. E., rural 9038-F12
Pike, Hugh, rural 9015                  Reid, Wm. G., res. 172
Pirtle, Mrs. J. A., res. 295            Reid, Wm. G., bottling Wks. 82
Pitts, Arden, rural 9018                Reid, Wm. G., rural 9030-F2
Pitts, J. J., rural 9018
Pitts, L. D., rural 9018                Rhein, C. C., res. 276
Pitts, W. G., rural 9018                Rice, Joe, rural 9018
Poplin, C. C., res. 271                 Richards, R. L., rural 9039
Posey, F. T., rural 9007-F3             Richardson, C. E., res. 11
Powers, Chas., res. 197                 Roberts, E. M., res. 18
Power, Ed, res. 117                     Roberts, E. M., electrical shop 45
Power, Frank, rural 9012-F2             Roberts, J. B., res. 415
P'Pool, Dr. M. W., res. 381             Roberts, N. G., res. 174
Pressler, W. X., res. 210               Robertson, A. C., rural 9027-F11
Price, A. A., rural 9041[-]F2              Robinson, Nute, rural 9015
Price, W. F., res. 47                   Rogers, Billy, rural 9000
Prince, J. L., office 49                Rogers, Dr. J. M., rural 9013
Prince-McDuffie, mill 9000              Rogers, Will, rural 9000
Pruitt, Att, rural 9030-F12             Rowlette, Ed, rural 9025-F4
                                        Rulfs, Dee, res. 163
                                        Rulfs, Mrs. W. H., res. 161
Railroad restaurant 98                  Rusk, Ed, rural 9014-F13

                     "WE SAVE YOU MONEY."
                    J. F. Summers & Sons
PHONE No. 169                              COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS

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