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1920 Nacogdoches Phone Book

Baker Printing Company documents donated by James Thompson; originals now housed at The East Texas Research Center, scanned and transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne

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Nacogdoches Exchange
Alphabetical List of Telephone Subscribers


                                        Bailey, J. G., grocery 193
                                        Baker, A. E., rural 9013
                                        Baker, B. T., rural 9021-F11
Acker, Lamar, res. 446                  Baker, C. S., rural 9021-F2
Acker, Lamar, office 25                 Baker, J. J., res. 91
Adams, Frank, res. 294                  Baker, Thos. E., res. 30
Adams, S. M., res. 236                  Baker, W. I., res. 257
Adams, S. M., office 15                 Baker-Williams Co., 396
Aills, S. H., res. 312                  Ballard, H. D., rural 9027-F-14
Ainsworth, Alfred, rural 9018           Banita Hotel, office 26
Ainsworth, A. H., rural 9018            Banita Laundry, 483
Alazan Store, grocery 9000              Barham, Dr. Geo. S., res. 21
Alders, Arthur, rural 9015              Barham, Dr. Geo. S., office 222
Alders, Clabe, rural 9015               Barham, Mrs. J. H., res. 23
Alders, Will, rural 9034-F3             Barham, R. E., service car 14
Allen, Henry, rural 9010-F12            Barnett, D. H., res. 496
Allen, H. S., rural 9035-F12            Barrett, Claud, res. 281
Allen, Joe, rural 9041-F4               Barron, Avery, res. 157
Ambrose, W. D., res. 511                Barron, J. T., rural 9035-F2
American Railway Express Co.            Bass, R. E., rural 9000
  City office 218                       Bates, Jess W., res. 243
  Depot office 72                       Bates & Bates, office 176
Andis, Miss Lillie Mae, res. 443        Baugh, H. R., rural 9022-F5
Armous & Co., 158                       Baugh, J. Y., rural 9020-F5
Army Recruiting Station 147             Baxley, A. W., res. 268
Arthur, S. S., rural 9005               Baxter, O. F., res. 401
Atkins, J. B., res. 291                 Baxter, Mrs. W. E., res. 292
Atwell, Rev. C. D., res. 253            Beeson, W. S., res. 142
Avery, J. M., rural 9014-F3             Biggers, Mrs. W. H., res. 414
Avery, Will, rural 9030-F-4             Biggs, A. A., res. 427
Avey, E. C., res. 386                   Birdwell, Allen, res. 479
Axley, Lee, res. 204                    Birdwell, H. W., rural 9013
Axley, Robt., rural 9015                Black, Mrs. Rosa, res. 150
                                        Blackburn, R. M., res. 252
                                        Blackburn & Mast, stable 450
B                                       Blackwell, R. H., res. 497
Bailey, J. G., res. 498             

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