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1920 Nacogdoches Phone Book

Baker Printing Company documents donated by James Thompson; originals now housed at The East Texas Research Center, scanned and transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne

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                Muller Tailoring Co., Inc.
                   TAILORING AND HAT WORK
    117 E. Main St.   PERSONAL SERVICE     Phone No. 96

Denman, Jim, rural 9020-F6              Fenley, John, res. 171
Dennis, L. W., rural 9008-F6            Ferguson, R. O., res. 472
Dent, Mrs. L. M., res. 298              Fern Lake Club 9009-F6
Dickerson, Mrs. J. C., res. 413         Fewell, Geo., res. 71
Donegan, A. Y., res. 452                Fire Station 102
Donegan, Casz, res. 454                 Fitch, H., res. 466
Doss, W. F., rural 9008-F5              Fite, E., res. 313
Doughtie, Jno. S., res. 320             Floyd, J. F., res. 192
Drewery, Dr. J. A., res. 9              Floyd, T. B., res. 145
Drewery, Dr. J. A., office 48           Foote, Mrs. G. C., rural 9038-F3
                                        Force, John, rural 9006-F5
                                        Ford, Dr. F. C., res. 43
                                        Ford, Dr. F. C., office 65
Eason, Geo. W., res. 408                Ford Service Station 196
Eaves, Mrs. Mattie, res. 485            Forsythe, G. W., rural 9037-F13
Eddings, E. C., rural 9018              Fouts, W. C., res. 201
Eddings, Rat, rural 9012-F12            Franklin, G. R., res 422
Edens, A. G., res. 376                  Frost-Johnson Lbr. Co.,
Edens, A. G., office 185                Commissary 438
Eichels, Julius, dry goods 409          Office 375
Elks Club 392                           Fulmer, Clayton, rural 9030-F14
Ellington, Dr. J. D., res. 279
ELLINGTON, DR. Office 180               Gamble, W. O., res. 6
Elliot, James, rural 9030-F21           Gaston, Ed, res. 120
Elliott, Mayfield, rural 9037-F12       Gaston, Ellis, res. 361
Emery, Rev. R., res. 269                Gaston, Joe D., rural 9015
                                        Gaston, J. F., rural 9015
                                        Gaston, Lee, res. 285
                                        Gatlin, A. G., grocery 255
Fain, R. T., rural 9003-F2              Gee Bros., rural 9017-F6
Fall, H. V., rural 9013                 Gerrard, Rev. A. T., rural 9024-F3
Fall, R. H., rural 9013                 Gintz, W. F., res. 348
Faulkner, C. A., rural 9007-F4          Goldsberry Bros, grocery 33
Feazell, J. Fred, res. 352              Goldsberry, Frank, res. 283
Feazell, W. E., res. 523                Goldsberry, Joe, res. 458

                         A. G. Edens & Company
Real State and Investment.  Improved and Unimproved lands.  Pierce Bldg.
ROOM 6 PIERCE BLDG.                                  NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS
RESIDENCE PHONE No. 376.                           OFFICE PHONE NO. 185

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